Rating: T

Spoilers: All seasons of Atlantis, Series 3 of Dr Who and Series 1 of Torchwood.

Pairings: Too many too list (This is Jack and Sheppard we're talking about)

Summary: Sheppard and Co meet the Tardis crew and chaos ensues.

Disclaimer: I own none of it, Atlantis belongs MGM and Dr Who and Torchwood belong to the BBC

Authors Notes: This is my take on what would happen if SGA-1 met the Doctor and his companions, also, my idea of what would happen if Jack came chest to hand with a Wraith.

Sheppard sighed and tried to block out the whining voice of Dr Rodney McKay, he had been whinging ever since they came through the gate. A distress call had come through to Atlantis several hours ago from the planet Sylar saying the Wraith were attacking, so as soon as they'd been able to gate to the planet they'd mounted a rescue operation but it was too little too late, again. A handful of survivors had been found in the Temple crypt and now they were here with Lorne's team searching for more, he was beginning to agree with McKay's complaint about this being a waste of time, they very rarely found survivors of a Wraith raid these days, the enemy was starving and taking every human they could find.

"Colonel Sheppard Sir the gate just activated and two Wraith darts came through" said the voice of Sgt Stackhouse,

"Take cover in the trees, where's Major Lorne?" Sheppard replied

"He said he'd found something weird and went to take a look" replied Stackhouse.

"Weird how?" asked Sheppard, Stackhouse gave a laugh.

"He said it looked like a phone booth" Stackhouse replied

"Oh-kay" Sheppard rolled his eyes "keep me informed" he turned to face the rest of his team "the Wraith know we're here, two darts just came through the gate" he said. Teyla Emmagen and Ronon Dex raised their weapons and looked around them. Rodney just rolled his eyes and looked at his life signs detector

"Just once I'd like to meet someone as intelligent as me with some technology that would actually help us on these trips, instead of intergalactic vampires who see me as lunch" he said with a huff. Sheppard waved at them

"Let's head back to Lorne's position, he's probably going to need our help" he said.

Martha Jones stood up and covered the body she'd been looking at with the victim's coat

"What do you think?" asked Captain Jack Harkness

"I have no idea, it looks like they've had the life sucked right out of them, look at them they're...desiccated, for the want of a better word" Martha replied.

"Do you know what did this to them, Doctor?" ask Donna Noble, the Doctor ran his hands through his hair

"Not a clue, I'm not even sure where we are" he turned to look at Jack "what about you?" Jack shook his head

"Can't say it's familiar" he replied. Donna turned to look at the Doctor

"What do you mean you're not sure where we are" she retorted "don't tell me this is one of the Tardis' 'Life's getting boring I'll see what danger I can find' things is it". The Doctor shrugged

"Possibly, probably, a definite maybe I think" he said as his three companions glared at him

"Great, he's go no clue as usual" grouched Donna, Jack laughed

"You're learning fast" he said, Donna scowled at him

"Laugh it up Biggles" she growled, causing Martha to giggle.

"Children" said the Doctor in a warning voice

"So now what? Do we look for survivors" asked Jack

"I don't think there are any, the planet is empty, the population has been exterminated" said the Doctor abstractly. Jack ran his hand over his hair and shuddered as he tried to bury memories of facing the Daleks on Game Station, Martha bit down on her lip as memories of the Daleks firing on Hooverville swept over her, Donna shivered

"I think we should go don't you, we can't do anymore for them so we should let them rest in peace" she said. The Doctor nodded

"I think you're right we should definitely leave, whatever happened here doesn't need us treading all over it, best to let it be" he said as he turned and headed for the Tardis.

"Blimey this is a new one, the Doctor agreeing with me" remarked Donna as she followed

"Yeah, for once in my life I'm not going to argue with him" said Martha,

"Today's not the day for heroics" replied Jack as he put an arm around each of the women.

Sheppard raised his hand and motioned his team to be quiet

"What?" said Rodney, Ronon rolled his eyes; McKay had no idea of stealth

"I can hear voices" said Sheppard. Teyla and Ronon went on the defensive as the voices got nearer. Four people strolled out of the small clump of trees, a man dressed in a brown suit, long coat and converse's, another man in a very outdated British Air force uniform and two women, one with dark skin and the other was older with red hair. Sheppard raised his weapon and joined Teyla and Ronon

"What are you doing here?" asked Sheppard

"Could ask you the same question" said the Doctor

"You first" replied Sheppard.

