"Sakura…Sakura…Sakura!" Shizune's voice cut through her recall of the battle. Her voice became increasingly louder. She started sounding more like herself.

"Shizune, what happened?"

"What do you mean?"

"What happened to Naruto and Kakashi?"

"Oh…err… you don't remember?"

"No! What happened, Shizune!" Sakura was becoming annoyed.

"They were kidnapped two nights ago. You were found in the rain yesterday morning unconscious." She paused, she seemed as if she didn't want to go on. It was if it was painful to do so.

"You were found with a note next to you. It said it was a gift to the village that you were spared. It also said that they kidnapped Kakashi and Naruto. If anyone tries to save them it said that they will 'take back their gift' and-"

"So they're not dead?" Sakura said confused yet happy,

Shizune nodded her head once.

"I know who the two men are that took Kakashi and Naruto! What is the village doing about this? Are we going after them?" Sakura said becoming increasingly worked up.

"Well, Tsunade-sama said as soon as you were better they would consider putting together a team to go after them. We know it was Hiroto and Shouta from Ayaka Island that took them. The poison we found in your blood stream confirmed this."

"I'm conscious now, Tsunade-sama can put together a team. I will get Naruto and Kakashi back." Sakura said confidently.

"Well… um…Sakura, Tsunade-sama wasn't waiting until you were better so you could be on the team to get them back. She was waiting for more information and in the case that they attacked the village again, looking for you, you would be prepared." Shizune replied with regret in her voice.

"What!" Sakura yelled at her outraged "She doesn't want me to be on the team? Well, I don't care. I am going to be part of getting them back. It was my fault that they were captured and I won't tell them down!"

"I you feel so strongly I guess you can talk to her. I wouldn't expect much, though"

"Alright" Sakura said standing up, though it hurt. She walked out of the room and headed out of the building to find the Hokage.

As Sakura walked quickly to the Hogake's tower she was trying to ignore the pain she was enduring. Her legs stung with each stride she took. Several people stared at her as she walked down the road.

"Yeah I heard she was almost killed by a sound ninja"… a short nearby boy whispered to his equally small friend. When they noticed Sakura looking at them their faces turned red and they looked embarrassed.

Sakura just continued walking until she arrived at the tower. She knocked very loudly on her door.

"Come in" She called from within the room. Sakura opened the door and entered.

"Ahh, Sakura, how pleasant to see you walking and conscious agai-"

Before she could finish Sakura cut her off and began yelling, "How can you expect me to just sit around while Naruto and Kakashi are captured somewhere? It was partially my fault on top of that. I want to help retrieve them!"

"Sakura." She replied tonelessly, "They already had the chance to kill you and you are in no condition to travel so far anyway. I forbid you to join them. Just stay here, I am confident the team I put together with help get them back."

"No. I can't just stay here! Please Tsunade-sama, please let me join them. Besides, I know their attack patterns and I could be useful as a medic-nin." Sakura's voice became aggravated with Tsunade's continuous objections to letting her go.

She sighed. "There is no convincing you, is there?"

"No. If you do not give me permission, I will be forced to go without it." Sakura replied with a steady and deceiving tone.

Tsunade sighed again. "Hmm. Alright, you have permission to go. The team is leaving in three days. Lee, Tenten, Hinata, and Neji will accompany you on this mission." She said seeming too overwhelmed with paperwork to argue with her anymore.

"We will get them back, Tsunade." She looked at the Hokage with a strong face.

"I know you guys will Sakura. As long as you do not drag the team down with your injuries you will probably be a lot of help. I have faith in you."