Rating: T

Spoilers: None

Pairings: Tosh/Ianto

Summary: Ianto plans the perfect revenge for Tosh.

Disclaimer: I own none of it

Authors Notes: Sequel to Giving in to Temptation, Ianto gets his own back.

It had been a couple of months since Tosh had pounced on him in the kitchen and ruffled him up (her words, not his) and now his plans for revenge were about to come into play. He had wanted to get his own back on her straight away but he knew she'd be expecting it, so he'd bided his time and plotted. The one thing Tosh hated most in the world was getting wet she hated rain with a passion, he'd often wondered why the hell she'd come to work in Wales in the first place, things were falling into place perfectly as there was only the two of them left in the hub, Jack had left for a meeting in London a couple of hours earlier and Gwen and Owen, sensing an opportunity, had sloped off early. Ianto had forged a note from Jack and left it on her desk, asking her to find a particular file in the Archive and leave it in his office; he watched her go and switched his monitor to the internal CCTV to track her movements. As soon as she entered the corridor where the archive was he sealed all the doors, entered a command into the computer and watched in satisfaction as the sprinklers came on. Tosh screamed and pulled at the door

"Ianto, Ianto I'm stuck in here and I'm wet, get me out, get me out" she squealed, he grinned as her plea's became more frantic and her shirt became more translucent, "Ianto, where are you, let me out you bastard". He smiled and waited for a couple more seconds before answering

"Something wrong Tosh?" he asked all innocently

"Like you don't know, turn off the sprinklers you git" she growled

"Oh have the sprinklers turned themselves on again" he entered another command into the computer and the water stopped flowing "is that better?" he asked and ripped the Bluetooth out of his ear at Tosh's reply.

After securing a couple of stills from the CCTV tapes he decided it was about time to let her out. He made his way to the corridor and prepared himself to face a very pissed off Tosh, he opened the door and Tosh stood there with her arms folded and a thunderous look on her face, maybe this hadn't been such a good idea after all, he thought. Suddenly her face cracked into a smile

"Good one" she admitted "you got me back good and proper", he smiled in relief

"Thank you" he replied

"Now what, I'm soaked" she said

"I know" he replied

"I haven't got any dry clothes"

"I know"

"So what do you suggest?" His mind came up with a dozen answers to that question

"You could dry them off in the boiler room" he said

"And then what? Sit around the hub in my underwear?" she replied

"Why not?" "A smile played across her lips, so he wants to play games, she thought

"Why not indeed" she said. She peeled off her top, wrung it out, flicked water at him and took off running towards the boiler room as he gave chase.