"I'm the Doctor, he's Jack, she's Martha and that's Donna, we came here because my ship sensed trouble and now we're leaving because there's nothing for us to do to help" the Doctor said "you?"

"I'm Colonel John Sheppard, Teyla and Ronon, the one not pointing his gun at you is Dr Rodney McKay, we're here because we received a distress call from these people, the Wraith were attacking" replied Sheppard.

"That explains why the Tardis bought us here, if it picked up that distress call" said Jack

"Who are the Wraith? I've never heard of them, mean anything to you Jack" said the Doctor.

"A couple of stories, nothing more than legends really, stories to scare the kids with" replied Jack, Teyla lowered her weapon slightly

"The Wraith are the enemy in this galaxy, the cull the populations of planets to use as food, they drain the life from you to sustain themselves, the cullings have been getting more intense lately" said Teyla.

"Vampires, of a sort" said Donna. Sheppard nodded

"Pretty good description yeah, but a lot harder to kill" he said

"That explains the bodies and why they were in such a state" said Martha. The Doctor was still staring at Sheppard and the others

"Why are you here?" he asked

"I told you, we answered a distress call" replied Sheppard

"Didn't mean that, you're human from Earth in the 21st century, why are you in another galaxy?" said the Doctor.

"We're explorers, we came through the Stargate to find the lost city of Atlantis, we've set up a base there and we're studying the city in a hope to better understand the Ancients and their technology, I'm the chief scientist" said Rodney.

"Course you are, but you drowned, the shield collapsed the moment you stepped into the city" said the Doctor

"Ah, well, apparently we got a second chance, thanks to a time ship, the expedition leader Elizabeth Weir and an Ancient scientist called Janus" explained Rodney. The Doctor rolled his eyes

"Bloody Janus" he said with a sigh "anyway, good luck with the exploration but we've got to go"

"Not so fast, what about you, how did you get here?" said Sheppard

"In my ship, we've really got to go" the Doctor said

"Yeah, it's Gwen's birthday and we promised to join her for a drink" said Martha.

"You're not from this galaxy, are you from Earth?" said Ronon, suspiciously

"I am" said Donna with a wave of her fingers

"Me too, human as human can be" said Martha

"I'm human but not from Earth originally, it's my adopted home now" said Jack, licking his lips and grinning at John. Martha slapped Jack on the shoulder

"For God's sake, give it a rest will you" she said, Donna rolled her eyes

"Jack, you're such a slapper" she retorted, Jack's grin widened

"And?" he replied

"You?" said Ronon to the Doctor

"I'm a Timelord, from Gallifrey, nice to meet you but we really do have to go, a stood up Gwen is not a pretty sight" said the Doctor, Sheppard nodded to Ronon and Teyla and they lowered their weapons. Suddenly, John's radio crackled into life

"Sir, we were attacked by the Wraith, we managed to fight them off but Major Lorne's been wounded" said Sgt Stackhouse

"Where are you?" replied Sheppard

"About two clicks due east of you, by the blue phone booth" said Stackhouse

"We're on our way" Sheppard turned to the others "the Wraith have attacked Lorne and his team, he's been hurt, they're waiting for us by a phone booth" he said

"A phone booth" said Rodney incredulously. The Doctor turned his head to look at Sheppard,

"That's my ship, tell your men to stay there they'll be safe, come on" he said as he took off running followed by Jack, Martha and Donna

"Stay put, that phone booth is some kid of ship, you'll be safe there, apparently" said Sheppard and he and his team ran after the Doctor.

They were in sight of the Tardis when Jack suddenly stopped

"What the..." said Donna as she ran into him, Jack put his hand up to silence her

"I can hear something" he said

"What have we stopped for" said Rodney

"There's someone here" said Jack

"Leave them I need to get to safety" retorted Rodney. Jack scowled at Rodney

"It may be the Wraith" said Teyla

"It may also be a survivor" replied Jack, he headed towards the noise and turned his head and grinned at Teyla

"Don't worry; nothing's going to happen to me" he replied. As the words left his lips, a figure rose out of the tall grass, Donna's mouth dropped open

"Jack" she squeaked

"What?" he said, she pointed at the blue skinned figure with long white hair. Jack turned, saw the creature and reached for his pistol as the Wraith grabbed his coat collar and slammed its hand into his chest.