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Kyo was quickly walking through the labyrinth of the school hallways reminding himself of his flawless plan. 'All I need to do is go and make Haru want to fight. If we get the teachers from the other classes to hear all the better.'

He finally reached the door to Haru's class and walked right in interrupting the teachers' lecture of quadratic formulas. (what I learned in math today) "Hello sensei," Kyo started with a polite smile. "I hope you don't mind but I need to see my cousin, Hatsuharu, for a minute."

The teacher was taken aback by the treatment and in her shock stuttered out an, "of course'. "Thank you," Kyo replied bowing as he waited for Haru to come out in the hall. "What's up?" Haru asked lazily leaning against the wall in the process. "I want to fight you," Kyo stated bluntly.

Haru started to laugh, "right now? You have to be kidding me do you want to be kicked out? Besides why me and not Yuki you always like to get under his skin?" "I want to fight you and we will do this the easy way or hard way," Kyo answered clearly getting pissed.

"Well I guess if you insist," Haru said standing on his own now, "but can you at least enlighten me." "Let's just say it's for a bet," Kyo replied smirking as he got into a stance that was instantly copied by Haru.

"OK let's get started," Haru said lazily as he inched his right foot forward and with a burst of speed went to punch Kyo. Kyo quickly caught the punch, than using Haru's weight against him flung the poor boy next to the wall.

"Come on," Kyo taunted, "let's give these people a show." With that said he quickly went head on for a punch straight to the head. Haru quickly reacted as he ducked right under Kyo and in his position on the floor swept his leg under Kyo's.

Kyo reacted by pushing his fist on the wall as support and flipped back, "you're being a little stiff." "You know no one likes a critic," Haru shot back as they shot at each other with punches, which they both caught and pushed the other back.

By now there was a crowd surrounding the loving cousins, as both girl and guy (and a few of the younger female teachers) started in complete shock and awe. Thoughts like: They are HOT! and All of the Sohma's are unnaturally beautiful! Filled numerous girls heads.

The guys were being a little less obsessive and there heads were filled with united thought, 'How come all the girls watch them?' The inexperienced teachers were too shocked to do anything, but that did not stop old Nakamuru sensei from quickly calling security.

'Great,' Kyo thought to himself as he dogged another punch, 'I am about to get into the biggest trouble in history'. Sadly, to his dismay, Yuki pushed Haru out of an oncoming blow and attempted to punch Kyo who grabbed Yuki's hand and flung him into the lockers.

'Crap now he might get into trouble too,' Kyo thought than quickly remembered, 'I bet I can say that he was trying to break the fight off. Than the principal should let him off with a smaller punishment, besides I still have loads on him.'

Yuki however was wondering why he was doing so poorly, as he was finding it hard to stay with Kyo. A punch to Yuki's face sent him half way down the hall, 'I don't understand he has never been able to do this much damage before, normally I don't have to try'.

"Confused rat?" Kyo asked standing over him. "I bet you are wondering why you're losing so bad." "Actually I was," Yuki replied getting on his feet to be slammed against the lockers.

"Well let me enlighten you," Kyo told the boy as he released his grip, "maybe you're losing because I am simply better." "I have beat you every time before," Yuki shot back not catching on. "True," Kyo agreed, "but I train my ass off while you do nothing, maybe you're just gifted when we declare that we're fighting for a place in the zodiac."

"Are you implying that I am only able to beat you because Akito is helping me to beat you?" Yuki asked appalled. "If that's true I should be able to beat you easily." "Not really, this fight isn't who can get in the zodiac," Kyo stated, causing Yuki to gasp in the realization. "The competition is about who can get into trouble, not about fighting and your time is almost up."

At that moment, Haru slammed into Kyo and yelled, "YOU ARE AN IDIOT!" This shocked many of the spectators, who had never seen Haru raise his voice. "I get you want to kick him out, but you started this fight with me and it's going to end this way!"

Kyo had a little sweat drop appear as he made a quick assumption of the situation, 'I guess he turned black.' Kyo quickly regained composure and turned his attention to Haru, "I'm sorry, I was distracted by a problem that needed to be exterminated." (corny isn't it Yuki's a rat and Kyo's the exterminator HAHAHaha come on humor me LOL)

"Let's not let it happen again," Haru replied getting more hyped up and quickly ran into Kyo with no defense whatsoever. 'I guess he's worse off black than normal, oh well,' and with that thought Kyo quickly banged him on the head knocking the poor ox/cow boy down.

"Well, I'll just go to the principal's office now," Kyo said to the audience, and than moved to pick up an unconscious Haru, "I guess I'll take him to the nurse's office."

Just than security came, and knocked Kyo to the ground. "COME ON I WAS JUST ABOUT HEADED TO THE PRINCIPAL'S OFFICE I KNOW THAT'S WHERE I NEED TO GO!" Kyo yelled under the guard. "You're coming with us," the distinguished security officer said in a dignified tone, "everything is all right now we caught him."

"I TOLD YOU I WAS ALREADY HEADED TOWARDS THE PRINCIPAL'S OFFICE! YOU DIDN'T DO ANYTHING EXCEPT PUSH ME DOWN!" Kyo yelled as the officer picked him up. "You're coming with us to the principal's office right now," the officer told Kyo trying to look professional.

"Officer," a student called out softly. "Yes?" the officer asked with a big cheesy smile. "Well that boy over there was fighting too," he said shyly to which the officer laughed. "Oh don't worry about that," the officer replied, "we're going to take a few witnesses and everyone this kid (pointing to Kyo) attacked."

"WILL YOU PLEASE TAKE ME TO THE FUCKING PRINCIPAL'S OFFICE! I GOT IN TROUBLE NOW KICK ME OUT!" Kyo yelled to the officer who was now occupied talking to the cute teacher who was blushing.

"Now don't say that language in front of a lady," the officer scolded, "and yes I was just about to take you." However, that 'just about' was a few fifteen minutes of the officer having a conversation with the now red teacher. "CAN WE PLEASE GO NOW!?" Kyo yelled after being ignored for fifteen minutes.

"OK OK," the officer said as he dragged Kyo, the damaged Yuki, and the awoken Haru to the principal's office. On the way, there they all thought their own separate things.

'Akito is going to be so pissed, oh well I am finally getting what I deserve.' Kyo thought as he walked with a small smile on his face.

'Man Akito's going to yell when he finds out that I helped with Kyo beating Yuki,' Haru thought as he kept glancing at the gray haired boy, 'I just hope he can live through whatever hell Akito puts him through.'


'Man if that stupid orange-haired kid could've kept quiet I could have gotten that cutie's digits,' thought the officer, 'I don't see why he wanted to go to the office so much anyway, he'll probably get expelled.'

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