To whom it may concern,

All my yuri writing is at an end. I apologize to my fans and critics that were waiting for my next chapter.

I am done writing smut, if you want to blame anyone blame m. I went back to read my old stories and learned that those stories were absolutely horrible. The grammatical errors and lack of plot. Sex were those stories one redeeming factor. I plan on writing stories still yes, but I don't plan on sex being the only thing that are worth reading. Also I was 14 when i last wrote one. Meaning my experience with women was completely based of reading doujinshi and watching porn.

Although i di plan to include lemons in my stories from now on, so if you just wanna read some porn go for it, who doesn't want something hot in a story. But I am hoping to establish an actual connection with the characters.

I am also going to start posting some original stories up soon. Not about any anime or anything of the sort but a world based on my own creation.

They will be posted under the Bleach anime, but they will always be 100% Original.

Thank you my friends and fans

My First story is going to eb title Blood Wings and it will be uploaded shortly. Please read it and leave a review