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The true one by Princess of the Fae.

Indian summer had just begun when Veronica MacFarlane decided to go to the mall to pick up some cloths for the fall since she had lost ten pounds this summer. She when from store to store picking up things she need. That's when the 23 year old with light brown hair and deep brown eyes saw her favorite book store so she thought she go inside and see what was new. "Hi Veronica and how are you today?" Asked Mrs. Manning the store owner. "Fine and you?"Asked Veronica with a smile. "I'm good." answered "Mrs Manning. As Veronica look through the isles she was drawn to a book in the Fantasy section titled" The Goblin City By Sarah Williams" as soon as she touched the book she had the strong erage to buy it. Unknown to her down in the underground The Labyrinth called to its king "She has found us." "Who?" Asked the King "The true one, the future Queen!" It answered. "Who is it? "Ask the Goblin king her know it couldn't be Sarah because she was married with two kids a boy Jareith and a girl Anne. It always amused him that she named her first born after him after all she went though in his kingdom. "Her name means True image." Was all it answered? "Fine doesn't tell me!" Said Jareith "Skout fetch my book of Human names and means." He ordered the goblin and it ran to the king's study and retrieved the book. "I'll find you love." Thought the king.

(End of part 1 more coming soon!)