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This is a Death Note x Naruto crossover.

Summary: Those who use the Death Note can neither go to Heaven nor to Hell. When Light dies, something prevents the Shinigami from finding him and his soul is cast of into Void, the dimension that doesn't exist. From there it is drawn to the Shinigami's seal, the Shiki Fuujin... And into the world of one Uzumaki Naruto.

Warning: spoilers for the entire Death Note anime and for the Naruto subbed anime. This picks up just after Naruto, Sakura, Sai, and Yamato go to Orochimaru's lair to rescue Sasuke. It contains spoilers up until then. Yaoi. Yuri. ItaNaru. Dark!ish Naruto.

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Pain. All he could feel was pain. His body was riddled with wounds. Was that what hurt?

Thinking. Wondering. Probing with his mind. No, his body was in pain but it didn't hurt. It was more like a light blinking than anything else.

What hurt him so much then? Thinking. Remembering. What happened? Nate. Matsuda. Mikami. Aizawa. Mogi. Ide. Failing. Nononononono! He couldn't fail!

Ryuuku laughing. Lying on the staircase as his heart beat, slowing down. Failure. Being revealed.

He was weak! He was stupid! He fell for it! He should've thought that the notebook was a fake! He should've planned for it!

It didn't matter. Nothing mattered anymore. He was dead. Where was he? 'Those who use the Death Note can neither go to Heaven nor to Hell.' Ryuuku's words. If he wasn't in Heaven or in Hell then where was he? The Shinigami world? Stuck in limbo?

He didn't know. He felt weird. He didn't feel. He didn't see. He didn't hear. He didn't smell. What had happened?

He had died by Ryuuku's hand. The Shinigami had written his name down. Light knew that suddenly. He hadn't known it before, but he did now.

Where was he?

He was nowhere. He should've been in the Shinigami world, for he had been a prime Death Note user, unlike Mikami, who had been a secondary Death Note user and would end up in limbo.

How could he be nowhere? Didn't one have to be somewhere in order to exist?

The Shinigami world was in a state of confusion caused by the rapid changes that Kira had brought on. He'd changed the world so fast that it didn't have time to adjust, and it was thrown off. Heaven was taking a big break because so few nice people were dying recently, but Hell and the Shinigami world were in turmoil. So many bad people and Death note users dying. He could be nowhere and exist because it was possible, and it was silly of humans to assume otherwise.

How did he now know these things one second and know them the next?

He had always known them. He was just now remembering them. He was in Void, the nothing world, the world where luminal space comes from so it can exist by not existing, and in Void one remembered things that one had forgotten could be known

Why was he in Void and not in the Shinigami world? And if for some reason, he couldn't go to the Shinigami world why didn't he cease to exist?

The Shinigami world was busy and being sloppy, and they never received the memo that he died because Ryuuku never bothered to tell them and something was interrupting the signal. He didn't cease to exist because it's impossible to exist one moment and to not exist the next. So, since nothing else could be done when he died he came to Void

What was going to happen to him?

He wouldn't stay in Void for long. That's impossible. He would go somewhere else, somewhere other than his world, the Shinigami world, Heaven, or Hell.

If he couldn't go to any of those places, then where else was there to go?

Someone else's world.

'What the hell?' Naruto wondered, feeling a sudden tug from the Shiki Fuujin seal imprinted on his navel. It felt like something was pulling on the essence of the seal itself. It wasn't trying to yank it away from him, or to remove it, more like whatever was doing the tugging was trying to pull itself towards the seal. What was going on?

Uzumaki Naruto, age fifteen, was currently sitting in his room after another failed attempt to save his closest friend, Sasuke, from Orochimaru's clutches. This time they'd had the new member of Team Kakashi, Sai, and their substitute sensei, Yamato, with them. Kakashi had been recovering from the previous fight with Akatsuki, so hadn't come along with Naruto and Sakura.

The jinchuuriki doubled over as pain racked his body, centering around his stomach and his head. The seal felt like it was on fire. He could feel the presence from before scrambling to pull itself towards him. Naruto had to grit his teeth in order to not cry out.

