Story Adopted

Okay, then... Only a small handful of people (three, I think; only two had actual outlines) actually bothered competing for the right to adopt this, and not many more (a bit over twenty individual people, I think) even bothered reading the update, the contest is now closed! (More or less. If you still want to steal any of these ideas/ semi-adopt the story, feel free. Just credit me as your inspiration, please.)

Imperial Mint (who writes a lot of really good ItaNaru) will be officially adopting the story. Given how Murphy's Law, Real Life, and inspiration all tend to work (against authors), it's uncertain when exactly the new story's going to get into full swing. For those of you who want to follow the new version, I'll post another AN with information when the first chapter goes up.

For the curious, Imperial Mint's version isn't going to be quite like mine. It's going to be more canon compliant, for one, and (,hopefully, much) better written, for another (-glances back at past writing again- -winces, again-). The basic framework will (probably) remain more or less the same, however.

As much as I wince when I look back at my past writings (then again, who doesn't?), I (most likely) won't be deleting this anytime soon, even after Imperial Mint updates past where I got. And, if I still have any fans after my insane hiatus and my muses stop pulling in a thousand different directions at once, I'll be starting another fanfic (after I more-or-less finish it on my own and then edit it heavily; learned my lesson from Clash and all my other abandoned fics [and about posting a 'finished' fic w/o leaving it to sit on my hard-drive for about a month from Chains, which is now deleted], and from a nearly fifty-thousand word fic that I've currently got rotting on my harddrive because my muse for the story decided to run away from home).

Anyways, hope that you all enjoyed the ride!