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Just some fun facts about my story…

-'Melissa' actually means 'Bumblebee' or 'flying bumblebee'

-The 'Vampires' tower is an actual tower at Ottawa University- the arts tower. (side note: this whole story is based on the Carleton University Campus… so the tower is sort of an add in) Even the circle of stone benches- the scene when Mel almost saves Chris- is an actually place on the Carleton Campus.

-there is actually a river that runs across the road from Carleton Campus

-Two of the characters have inanimate objects as their names… 'Grit' and 'Fang'

-Sara is based off of a real person

-Melissa's dreams were mainly dreams sent to her by Grit, but a few of them are her own dreams that are reflecting her feelings. All of her dreams have foreshadowing in them.

-Most of the places in the story are real places, save more L'Oiseau Bleu, Mel's mom's house, and Chris' house.

-Nicholas was originally supposed to be Fang, in disguise…

-Michelle, the boss, isn't based on a person- she's my own character.

-Fang is actually is Bi-polar

-Melissa was originally supposed to be a part of a gang who got attacked by the Vampires

-This story was supposed to have a happy ending- Chris and Melissa were supposed to end up together

-Nicholas was supposed to die off completely

- actually, this story was supposed to be a spin off of beauty and the beast- Chris was supposed to capture Melissa because he's a scientist and wanted to study her… vampires were not supposed to be a part of the story at all. Just goes to show how twisted my story really is :P

-best quotes and scenes:

Well, maybe he has a girlfriend that he really loves," I reassured her. At her disbelieving look, I added hastily "Or maybe he's gay."

"Yah, that must be it," she brightened visibly. "Thanks Mel!"

We both got in the car, and an awkward silence fell over us again. Chris turned up the music to fill the silence.

"Why is it that we're always silent in my car?" he asked lightly.

"Maybe your car is cursed," I mumbled. He laughed and his hand reached over and ruffled my hair. I pulled away, growling. "Keep both hands on the wheel! If you end up killing us both, I will never ever forgive you." Then I paused. "But then again, if I was dead, then I wouldn't be able to forgive. In fact, I wouldn't be able to do anything. I'd be just some cold, lifeless corpse, lying six feet under the cold dark ground-"

"Okay! I get it!" Chris snapped, his hand going back on the wheel.

"I think you're drunk," Nicholas said, an eyebrow raised… or was that a black fuzzy caterpillar? Honestly, I couldn't tell.

"Feel free to kiss me anytime… but not in front of a hospital! Soon we'll be jumped by a hoard of doctors all screaming 'ABSTINANCE!' shoving books about mono and STIs at us!"

"Yeah, she and Chris have been going out for awhile," Jeff said, ignoring me. I watched in horror as Michelle walked up behind Jeff, just in time to hear his next comment. "They've even made it to the bedroom." I blushed even harder and Chris looked like he was ready to punch his buddy right then and there. The professor gave Chris a stern look while Michelle glared at me from over Jeff's shoulder.

"Melissa, can I speak with you for a moment?" Michelle purred, her eyes glinting dangerously.

Jeff answered and looked down at me snootily.

"Well if it isn't little miss Waitress," he said. "Not drunk or knifed this time, I see."

"Is it right for someone to sacrifice something…" I trailed off, struggling with words. "Precious for the sake of someone else, even if they are scared and unsure?" I said quickly.

My dad considered my question for awhile, swirling the water in his glace. Then he looked up at me with a funny look in his eyes. "This is about a boy, isn't it?"

"Yes," I said dumbfounded. How had he guessed?

Wait a second…

My mouth dropped open in horror. "NO! It's nothing like that!"

Bed- not pointy. Books- not pointy. Desk- not pointy.

Beer Fridge.

Beer cap pointy.


I stood up slowly, again balanced on my right foot, and got changed in the clothes that Fang had left for me by the door- my underclothes and a white dress. I never liked the color white. No matter how hard you try to keep white clothes clean, they always get dirty.

White is also the color of the virgin.

And it's also the color of the clothes a sacrifice might wear.

How fitting, in a cruel and sarcastic way.

Stupid voice, I thought murderously. Doesn't he know that I have worse things to think about? Screw saving Ottawa. What about my virginity?!

"I don't know… what do you want? Blood? Freedom? A life time supply of Twinkies?"