He convulsed as he felt a foreign energy flood his body. He'd become so used to pulling alternatively on his own chakra and the Kyuubi's yoki that he was immediately able to sense that the presence was human. What he couldn't figure out was the irregularity in the energy signature. It felt almost like another being was shadowing the one trying to retain a grasp on his soul. Whatever the second being was, it was foul.

He began to regain the ability to see as his inner balance began to calm down and his world slowed down in its spinning. He surprisingly enough was in mid fall from his bed when he regained awareness of himself, the process of the other soul pulling itself into this world having been so brief that he couldn't even finish falling those few feet before it was over.

'What just happened?' he asked the demon within his mind. Even though he did not particularly like the fox on account of the fact that it was extremely rude to him and was reckless when it came to Naruto's companions, the blonde knew that if anyone would know what had just happened it would be the one and only Kyuubi no Kitsune.

'Someone from another dimension apparently got lost and was drawn to the Shiki Fuujin seal. Since you're the only one who was ever branded with it and lived to tell the tale, he ended up in your head.'

Comprehending the fox's words, Naruto sunk into his own mind. It was the easiest and best way to communicate with the intruder, after all. Especially if he had no prior experience with 50 story tall demon foxes and speaking through a mental link.

Light opened his eyes slowly. He felt heavy, as if he hadn't moved in centuries, and yet the gravity pressing down on him was surprisingly light. It felt as if it was at almost half the level of the gravity as it was supposed to be.

Where was he, anyways? This wasn't anyone's house, or the headquarters of the investigation into Kira. It looked more like a sewer than anything else.

His ears picked up on the sound of breathing, and a sense that he didn't know he had told him that he wasn't alone, and whatever was in the room with him wasn't very nice, and probably wouldn't mind killing him.

Focusing all of his will power, Light turned his head and looked at where the sound was coming from. His heart nearly stopped (for a second time something within him whispered) when he saw the looming figure of the giant nine tailed demon fox. He tried to scramble backwards, away from that thing that was looking at him like something between a puzzle that needed to be solved and a particularly scrumptious piece of meat, but his body didn't comply. His muscles felt… They didn't feel like anything. They weren't even there. Come to think of it, neither was his body that was neither heavy nor light.

"Don't let her scare you. As long as that seal's in place and you're smart enough to stay on this side of the cage she can't touch you, although she's damn annoying," a voice commented from behind Light. From the sound of it, the speaker was grinning. "If you want to move around just think about what you want to do. This is a mindscape, so therefore there aren't any muscles, gravity, or laws of physics."

Concentrating on what the unknown person, whom he'd failed to sense, had said, Light was able to roll over onto his stomach and push himself up. His mind quickly adjusted to the concept and soon he was able to stand and look at the speaker, making sure to keep the fox within his line of sight.

The boy his eyes feel upon couldn't be any older than fifteen, and had the build of a fighter. His blonde hair defied gravity- much like L's had once done- and stuck up in an array of spikes. His eyes were a startling blue that revealed nothing. Kira, who had for so long pretended to be the kind and considerate Light, could see that the shinning, happy look in his eyes was a fake, painted with a mental paintbrush that was held in an expert hand. Behind the shinning exterior, the shutters to the boy's soul were closed, showing no real emotion.

"Where am I?" Light asked.

The blonde grinned widely. "In my mind. According to the bitchy fox Kyuubi you were lost and somehow managed to be drawn to the Shinigami's seal that's was placed upon me fifteen years ago for the purpose of halting the rampage of the Kyuubi no Kitsune, one of the most powerful demons in existence."

"The blonde idiot isn't very good at explanations," a deep voice growled from the opposite side of Light. He spun around to face the demon lady. "Let me elaborate. You seem to have somehow managed to block yourself off from going to Heaven, Hell, the Shinigami's world, or returning to your own world, so you were drawn to the faint Shinigami energy signature that still radiates from the seal. You are currently in a world not your own that has a different history and likely has different laws of physics."

Light nodded, absorbing the information. It made sense.

"Hey, fox, why isn't he in his own body?" the blonde asked the demon fox.

"Because matter can't be created out of thin air, stupid," she growled, obviously exasperated at the boy's lack of knowledge. From what Light could see the boy was quite bright, he just didn't have a proper education.

