The True Princess of the Fae.

After finishing her shopping, Veronica exited the Mall got into her car and drove home. Veronica lived in aloft above her Fathers garage. Her Father Jack was a High school History teacher who worked from 9 to 3:15 everyday, he loved his job but she loved his Daughter more. They had moved up here when Veronica was 16. Her Mom had passed away from a heart attack and her Father could not afford to live in their townhouse anymore so for the first three years they had lived with his mother until he could find a job and his own house. While they lived there Veronica went to high school trying her best to deal with not only losing her Mom but also moving away from the only home she had ever known. Her older Brother Jake lived on his own and had his own pet shop. As she turned into the drive way she could see her two cats Tara & Peter from the window.

Veronica parks her car in its usual spot, popped the trunk and took out her shopping bags. As she headed to the stairs to her loft she saw her Dad pull in.

"Hi Dad how was your day?"Asked Veronica

"Fine and I see you had a good day." He Answered.

"Yup it's great having a few days off for the Book store." Said Veronica

"Well care bear I better get dinner started before Linda comes see you later." Said Jack.

"Sure." Said Veronica as she entered her loft. He dad started Dating Linda Wolf a few years back at first she and Linda got along but last summer Linda started treating Veronica like a troubled child and saying cruel things like she was a liar which Veronica wasn't Veronica hated lies , she even felt bad telling little whit lies. Linda would also say that her live was going down the towelletThe last straw was on the day of the anniversy of her mom's death she called Veronica manipulating Lazy witch. Linda and Her father broke up then only after three weeks, they where back together. Sighing she closed the door behind her and unpack her new belongs. After words she started to read her new book...

Meanwhile in the Underground...

Jareith looked at the index of his Names and Meanings book for True image and when he found it, it read True image: See Veronica or Nike on page 21. He flipped to page 21 and read...

Veronica Latin/Greek name meaning truth or true image. Name derives from Nike goddess of Victory. He closed the book and summoned a crystal to her hand and said" Show me Veronica!"

A picture of a woman came into few; she was sitting on a small sofa reading. Jareith gasped she was Beautiful She had shoulder length hair of a light brown color with flex of gold and deep brown eyes. And an Elegant nose, cheeks, chin and brow. She looked to be in her early Twenties and about 5'3 in height. All he could say was "Soon my dear you shall be mine!"