Sakura stood there emotionless hoping she would wake up. She would not cry because it wasn't real… No, it just couldn't be real. Life can't be this cruel.

Or can it? She thought to herself. No, no, no, no please no, no. She begged an imaginary force to let her go back but she knew it wouldn't happen. She couldn't have stopped what had just happened in the state her body was in but still, she felt like she could have. I should have pushed my self to keep fighting; I shouldn't have been so…so weak. She pushed away all of the pink hair that fell into her face. She was still feeling impassive, this didn't seem like reality to her. She tried to stand up. Her metal battle finally ceased as the truth dawned on her, this was real.

Her muscles went completely limp as her attempt to stand up failed. She felt so weak. Sakura dropped onto her knees, and then completely fell over. As her face hit the ground it stung and burned my open wounds and flesh. Finally the emotional blankness broke and she cried. The tears slowly dripped from her face onto the cold ground. She silently cried as she realized her world was ruined.

Those people who I loved and cared for and had known for so many years were dead in front of me. And me, the one who was too weak to carry on and fight, the one who lives? It made no sense. I hate this feeling...No I hate myself…It was my entire fault and I had to be the one to live. Shouta hit the back of her neck hard causing her to slip into unconsciousness.

Sakura awoke in the hospital with several bandages applied to her legs, face and arms. Several deep slashes were cut across her upper arms from the poisoned kunai thrown at her during the battle. It wasn't funny, yet she almost laughed thinking she survived. She tried to get out of her bed, but failed and fell onto her knees hitting the wooden floor with a loud thump.

"Sakura!" Shizune's voice rang in Sakura's head and pierced through the silence that that engulfed the room.

The door slid open quickly. Shizune entered and immediately helped Sakura to her feet and onto the bed.

"Are you alright Sakura?" Shizune talked very slowly and somewhat quietly. She was slightly disgruntled over what happened. Her voice lingered in the air like a heavy perfume: strong and enduring.


It was late at night and Sakura was on the outskirts of the village, walking in the cold and crisp fall air.

Suddenly, Sakura sensed a presence of people behind her. She turned around but no one was visible. As she turned back around to resume walking, her eyes met with two ninja, many yards away. They were obviously not from the Hidden Leaf Village. The two men wore matching black pants and dark blue shirts with a symbol she had never seen before. Both ninjas lacked a forehead protector making it difficult to identify from which village they had come.

"Hey little girl, shouldn't you been in bed at this hour?" one of the ninja called to her. Sakura was unaffected by his insult. His disrespect, which she would not usually receive as Tsunade's apprentice, signified they were unfriendly.

The ninja that spoke to her seemed slightly shorter than 6 feet. He looked about 20 years old. He had messy light hair that was somewhat long for a male. He had extremely bright green eyes. They looked as if they glowed in the dim but prevailing light of the moon, which was hidden behind a few scattered clouds. He had very defining features that made him somewhat handsome. Despite this though, there was a certain darkness of character that emitted from him. It was as if his very soul was tainted.

"I said, shouldn't you been in bed!" he said as he ran at her so fast that he almost seemed inhuman.

Immediately, Sakura collect chakra into her fist and punched the ground letting it all go. Rocks came throttling from the ground in effects like an earthquake. The effects from the punch hit him hard causing him to fly backward.

He landed on his back hitting the ground. The light haired ninja frowned. Sakura apparently did some damage to him.

The second ninja spoke, "Pretty good. For a little girl" he said with a twisted smirk. His voice was cold and uncomfortable like freezing metal.

This man had very defining features too although he was not nearly as handsome as the light haired ninja. He had very dark and cold eyes that looked lifeless and empty. His hair was an orange-brown color; it was kind of electrifying, and almost refreshing. Certainly different than most colors you come across. Regardless of this, his hair did not seem to match his personality. He looked about 25 or at the very least, he looked older then the first ninja. He was also mildly taller.

The orange haired ninja looked as if he was about to attack so Sakura collected more chakra into her hand. He then formed several hand signs very quickly and then he vanished in a puff of smoke. Trying to keep her eyes on the light haired ninja, she scanned the surrounding area for the ninja that seemed to disappear. She noticed no changes in the environment as he appeared behind her. His partner had a smirk at her confused face.

Before Sakura had a chance to turn around or prepare herself, he grabbed her right wrist. He then spun her around and threw her with a lot of force toward his partner. His partner jumped into the air and threw several kunai at her. Sakura quickly rolled out of the way and stood up. He threw another round of kunai at her so she jumped out of the way again. This time when he threw his kunai he threw some at her feet with several exploding notes attached to them.

Sakura once again dodged the round of kunai, this time landing on the ground for a moment to catch her breath. He got ready to throw more kunai at her when the orange haired ninja ran at her. He tried to kick her in the back to stop her from dodging when she turned around, and quickly grabbed his foot. Sakura pulled and set him off balance then kicked him with her right leg. He fell onto the ground in pain. One of the men threw a kunai to puncture the skin on her right arm Sakura then turned around to charge at him.

The kunai had had a numbing poison on it, which Sakura began to feel as her arm started to go completely numb. It was useless now, hindering Sakura's attack power.

The ninja with the orange hair was standing now, and once again going to attack. Sakura readied herself by collecting some of her remaining chakra into her fist once again. This time she ran at him with her left fist and then jumped into the air. She was aiming and it looked as if she was going to hit him perfectly.

Sakura hit him squarely in the chest. He went flying backward many yards from impact before finally landing. He was weakened immensely, as he had difficulty standing. He was now tremendously irritated. Sakura smirked in his direction. He immediately realized she was not as weak as they joked prior to this point. The ninja that threw kunai was genuinely surprised.

She once again charged at the orange haired ninja ready to try and end this fight when the light haired ninja jumped in front of him. She readied herself to attack, when suddenly he ran toward her and caught her in the stomach. She fell backward and hit the ground hard but the resulting damage was not nearly as bad as what Sakura inflicted upon the orange haired ninja.

The white haired ninja started throwing his poison covered kunai again but when she dodged them she had not realized one had an exploding note attached to it. It exploded catching Sakura in the blast. She fell to the ground but landed on her feet. He sneered at her as she breathed deeply trying to catch her breath. Sakura's foot hurt because of the explosion, but she still stood up and tried to continue on fighting. She regained her strength for a moment and was about to run at the white haired ninja again when something grabbed her foot.

The pain seared in Sakura's foot as he pulled and she fell to the ground. The man kicked her as she had done to him before. He almost exactly repeated what she did to him. Expect, this time Sakura got up and took him on in taijutsu. Her moves, though more blunt than intricate were certainly giving him a challenge. His moves, more swift and graceful were standing up against her just as well.

They were locked in battle when Sakura got an opening and swept his feet in a kick powered with chakra. He fell to the ground hard and when she was about to finish him off she felt several sharp pains in her legs and back. The white haired had stabbed her with his poisoned weapons. As the poison started taking affect, she heard laughter behind her as she fell to the ground.

"Damn it!" Sakura said as she completely lost control of her limbs and fell on her stomach.

End of Flashback (flashback to be continued)