Hinata was using her Byakugan in an attempt to figure out where Itachi was without looking him in the eye.

"A Hyuuga." Itachi said impassively looking at Hinata's eyes.

Hinata remained silent and focused. She couldn't hear him move but she could sense his chakra presence to her left. She got into a stance and readied herself to attack.

Itachi was planning on eliminating her quickly and then killing the pink haired girl. He did not plan on Naruto waking up, which he started to do, catching Itachi off guard. While he was partially distracted Hinata quickly ran up to him until he was in her range and quickly performed gentle fist style.

"Eight Trigrams Sixty-Four Palms" she said and executed the attack. "Two, four, eight, sixteen-"

She was just successfully closing off his charka points in his arms when Itachi kicked her, knocking her into the air backward. Itachi ran toward her. Hinata was about to land but she was unable to evade him. She landed as he punched her in the stomache. She fell forward and right before she hit the ground Naruto caught her.

Naruto looked at Itachi's feet with a hateful glare; unable to look up by chance he would get caught in a genjustu. Naruto was far from in full health. In his last battle he sustained injuries that weren't fully healed and using Kyuubi's charka so much took a toll on his body. He had no idea how was going to fight Itachi while he was so weak and alone.

It immensely angered Naruto to think Itachi almost hurt Hinata. Naruto thought of her as so delicate and pretty. He hating thinking Itachi had hurt her.

Still, he made sure to keep calm. He did not want to lose control again.

Performing his signature move, Naruto brought his arms up into the correct hand sign. A large amount of shadow clones poofed into existence. They brashly attacked Itachi not giving him a chance to attack, only defend. While he was taking on the clones Naruto quickly ran over to Sakura to see if she was alright. She was barely injured but unconscious. He laid Hinata next to Sakura and planned on stalling until someone could come help him.

There was no way he could move both unconscious girls by himself in his injured state. He looked over to Itachi carefully. Most of his clones were gone which meant he had to come up with another distraction, and quickly. He was running out of charka which meant he had fewer options of distraction. He couldn't really fight and he accepted it, though it was hard. He couldn't leave Hinata or Sakura alone, either.

He was completely consumed in his thoughts when someone grabbed his shoulder from behind. He had hoped it was Neji or Tenten coming to assist him but he had not sensed either of them. He looked over to where Itachi previously was and he was gone.

He almost turned around but stopped himself immediately. He cursed himself for letting himself get consumed but his thoughts.

He tried to jump forward but before he could Itachi roughly spun him around and lifted his head toward him.

Luckily, Naruto thought to close his eyes. Closing his eyes gave an advantage for the second but as soon as he needed to move he would have to open them.

He jumped backward with his eyes closed hitting the ground without any hindrance. When he opened his eyes he immediately made a large mass of shadow clones once again.

He sent three to guard the girls and hid a few in the surrounding forest. He then formed a Rasengan and charged where he sensed Itachi.

Sakura stirred and opened her eyes. She first noticed that Hinata was lying next to her and then she saw Naruto charging Itachi with a Rasengan.

Hinata suddenly awoke sitting up straight. She blinked at Sakura and stood up quickly. Naruto hit Itachi dead on.

There was a poof and the Itachi Naruto had hit was a shadow clone. Naruto breathed out in frustration and impatiently turned around.

Naruto felt like Itachi was just playing with him. He was running out of options. He noticed Hinata was awake.

"Hinata-chan!" Naruto called to her. She nodded and ran over to him. "I need you to go help Neji and Tenten. When you guys are done bring them here because I don't know how much longer I can hold him off. Bring Sakura with you; I need you guys out of harm's way."

He paused and contemplated what to say next, "maybe all of us could take him on…I'll keep stalling, for now."

She was about to retort but she decided against it because with Naruto it was difficult to argue. She nodded again. She was much less timid around him than she used to be. Hinata wished she could say something comforting but couldn't think of the right words.

She glanced at him one last time and then sprinted to Sakura. Hinata relayed what Naruto told her and they jumped off into the trees.

Naruto once again tried to figure out where Itachi was without looking. He sensed no presence and it worried him. He was running out of charka now so his next attack really needed to count.

He listened intently and his results were nothing. He felt one of his clones dispel and ran toward the area where he felt it. When he got there he felt Itachi's presence and was about to attack when it got closer. Itachi ran toward Naruto at an impossible speed and grabbed the back of his head. Naruto didn't have a chance to close his eyes and was soon staring into the Mangekyou Sharingan.

Suddenly his world turned to black and red. He was tied to a post. He looked up to see Kakashi on the ground, dead. Then, he saw Sakura walk over to him with a kunai in her hand. She began stabbing him. Hinata then joined her, along with Sasuke, Tsunade, and eventually everyone he cared about. Each of his attackers talked about him being a worthless monster. He felt his eyes get wet from the horrible feeling overcoming him. Physically, his body hurt so bad he wanted to jump out of his body to escape the unbearable pain. This repeated for hours upon hours.

Finally he felt himself escape from the horrible world as he fell to the ground a mess. He felt weak mentally, physically and his chakra was almost depleted. He felt Kyuubi stirring to get out but he fought this he couldn't survive anymore of the malicious chakra.

He wanted to give up and just be defeated. Naruto wanted nothing more but he would not give up. He never gave up. He was not starting now.

Itachi stood quietly watching him struggle. He was surprised he was even conscious after what he had just experienced but he knew that he would not last much longer.

Naruto resisted the desire to give into the blackness fighting to take over his eyes.

Itachi was about to step in and just knock him out when Neji suddenly jumped in the way of Naruto. He stood there with several minor cuts.

"Kisame was defeated?" Itachi asked with his usual dispassionate voice.

Neji spared him no answer and got into a stance while he was doing this Tenten, who was on a tree behind Itachi unseal some of her weapons and ruthlessly threw them at Itachi who was contemplating his situation.

He just needed to grab Naruto and go. Leader would be angry enough when he found out Kisame was defeated. Itachi was weakened from using the Mangekyou and needed to recover. He jumped into the forest.

He decided he was not going to run away but instead distract the hindrances.

He formed a simple clone and had to run out of the forest and attack the leader of the group, Neji.

While this was taking place he quickly went to grab the container of the Kyuubi when a certain female white eyed Hyuuga interfered. She stepped in front of Naruto and got into the Gentle Fist stance. Itachi was in no position to take him on so he fled.

Hinata relaxed a bit and when over to the unconscious Naruto.

She stroked his hair gently and sighed hoping he was to be okay.