"Okay. Hey, what's your name?" the blonde asked Light. He was used to the damn demon fox calling him stupid, and he'd given up on wasting his breath yelling at her… oh, about a year ago or so. She always out argued him anyways. Hard to argue with a millennia old opponent with a higher IQ than Shikamaru, who also happened to be extremely cunning, sarcastic, perceptive, and creative.

"Yagami Raito. Who're you?" Light replied, using the Japanese pronunciation of his name.

"Uzumaki Naruto!" the blonde announced. Even though he said it as though he took pride in his name, Kira could sense an underlying tone, barely detectable, that suggested that he hated the name with all of his might. It made sense that he'd dislike it. Uzumaki was a name given to orphans without any family to speak of (although he guesses it could be a clan name passed down by an orphan). Why he hated it so much, though, was unknown.

"Is it normal in your world to have a demon in your mind?" Light asked.

Naruto shook his head. "No. I only know of a few others. Those who have demons sealed within them are known as jinchuuriki here, and are generally hated and spat upon. Most of us are dead, though. An organization called the Akatsuki is hunting us in order to remove the demons from us and utilize their power."

Kira mentally snarled. It was people like that that he killed. Those who ruined others lives for the sake of their own gains. Those who couldn't see past their own noses.

"Hey fox!" Naruto continued, his attention shifting.

"What is it, brat?" the vixen snarled.

"Is there any way for Raito to be transferred out of my mind and into his own body?" the blonde asked.

"Theoretically, yes. Such a jutsu exits among us demons, although a pathetic, weakling ningen such as you wouldn't be able to use it. You'd have to make your own version."

Naruto nodded. He hadn't expected there to be a human jutsu already in existence other than Orochimaru's body transfer jutsu for relocating souls, and he wasn't willing to use Orochimaru's approach. Not only did it kill whoever you were transferring into, it transferred everybody and would probably weaken the seal.

"Alright! You stay here and keep the bitch company, Raito, while I work on the jutsu. It'll only give you a temporary body, but you'll get to stretch your legs," the blonde said, before disappearing from the mindscape. He didn't vanish in a poof of smoke or with a flash or fade out or anything else fancy. He was simply there one second and not there the next.

Annoyed that the boy hadn't given him enough time to even speak before deciding what to do, Kira settled down to study the Kyuubi no Kitsune, curious about its nature. He was fully aware that as he did so the fox settled down also, fixing two unblinking crimson orbs upon this new puzzle, this stranger that called himself Yagami Light, a human in appearance in smell, but something else, something that she couldn't quite put her paw on, in energy signature. She hadn't seen such an interesting puzzle since Naruto had stumbled into her domain three years ago, and nothing of the sort for millennia before.

Naruto opened his eyes in the outside world. Not even a second had passed since he entered his mind. It had always been that way. It was almost as if the dimension existed outside of time when he visited it, speeding back up to match his world when he exited.

Looking around briefly, he grabbed a random T-shirt and his orange and black jacket and threw them on. He had to search a bit more to find a pair of orange and black pants, but find them he did. Sensing rather than hearing Light's disapproval of his fashion sense Naruto sent a mental note saying that orange and black were his two favorite colors, and if he didn't wear them than the people around him would think it strange. Having been disguising his identity as Kira for so long Light new the value in keeping to the image that people built up about you, and quieted down.

Grabbing his frog wallet Naruto ran out the door. He was planning on heading straight to one of the unused training fields to start working on his new jutsu, but was interrupted by Sakura.

"Naruto! Where do you think you're going? Kakashi-sensei asked us to meet him in his hospital room today! Baka, I can't believe you forgot!" she didn't even let Naruto get a word in edgewise, and started dragging him towards a large white building which Light assumed was the hospital.

"Gomen nasai, Sakura-chan!" Naruto said, letting himself be dragged along. Light could tell that the Kyuubi thought that Sakura was a useless, weak, airheaded, unnecessarily violent bitch. Kira could also sense that Naruto didn't like Sakura nearly as much as he pretended to. Yah, sure, he felt something like a sibling's bond to her, but he thought that she needed to open her eyes and grow up. Kira agreed. The girl was self centered and thought the world was all about her. She was pretty much this world's version of Misa.

