Chapter 6

Way back to their hotel

The dinner with Meredith is too wearing. As she watch her daughters sleep at the back of her car, it is really obvious that they have fun being with Meredith. The tiredness is all over there face and now they're drifted to a far away place.

It's been so long since Cristina chat and ate with Meredith. She can't even remember the last time she did it with Mer, Alex, Iz, and George. She can't believe that George slept with Izzie but chose Callie instead. Izzie was more of on her own. Well Meredith is Meredith. Of course! What do you expect? She is married to Derek with one daughter. Alex is… the thing she didn't expect the most. Alex followed Addison. Meredith told her that Alex is so troubled when Addison left and just realize that he wants her. Alex was back he mentioned he saw Addison but they don't know if she agreed to have a relationship with him. Oh, she can't wait to torture him. Cristina laughed at herself at the thought of it.

Suddenly Burke flashed into her mind. Distraught she thought of how she is going to hide the children from him. She's sure Burke would want to have a right to be with his children in case he founds out about them.

Burke's Apartment

Burke was sitting on the table trying to understand things. The conversation with Joe is quite surprising. He doesn't know where to start and how he love to see Cristina and be okay with her at least and with their daughters thrown to the mix. "Daughters, I have daughters? Why did Cristina keep this secret from me? What will my daughters think of me? How will I explain myself to them, to me because of my hideous stupidity? I know she hates me and more over would even want me to die for living her at the altar but why did she have to raise them only as her own. I shouldn't have left her… I shouldn't have left her!" Burke throws hard his left hand on the table. He tried to control his anger and while looking at his hand, he remembered his tremors. How Cristina took care of him? How she did her best to stick with him, to not whine because of his conditions, to change all of her to make him happy so that he wouldn't leave her but in the end, despite all what she did he left her.

"I know what to do." Burke ran off his apartment as if an avalanche was about to hit him.

Meredith decided to shower to lessen her stress. As she came out, a candle lit dinner appeared at her sight which weren't there when she got there. She played a smile on her face thinking it must be Derek and Samantha their daughter who is the 3 years younger with Denise and Czarina.

"Welcome back mom!" Samantha hurried to hug her. "Why do you look so tired?"

"Oh, it's because I met my bestfriend her daughters which you will too. I want you to be there friends. Okay?" Meredith excitedly told her without noticing Derek watching them from her back.

Derek surprised her when he hugged her. "So, how is Cristina and her little Cristina's? What is there name?"

"It's Denise and Czarina."

"Well, does she have plans on telling Burke? You know they'll meet again." Derek wanted to tell Burke but Meredith made him promised.

"I don't know just don't tell him anything. If he needs to know, Cristina is should be the one to tell him." Meredith held Derek's shoulders very concerned. She knows that Burke and Derek are just like Meredith and Cristina. They are like each other's person.

"Who's Burke mom?" Samantha butted in.

"Honey, Burke use to be a doctor in Seattle Grace. He is a close friend." Derek persuaded her daughter to her room.

"Just like your father he is a great doctor but with hearts. Goodnight sweetie." Meredith kissed Samantha on her forehead then settled on the chair waiting for Derek to accompany her.