"Come on four eyes, let's stop!"

Karin, Sasuke and Jugo each sighed and turned around at there tired comrade. "Oh, come on, grow up Suigetsu! We can't stop now! Geeze, you're a royal pain in the butt some times!" the red haired female hissed, adjusting her glasses "oh, and don't call me foureyes!"

Sasuke grunted '-sigh- not again, we'll never get anywhere if this continues! Why don't they just try to get along?! It would make life soooooo much easier!'

Karin and Suigetsu continued to squabble about nothing; it was like a game of tennis with those two, back and fourth went the insults, much to Sasuke and Jugo's displeasure.

"Four eyes!"

"Lazy assed jaws!"

Sasuke sighed; this wasn't going to turn out well!

"Four eyes!"

"Lazy assed jaws!"

"Four eyes!"

"Lazy assed jaws!"

Jugo gulped, they could be at this for hours!

"Four eyes!"

"Lazy assed jaws!"

"Slut!" Suigetsu hissed and Karin flinched.

"Uh-oh! He's dead!" Sasuke whispered to Jugo and Jugo nodded.

Karin's bottom lip wobbled and her fringe covered her face. Suigetsu gulped, he didn't mean to upset her.

A tear slid down her cheek, taking a deep breath Karin screamed "YOU, HOW DEAR YOU BASTERD, LAZY, SELFSENTERD, HEARTLESS, DISGUSTING, FISH FACED, GOOD FOR NOTHING MAN-WHORE!" taking another deep breath she continued. "YOUR SOOOO STUPID, I HATE YOU, HATE YOU, HATE YOU! I CAN'T BELIEVE I USED TO HAVE A THING FOR A BASTARD LIKE YOU!" she finished, she gasped, realizing what she just said (A/N: uh, more like screamed) she covered her mouth.

He flinched. 'Wait, what!?' he thought, blinking as the information began to sink in.

Sasuke and Jugo's jaws hit the ground 'never saw that coming!' Jugo thought glancing from Karin to Suigetsu.

"I..." Karin whispered hoarsely looking away. She turned on her heel, running passed Sasuke and Jugo and disappeared into the forest.

"Karin!" Sasuke yelled going after her but was stopped by Suigetsu who said "I'll get her, stay here!"

A simple nod from Sasuke and Suigetsu continued after her, as he disappeared into the forest Sasuke sighed. "We'll wait here until they come back Jugo"

Jugo nodded and the two of them sat down, 'come back with her soon Suigetsu, I don't want to be board waiting' thought Jugo as he glanced at the sky.

-And so the chase began! -

Me: sigh, 1st chappie, DONE WHOOP!XD

Sasuke: yea, yea, big whoop, doesn't really matter, you made me weird!

Karin: You make me vomit, karxsui sucks 0-o

Suigetsu: wraps arms around Karin's waist what's wrong Kari-chan, to shy #0#?!

Karin: blushes GET OFF ME, PERVERT!

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Sasuke: yeaaaa, riiight, anyway, r&r or ells I'll come after you with a Spatula:)

Karin Suigetsu Meh and Jugo: "spatula"?!

Sasuke... JUST DO IT PPL!