Well here we go. I found these 2 chapters in my file… I took these parts out… not sure why, but I guess they just didn't seem to fit. Enjoy.


I stopped at Chris' house first. I sat on his window sill and propped my chin on my hands, then swung my legs back and forth lazily as I waited for him to show up. A few minutes later the door opened and he walked in, wearing a pair of red boxer shorts. He didn't see me at first, and he started combing his hair with a ratty looking comb he found under his bed.

I turned invisible then crept behind him, turning into my human form. Then I leaned as close as I dared to his ear and whispered "Boo."

He jumped and the comb he had been using was now pointing at me threateningly. He looked about as dangerous as a stuffed animal. I laughed at him merrily and tweaked his nose.

"Oo, is wittle wee Chrissy gonna hurt me with his wee wittle comb?" I cooed mockingly. He scowled and wagged the comb at me. I laughed again and grabbed the comb, trying to pull it from his grasp. He was too strong though, and he yanked the comb towards himself, pulling me with it. I ended up just inches away from him.

"Weakling," he teased. I scowled and tugged at the comb harder, and he pulled me even closer. I found myself staring at his broad chest. He didn't have a six pack (that would have been too good to be true) but it was nicely toned. Curious, I poked his abdomen with my other hand. It was hard as rock.

"You work out?" I asked casually, looking up at him. His eyes twinkled as he nodded. His hair fell into his eyes and I realized around then just how close we were as his breath spread across my skin. I blushed and pulled my hand away, then stepped away from him completely, surrendering the comb. He advanced towards me, the comb forgotten- the look in his eyes made me shiver with fright. He looked like- like he was starving, and that I was something he could eat. He looked like a beast stalking his prey. I looked around frantically for something, anything that could help me, and then dove for the bed. He dove after me, tackling me from behind. I grabbed the pillow and twisted myself so I was beating him over the head with it.

"Die!" I yelled. "You will never beat me!" I beat him mercilessly, and he did his best to dodge the attack, but it was difficult for him seeing as he was lying atop my legs. I took a breather and struggled to get free, but he was having none of that. THUMP! A pillow whacked me in the face, and was replaced by a grinning face as Chris started hitting me with another one of his pillows. I exploded into laughter and hit him back, and he laughed too. Back and forth it went until we both ran out of energy. He was lying beside me now, breathing hard.

"Hey buddy, keep it down alright!" his roommate called from outside the door, startling us both. "I know them hormones are crazy but try to keep the sound affects turned off!"

I burst out laughing as a blush spread across both mine and Chris' face. I rolled off the bed, landing with a thump on the floor, and then sprang up.

"Well, I should go," I laughed, struggling to breathe. He nodded, his face still beat red. "See you later!" then I took off out his window, still laughing hysterically.


I sifted through the skirts in one shop, a small little used clothing store called Old&New. It was filled with vintage clothing, and the skirts were just so cute looking. This whole shop felt as if it was stuck in a different era. I could have spent hours in there.

I loaded my arms with different items of clothing and headed to the dressing room. I hung my stuff up on a hook and was about to change when something caught my eye; a gorgeous paisley dress was sitting in the corner by the shop window, just begging for me to try it on. I sauntered over to it and held it up to myself, admiring it in the reflection of the window.

A man walked by the window and stopped just beside the door. He was wearing black clothes and his hair was in disarray. But Goths didn't scare me, so I just continued looking at myself in the window, admiring how the dress would fit me perfectly.

A few seconds later I realized the man hadn't moved. I glanced at him and noted how he looked exactly the same, standing stock still, right by the doorway, staring out across the street. As if he was watching for something…

Or someone.

The hair on my neck prickled, my heart started pounding as I took a shaky step back, away from the window. He jerked his head sideways and stared at me straight in the eye, as if I had shouted in his ear. His head wiped back to normal and he abruptly stepped out on the street.

I opened my mouth in horror as I watched a speeding truck charge towards him. Frozen, I watched the car come closer and closer…

But then the man sauntered across the road, as if he could care less that he was about to be hit. The driver slammed on his breaks, swerving the car dangerously into the other lane, almost slamming into the light post.

The man had already made it to the other sidewalk. He turned around and stared back at me.

Then he took off without a backwards glance.

"Thanks," I muttered to the store manager as I purchased the dress. "Do you have any Advil?"


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