Chapter 7: Dreams and Actions.

That night when Veronica got home she feed the cats and herself. After she put on some music and finished reading her book. Tanya had told her that the movie "Brothers Grimm" was on at 9pm on channel 33. She looked at her watch it was 8:55pm, so she turned on the tv and turn to ch.33. The movie was half way through and Veronica had fallen asleep. She started to dream...

She was in another beautiful dress this time it was a dusty rose color with a v-neck and an empire waist. She was walking in a beautiful garden full of every flower known and unknown to man. Up a head was a table and at that table was Jareth , who stood up to greet her. A smile appeared on her face as she walked up to him. He kissed her hand and pulled out her seat for her. In the background a violin was playing. ...

As Veronica sleeped Greenlee entered her home.

"Now my dear you and I have a little trip to take. She reached into her pouch and pulled out a vial of transport powder . Sprinkling it over Veronica who disappeared still asleep. Greenlee smile step one of her plan was completed . She vanished back underground to start step two. Veronica awoke at the bottom of a sandy hill with a man, while a dwarf looking down at her with a strange expression on his face. "Who are you?" asked Veronica as she got up. "I was just going to ask you the same thing."Said Hoggle. " My name is Veronica and you are?"said Veronica thinking he looked familiar. "I'm Hoggle."said Hoggle. Veronica's eyes widened "Hoggle from the book?!"asked Veronica . "You know me? Hoggle asked and then said" Sarah's book?!" "Yes so this means I'm in the underground and this is the Labyrinth?" asked Veronica . "How did I get here?"asked Veronica "Well there is only two ways for that to happen 1) You were wished away or 2) someone brought you here." said Hoggle . If I was wished away wouldn't I be in the Castle?" asked Veronica. "Yes." answered Hoggle . "So that means someone brought me here, but who?" Hoggle just shrugged his shoulders and said" Don't you worry we'll

find out.

(so ends chapter 7. Sorry It took so long my muse tends to go into hiding once and a while.)

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