Ah! Please don't hurt me! O.O I know I'm still writing the other two, but, uh, it's all the plot bunny's fault! Anyway, I've already posted this story on a different website and the people there seemed to like it, so, yeah. Here you go! I'll be working on this one until I get over my writer's block.


Chapter 1

It was around 3 o' clock in the morning, and Splinter was awoken from his sleep by the sound of what could've been mistaken as thunder coming from the living room in his home. He slowly opened his eyes, which was a little hard to do because of the crust that tried to keep them shut, and found himself in his bedroom surrounded by the darkness which came with night time, or in this case, early morning. Taking a deep breath, he sat up in his small, rectangular bed and stretched in an attempt of waking up a little before going to see what had woken him in the first place. He pulled the sheets off his furry legs and swung his feet off the edge of the bed and slipped on his slippers. He then walked over to the wall to his left and took an unlit candle from the corner of the room's table which was covered with many candles and different scents of incsence. Once he had litten it, he quietly strode out into the living room area to finally solve the case of these mysterious noises.
When Splinter saw what had been causing the noise, he shook his head in dissappointment. Two of his four sons, Leonardo and Raphael, were rolling around on the cold stone floor fighting and wrestling. They both weighed about 180 pounds, so when the rolled around or threw each other onto the ground, it would make a loud, thunderous noise. After a moment of observation, Splinter turned on the living room lights, and the two fighters froze instantly. Their eyes darted to the circuit - breaker box and they saw their father/sensei, Splinter, standing beside it releasing the lever. The older turtle, Leonardo, hurried to get off of his brother and kneel before their Master. Raphael did the same. Splinter took a few steps forward and stood before them before asking, "What is going on here, Leonardo?"
Crap, Leonardo thought to himself. Now I have to give an explanation for his actions...but what else is new? Leonardo raised his head to look into Splinter's brown, tired, powerful eyes before answering. "Raphael was trying to sneak out again, Sensei." Raphael shot his blue clad brother a look before hissing, "Snitch." Leonardo retorted with a, "Pee brain." Then they began to go back and forth. Insult after insult until Splinter raised a paw to silence them. Fortunatley for the tired old rat, it worked. His sons faced their Master once more. Now that Splinter finally had their attention, it was time to begin the lecturing part of the fight.
"Raphael, is what your brother speaks of true? Have you again attempted to sneak out?" Raphael's eyes were not looking at Splinter anymore. They were fixed on the stone wall behind Splinter. He mumbled his reply, but Splinter said that he could not hear him. Now tired and frustrated, Raphael raised his voice. "Yes! I tried to sneak out!" Splinter's eyes softened a bit. "Why, my son?" Raphael's expression also softened. "I just needed some air." "You could have told someone, my son." "Well I tried to tell mister fearless leader, over there, but he wouldn't let me out!" Raphael motioned his hands to Leonardo as if saying, "See? I told you!" Leonardo glared at him. "Well, how could I be sure you weren't going out to go and bash some skulls, or go to one of those bars?" Splinter ;aid a paw on Leonardo's shoulder. "You must trust your brother on his word, Leonardo. How can we remain a family if there is no trust?" Leonardo just lowered his gaze to the floor he was kneeling on, and Splinter withdrew his hand to turn to Raphael.
"Raphael, you may go out for some air, but I want you back here by seven, do you understand?" Raphael nodded his head once solemnly. "Yes, Sensei. Thank you, Sensei." He stood, and Leonardo watched him walk away. Before he left the lair, Raphael looked at his brother with a flash of a triumphant look on his face. Leonardo glared and shook his head when Raph was gone. Hot head, Leonardo thought to himself as he continued to kneel on the floor. Splinter Junior, Raphael thought to himself as he ran through the sewer pipes.