"It doesn't matter," she said. "Kakashi-sensei's room is this way."

She dragged him through the halls towards where their teacher was staying. Light was mildly surprised by the number of bandages covering the shinobi's body. He had by now deduced that they were all fighters of some sort, probably a variant of his world's ninja.

"Yo," the masked shinobi said, looking up from the hentai manga he was reading. Light could see the name 'Iccha Iccha Paradise' through Naruto's eyes. He heard the fox grumble something about how all perverts who were so open about it should die. He noticed that she said nothing about closet perverts. A black haired boy wearing a shirt that exposed his stomach and carrying a scroll on his back was already there.

"What did you want to talk to us about, Kakashi-sensei?" Sakura asked, badly faking being sweet and courteous.

"I just wanted to know what happened in the mission," the white haired jounin commented off handedly. Both Sakura and Naruto tensed. All of Naruto's current tenants could sense that Naruto wanted to do more than tense. He wasn't just angry about how Sasuke had acted, he was furious. They were supposed to have been friends, and yet the bastard had tossed him aside as if he was nothing more than a disposable toy in the hands of a spoiled brat. In reality, that's what he'd been. Sasuke had been Naruto's only friend, and though he wouldn't admit it Naruto would've done anything (and still would) is it meant that the raven would continue to like him.

'If he treated you so harshly then why still go after him? Why try to rescue himself from the hole he dug himself into if all he's going to do is try to kill you again and head straight back into the pit?' Light asked the blonde, having quickly grasped the concept of speaking through a mental link.

Naruto had no answer for him.

Naruto's voice was a dull monotone as he explained the events in as plain of details as possible, not mentioning anything like emotions or what someone looked like, the shining covering over his emotion removed, leaving an almost impenetrable concrete wall behind. His eyes were dead, reflecting no light whatsoever. Kakashi didn't fail to notice the lack of animation in the blonde when reporting about Sasuke. Sakura was to busy wallowing in her own woes and staring out the window to notice anything amiss.

Naruto had left out the part where Sasuke entered his mind on purpose. He felt that the raven wouldn't want it to get out that his clan had any connections with the Kyuubi, and nobody other than him and his tenants knew that he could speak to the fox.

Kakashi was concerned for his blonde student, of course, but he didn't dwell to much on it. He just assumed that the lack of emotion was a mask to cover sadness and humiliation, rather than the lack of the normal mask that it actually was. He himself had once worn one. He wasn't bothered by the fact that Sakura hadn't noticed how unemotional her own teammate was at the moment. She herself was under great stress and didn't think of Naruto as the living machine type. Humans only tend to hear and see what they expect to be there, after all.

"That isn't the only reason you called us, huh Kakashi-sensei?" Naruto asked, his fool's mask back in place. His eyes were sparkling, and he was wearing a fox grin to match. Sakura smiled, relieved that her teammate could be so cheerful no matter how much he went through. If only she knew…

"No, it isn't. I've also come up with a new training schedule for Naruto," he said.

At that moment the door to the room slid open, and Team 10 all piled inside, Asuma right behind them. The chain smoking jounin walked up to Kakashi's bed. "Hey, my team was wondering if you three, Sakura, Naruto, and Sai, would go to the barbeque restaurant with them. They haven't had a chance to get acquainted with Sai yet. I also need to talk to Kakashi alone."

"Alright then," Kakashi drawled, "You three go ahead and go with Asuma's team. I'll talk with Asuma."

"But Kakashi-sensei! What about the training technique you were going to tell me about?" Naruto whined. Light could sense his eagerness to learn more, to grow more powerful. It almost bordered on fanaticism.

"I'll tell you later," Kakashi said, waving his hand in dismissal. Naruto 'humph'ed and followed his friends out.

"What training technique was Naruto talking about, Kakashi?" Asuma asked.

"He has a huge chakra reserve, so I was planning on having him speed up his progress by using Taiju Kage Bunshin no Jutsu. I'm also going to teach him elemental manipulation…"

"Hey, what's your name again? I'm Ino!" the blonde kunoichi asked/exclaimed.

