I'll Give You Everything That I Am Chapter 1

Cristina woke up realizing she fell asleep on her daughter's room. Her daughters, Denise and Czarina, are out on a camping trip. They always want to attend before classes starts. She decided to read Mer's letter alone cause Mer warned her it's about something her family didn't know.

As she read the letter, her hands started to trigger as well as her tears try to form in her eyes again. It says that Burke will be visiting Seattle Grace Hospital.

It's been 12 years since Burke left her at the altar. Her life became a mess for a moment, until she pulled herself up with the help and support of her friends. She lived her life to become the best surgeon.

Her life became even more meaningful when she found out that she's pregnant. At first, she didn't want them cause she doesn't have any idea how to raise them, she didn't want to raise them alone for she is afraid of turning out like her mother, and most importantly she never wanted her children to grow up like her without a father. She knows Burke would be jumping for you if he found out but thought she'll never give him a chance.

Giving life to her twins is one of the hardest things she have experience in her life and one of the most hurtful for Burke isn't there to hold her hand.

When her children are three, she transferred to Mercy West. Meredith disagreed with her leaving but she reason out that she wants to have a fresh start where everything could not trigger her to remember Burke.

Her anger never subsided, it became worst added with jealousy and hatred when she heard George telling Izzie that Burke got married to an Elizabeth Smith.

George just heard the Chief telling Shepherd about Burke. He planned to tell Mer, Alex, and Izzie, before telling Cristina, but she's so sneaky those days. Noticing how odd George was because he's so nice when she's being mean to him, and when throwing him insults.