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And the winner is...

The principal sat across the three Sohma boys with his head looking at the damage report, filled by teachers who were at the scene of the fight. He also was going over the record of each boy and was somewhat confused at why they would do this. 'They all have decent grades why did they feel the need to do this? More confusing is tow of them are about to graduate.'

Kyo just sat in his chair smirking at the looks that defined the principal's face as he flipped over each page. 'He is probably wondering what in the world could possess them to do such a thing. Oh well, at least I should get into big trouble, I wonder if he found out about the virus and locker room.'

Haru is sitting in his chair daydreaming about Rin, and wondering how this would end up. 'If Akito does find out about me being a part of this I wonder what he will do to Rin? He cannot hurt her again.' (OK lets say he already had that talk with Hiro in chapter 106)

'If I lose I lose, but I will probably be yelled at a lot,' Yuki grimaced at the thought of being yelled at by Akito again. 'I wonder what Ayame would say? He would probably be overjoyed thinking that I am following his footsteps. Great now I will probably have to sit through another lecture about how we have to friends.'

"OK," the principal started looking at the three Sohma's, "I understand that there was a fight between the three of you." "Well actually it was just Kyo and me," Haru told the man nonchalantly placing his hands behind his head, "Yuki jumped in when he got there."

"Is this true?" the principal asked, directing the question towards Yuki. "I honestly think he felt the need to do something because he's president," Kyo added, ignoring the principal's question, "I mean Haru and I we're just having some fun, I think Yuki just thought that since we're his relatives we're his responsibility. I mean look at him he would never do anything wrong."

"THAT'S NOT TRUE I DO TONS OF THINGS!" Yuki exclaimed mad at Kyo. "Really?" Kyo asked smiling, "enlighten me." "Well I watered all the flowers for the garden club, and I'm not in the garden club!" Yuki shot back.

Haru just sat there shaking his head in defeat and disapproval. 'He is really acting stupid.' "Really Mr. Sohma," the principal said shaking his head along with Haru. "I am disappointed that a student of your caliber would resort to something like this. What is going on?"

"Nothing," Yuki replied quickly, "I just felt like it was time for a change." "Disappointing, he's turning into Ayame," the principal mumbled, then turning his attention to Kyo. "I have heard this isn't the first time you have caused a disturbance today. I have here that you spray-painted on the walls YUKI SOHMA IS THE MOST ANNOYING PERSON IN THE ENTIRE STUDENT BODY AND DESERVES TO HAVE ANY 'GUY' HE CHOOSES!"

"WHAT?!" both Haru and Yuki yelled jumping up, causing to Kyo to smile in victory. 'I guess that was pretty good,' Kyo thought as he imagined himself patting himself on the back.

"I also have reason to believe that it was you who broke down the computer labs door, and put a virus that has spread to all the computers," the principal continued ignoring the boy's scream of confusion. "What can I say?" Kyo asked, "I'm as guilty as they come."

"I am pleased to see you're so happy with your accomplishment," the principal said sarcastically, "considering this is going to have you kicked out for a long time." "Well you got to do what you got to do," Kyo told the man, getting ready for his assumed victory.

"I guess I have no other choice but to give you Kyo Sohma a whole week of suspension," the principal started, "and for you two I think two days should be enough." "YES I WON!" Kyo exclaimed happily shaking the principal's hand.

Haru and Yuki were currently thinking the same thing, 'SHIT!' when a secretary came in, "umm…sir there is a flood on the second floor, it seems that someone left the hose on in the garden room."

'OH MY AKITO!" Yuki and Haru thought in astonishment. "Who left it on?" the principal asked clearly not happy. "I believe I can answer that," Yuki said breaking into the conversation, "I left it on." "Then I am giving you a week suspension as well, and you are going to clean up all that water." "Yes sir," Yuki replied respectively as he bowed.

"NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" Kyo shouted as he realized he had once again lost another competition. "I LOST AGAIN! I WAS SO CLOSE!"

'Well at least Rin will be OK,' Haru thought. "He almost makes you want to feel sorry for him," Yuki told Haru, as they watched the cat possessed boy to bang his head against the desk in defeat. "It really isn't a big shock, you knew you were going to win," Haru told the boy, "I mean you do have a god watching out for you."

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