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Orihime x Rukia x Tatsuki

Chapter one: Oblivious.

A dark haired girl stood by the wall after class looking out on the world at the passerbys counting them in her head. A bit of hair arched down her face over her nose. He sighed until her wandering eyes stopped on an object of her affection.
The red haired beauty standing there at a concession stand buying a hot dog looking around before putting peanut butter onto it. She ate it and smiled happily licking the corn dog off her lips. Another dark haired tomboyish girl came up behind the red haired one.

" Orihime, you need to stop trying such weird combinations." The tom-boy said tickling a bit at Orihime's sides.

" Tatsuki, my diet has worked great so far, so why shouldn't i continue." Orihime said sounding a little smart for her love.

Tatsuki pouted and planted a sweet kiss on her cheek. " I'm just worried that one day you will hurt yourself thats all."

Orihime smiled and kissed Tatsuki back.

The dark haired girl sighed wanting to be in a relationship like that so bad, not one with just a girl, she would settle for any gender, but one where the love is shared equally in both people.

" Hey Rukia, An orange haired spirit called out to her.

" Yes Ichigo?" She said her frown quickly fading

" i took care of that hollow , so wheres Kon with my body/" he said to Rukia with a disgruntled frown.

" he's back at home taking care of Yuzu, she's been sick for a while now" he said with a worrying but spaced out glance upwards.

Ichigo sighed and looked around and walked off.

Rukia's depression returned until she turned around and found a voluptuous red head and Tasuki in front of her inches from her face. Rukia blushed velvet and put her hands over her face. she was sweating

" Hey Rukia, your not looking so well, your face is all red and sweaty." She said putting a hand up to her forehead to feel her temperature.
Rukia's eyes where wide open. it felt as though her eye lids might rip from her face. She clenched them shut tight when she felt a cold hand touch her forehead. it felt so harm sending a shiver down Rukia's spine.

Orihime removed her hand. " No your as cold as a cucumber in the freezer." She said laughing a bit.

Tatuski sighed and mutter. " Oh brother."

Rukia. " Y-You wanted something?" she stuttered.

" Oh yeah, Hey we were wondering if you might want to come to the football game with us tonight, we got an extra ticket." Tatsuki said waving a slip of paper in front of her.

Rukia smiled her embarrassment fading. " That sounds wonderful!" She said clasping her hands together

Tasuki and Orihime went about their way cuddling and hugging while Rukia stood there looking at the slip Tatsuki gave her.

"7:00, okay i will remember." She said blushing at the thought of being alone with Orihime and Tatuski, the two she admired most.

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