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"What happened? I thought you said we'd be safe" yelled Rodney as the Tardis lurched and he lost his footing

"The Wraith must have hit us just as we were dematerializing, we're in the vortex now so we are definitely safe, they can't get into the vortex unless they have the proper technology". The Doctor looked up sharply at Sheppard, "They can't time travel can they?" he asked, Sheppard shrugged

"Dunno" he said "Teyla, Ronon do the Wraith have time travel technology"

"Not that I know of" replied Ronon who was leaning on one of the Tardis' pillars watching the humans run around with some amusement.

"They have no need to travel in time, they have lived long enough to have experienced the history of this galaxy they have no need to revisit it" said Teyla. The Doctor looked at her and grinned

"And if they want to see the future?" he asked

"Then they will simply wait" she replied

"And if they want to change the future?" the Doctor asked. Teyla smiled

"The human's have a saying 'If it is not broken do not fix it' the Wraith do not worry about the future" she said. The Doctor smiled at her simple logic

"If only it were that simple, right I'm going to need a hand here" he started to pull at the grating under the console, Ronon left his position by the pillar and went to help "thanks big fella. Martha, I need a hand" the Doctor called.

"Busy" Martha replied as she carried on attending to Lorne

"Donna?" he asked

"Busy too" she replied as she cleaned up a gash on Stackhouse's arm.

"McKay will give you a hand" said Sheppard, Rodney looked at him in alarm.

"Oh thank you, I wouldn't know where to start, I've never seen anything like this in two galaxies" replied Rodney

"Don't worry it's nothing that a bit of gaffer tape won't fix" the Doctor looked at the charred wires in the gap under the console "although I could be horribly wrong" he said. Ronon crouched down behind him

"This ship doesn't carry weapons?" he asked

"I don't need them, not usually anyway, there have been times I've seriously thought about it but I try to use reasoning to get out of trouble" said the Doctor.

"You sound like Dr Weir, she always believed that negotiations were better than taking up arms and now she's in the enemy's hands, under their control"

"I'm sorry to hear that, brainwashed while in captivity?" asked the Doctor. Ronon shook his head

"Nanites, our enemy infested Dr Weir with them last year, Doctor Beckett managed to deactivate them but recently they were reactivated to save her life but..." replied Ronon

"But they took over again" finished the Doctor

"It was her choice in the end" said Ronon.

"Jack might have something we could use, back on Earth, I'll ask him later, if he hasn't got any of his nanogenes left I'm sure his motley crew have got something up their sleeves" replied the Doctor, Ronon grinned, it was a nice change to hear someone make a decision and not have it argued over, put to the vote or any of the other Earth procedures that took up valuable time. He looked over at Sheppard and McKay arguing over helping the Doctor, he then looked at Martha and Donna tending the wounds of Lorne and his men with Teyla helping them, he sighed, the humans needed someone like this Doctor in charge of Atlantis, that way less time would be wasted, this man believed in action whatever the cost and it had cost him, he could see it in his eyes.

"So where are you from, I know you're not from Earth?" said the Doctor, bringing Ronon out of his musings

"Sateda, it was destroyed by the Wraith about ten years ago, I became a Runner, the Wraith couldn't feed on me so they used me as sport, to hunt" the Doctor muttered something that translated perfectly into Satedan causing Ronon to chuckle "a name I've used many times" he said. The Doctor heaved himself out from under the control panel

"I'm so sorry, so very very sorry" he said. Ronon saw the look of despair on the Doctor's face and recoiled slightly, his words weren't empty word of sympathy from a stranger, they were words from someone who knew exactly what it was like knowing your world had been destroyed. He grasped the Doctor's hand and gripped tightly, letting the man know they were brothers under the skin. The Doctor grinned and clapped Ronon on the shoulder "come on then lets get this show on the road" he nodded toward Sheppard and McKay who were nose to nose, still arguing "are they always like this?" he asked. Ronon let out a raucous laugh which made the two men look up at him

"Always, I've wanted to shoot them so many times" he replied as the Doctor went to collect his tools.

The argument between McKay and Sheppard was become very heated

"McKay I don't care if this technology comes from the pits of hell just get over there and help with repairs" yelled Sheppard.

"And how do you expect me to help hmm? Stand there and hand over tools or press buttons and prey it doesn't explode" retorted Rodney

"Isn't that what you normally do" Sheppard replied, Rodney folded his arms and huffed

"Well if you're going to be like that you go and help him" he said. Donna had had enough by this point; she'd finished cleaning up Stackhouse's arm and was clearing up the remains of all the dressings that she, Martha and Teyla had used on the wounded

"OI! For fuck's sake give it a rest will you" she yelled. Rodney gave her his best withering look, that usually had his underlings cowering but it had the opposite effect on the woman in front of him, she just got angrier and for a brief moment he thought she could be Lydia Winter's twin sister.

"Do you mind" he retorted "this is private", Donna grabbed his ear and dragged him towards the Tardis door

"And you have no idea what an irritating brat you are" she said, she pushed him hard and he stumbled, landing on his backside "stay there". Rodney started to scramble to his feet

"You can't do that to me" he said, Donna gave him a look that said 'try me'

"Stay there or I'll make you sit outside" she spat.

"You wouldn't dare" he replied, his voice rising a little in panic, Donna clenched her fist

"Or I could punch your lights out, your choice" she said. Rodney wisely chose to sit down and ignore the sniggers from Lorne's team. Donna marched towards Sheppard, ignoring the smug smirk on his face she grabbed his ear as she swept past and dragged him towards the door that lead into the kitchen corridor.

"Hey" he protested

"Same deal for you, you sit there or you sit outside or I punch you" she said

"Hey Doctor do you always treat your guests to this" he said. The Doctor looked out from under the control column

"Only the annoying ones, I make it a rule never to interfere where Donna's concerned" he said as he went back to his repairs. Jack had been watching the proceedings with amusement

"The naughty corner?" he asked Donna

"It works on my Cousin Diane's kids, God bless Supernanny" she replied.

"Works on Owen too, when he's been teasing Ianto too much, you should have heard the language when I first made him do it" said Jack with a laugh as he watched Donna go over to see if she could help the Doctor and Ronon.

"Don't worry I'll keep you company" he said to Sheppard as he gave him a lecherous look, Sheppard thought about replying with a smart alec remark but thought better of it and stood with his back firmly planted against the wall. Jack moved away suddenly when he saw Teyla sink to her knees, clutching her head

"What's the matter?" he asked

"Despair, so much despair...in my head...all around me...coming from the walls into my head, so much despair" she whimpered.