"I'm Sai. It's nice to meet you…" at this point Sai paused for a second, remembering his conversation with Sakura earlier. 'Girl's don't seem to like it when you tell them the truth about how they look, so if I say the exact opposite of what I think about her she should be pleased,' he thought. Acting on his thoughts he finished his sentence with, "Ms. Beautiful."

Ino was immediately impressed by how polite her ex-best-friend's new teammate was, and decided that he had nice tastes. Sakura, meanwhile, was fuming, while Naruto was trying hard not to laugh, although he didn't show it.

"Hey, isn't that they guy that attacked us earlier?" Shikamaru asked.

Sai turned to him and replied, "I was merely testing the abilities of my new teammate, is all, although I wasn't much impressed with the dickless wonder over here."

Four of his listeners were stunned. Light was merely disgusted at the boy's lack of tact and social skills. Naruto, though, was furious. 'Just you wait,' he thought. 'Next time I get a chance to get away with it I'm going to break you in half!' In the outside world he shouted some insult or another at Sai and lunged at him. Naruto was held back by Sakura and Shikamaru, though, and couldn't rearrange Sai's face quite to his liking.

"Let me go!" Naruto shouted. "I'm gonna punch his lights out!"

"Naruto, until you calm down enough that you won't inadvertently kill your teammate, I can't release you," Shikamaru said, gritting his teeth as he fought to keep a hold of the struggling blonde. Since when had Naruto been that strong?

Naruto stopped struggling, falling limp in Shikamaru and Sakura's hands. He stared at the floor, his fists and teeth clenched. "Sai is not my teammate," he growled. "Merely a comrade that I currently happen to be working with." Before his stunned audience could say anything in reply he had shaken off Sakura and Shikamaru's hands and bolted, opting to weave through alleyways instead of the more obvious route of jumping over rooftops.

"Gomen nasai," Sai said suddenly, standing up. "But I have somewhere I need to be." He then ran off over the rooftops in the opposite direction Naruto had gone.

Choji looked around the now surprisingly quiet booth. No one was in a mood to speak after Naruto's sudden shift in personality and his and Sai's abrupt departures. Sakura murmured a quiet 'see you later' before shuffling off in the direction of her home, looking forlorn.

"What's up with those two?" Ino asked. "Why can't they just get over Sasuke?" She herself had never figured out why the both of them continued to pursue their teammate to such lengths, when he obviously didn't want to be saved. She'd given up on Sasuke a long time ago, even before she became a ninja, when she realized that he was nothing more than a spoiled brat.

After her realization about Sasuke, Ino had tried to get back on Sakura's good side. She wanted her first and only real friend back. The bubblegum haired kunoichi had been blind to her attempts to make amends, and when she recognized the friendship offers she thought that Ino was simply trying to win Sasuke for herself. It had almost broken Ino's heart in two, being rejected by her closest and only friend like that.

She was worried for Sakura. If the girl kept going after Sasuke she was likely to be killed or, if not that, to have her heart permanently broken when she realized that the object of her long time obsession wasn't all that she's made him out to be.

'Sakura…' she thought.

'Why do you care so much for him?' Light asked Naruto. By the boy's reactions to everything it was obvious that he cared for him on a deeper level than just friendship. 'Why go so far?'

Naruto was silent, staring at the wall of his dingy little apartment. Just when the silence had stretched for so long that Light believed that Naruto would never answer him, the blonde replied, 'Because… Because he's the first person that ever

really stood up for me and he, the one that I'd always admired and envied, acknowledged my strength and said I was his closest friend.'

As he said this, Naruto thought of Sasuke risking his life, something he'd clung to at the time, to save Naruto from Haku, of Sasuke saying that not only did he want to fight Lee and Gaara and Neji, the strongest of the genin there, but that he also wanted to fight Naruto, of Sasuke being the first to offer to share his lunch with Naruto during the bell test, of Sasuke challenging him when they learned tree climbing, and then the two of them reaching the top together… And finally, Sasuke telling him that he was Sasuke's closest friend, and that, because of that, he must slay him.

It had remained a mystery at first why Sasuke desired to kill him, but during his training trip with Jiraiya, he'd blackmailed the Kyuubi for the information. She'd been hesitant to tell him, knowing what his reaction would be. When he'd found out that Sasuke needed to kill him in order to gain power to kill his brother, Naruto had actually felt relieved. He had sincerely thought that Sasuke had only tried to kill him because he believed that Naruto was a monster that needed to be slain. In reality, Naruto had simply stood in his way on his path to power. So, when they met back up, Naruto had stood there and let Sasuke drive his sword towards Naruto's spine, knowing that it would end in his death.

Light wondered if Naruto was going to continue. The blonde had been silent for another minute, lost in his thoughts.

'Hokage-jiji also stood up for me a bit, but because of his position the most he could do was occasionally give me guards during my birthday and pass a law forbidding people to talk about my status as a jinchuuriki.

' Iruka-sensei was really nice to me, but he was never confident in my abilities. He didn't seem to think that I could take care of myself, despite the fact that I lived on the streets for several years before I could get an apartment.

'Kakashi-sensei never gave a damn about me until Sasuke left.

'Ero-sennin had little confidence in my abilities and wouldn't bother taking the time to really train me. He would tell me the basics behind a jutsu and then disappear to go peep at the women's onsen.

'Sakura-chan always thought I was a weak idiot until Sasuke left, and even now she doesn't have confidence in my abilities.

'Hinata-chan is the only person that completely believed in me, was nice, and stood up for me, but because of the Hyuuga clan and the fact that they all have sticks up their asses and won't allow their heiress to associate with the demon boy more than absolutely necessary gets in the way of me socializing with her, and she's really shy also, though you can't blame her,' Naruto finally continued.

'Sasuke was also one of the three people I was ever able to really relate with. The other two were Gaara, a former jinchuuriki, and Haku, who was treated like a jinchuuriki because of his special abilities. Haku died as a result of something I did, though, and I failed to protect Gaara so he got his demon removed from him and actually was dead for a bit, before Chiyo-baachan gave up her own life to revive him.'

Light looked at Naruto with understanding in his eyes. He hadn't been able to relate to anyone other than L, and when L died, even though the detective threatened his existence and he had been the one to kill him, it felt as though some part of him had died. It was understandable to cling to such a connection, especially when you'd already lost it once. Light didn't know anything of what Naruto had been through, and as a respected genius he couldn't even begin to guess, but he still tried to protect those who were stepped on and discriminated against. He didn't need to be able to walk in someone's shoes in order to help them, after all.

'I'm sorry if I awoke bad memories, Naruto. People who inflict such pain on others make me sick. Why did Sasuke betray you? Or do you not want to talk about it?' Light asked.

Naruto closed his eyes and turned his head so that he was facing the ground, shadows hiding his features.

'His older brother killed their entire clan when Sasuke was a kid. Orochimaru, a big bad guy, decided to take advantage of that to get Sasuke under his control by playing on Sasuke's desire for power. He put a curse seal on Sasuke that brought out the worst in him and twisted his mind. It didn't help that Itachi, his brother, showed back up, hunting me because he was with the Akatsuki. Sasuke was put under too much pressure and snapped. It was my fault, too. I didn't see what was happening to him and just inadvertently made things worse. It isn't his fault, or even Itachi's that he left, it's Orochimaru's.'

Kira mentally nodded. This Orochimaru sounded like the worst kind of criminal, the kind that he would love to write down into his notebook. 'Why do you say it isn't even Itachi's fault?'

Naruto shrugged. 'Don't really know. Instinct, I guess. It's just that there always seemed to be something off about the Uchiha clan. All the street kids were deathly afraid of them, and not just because many of the Uchiha were police, or the fact that they didn't like street kids. You'd see it among the animals, too. Nobody went within a mile of the place if they could help it. Itachi killing them might have been justified. I don't want to judge him on it until I know the truth.'

Kira nodded. It made sense. There was no Kira in this world to pass judgment on criminals, and the legal system was really if you went allied with someone you were a criminal, not if you did something bad.

Naruto looked up from the fetal position he'd managed to curl into. He'd just now noticed the fact that all of the light had faded, plunging the room into darkness. He felt an immense heaviness come over him as his eyelids involuntarily closed and he drifted off into a restless sleep full of nameless and faceless shades.


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