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Before Ron rejoins Harry and Hermione.

"Blasted children...why do they not act normal and misstep for Salazar's sake! If I have to endure another moment of this repugnant 'sack' once more, I shall give him a scene worthy of my banshee of a descendant!"

A jolt and the disembodied voice stilled; an aura of what might have been anticipation drew up before falling flat moments later as nothing happened. Unfortunately this had been the sequence for many a week and still the complaints echoed.

One ought to wonder where this drawling voice was coming from as it spat words no one else could hear. A voice that was correct in its description of its current habitat - a cramped and cluttered space - wherein said habitat seemed impossible to exist. The bare walls and no noticeable bottom or ceiling shifted in the darkness by a source unknown as the voice continued to rant on a variety of topics that went completely unanswered in the darkness; everything from ignorant relatives to little brats in general to irritating headmasters and why none of them could leave its 'self' in peace.

Another lurch from somewhere nudged an assortment of items from one side to the next. It seemed as though this unidentified space was filled with either books or weird objects all packed together in a manner that would surely hinder the owner from finding anything.

The voice cut off quite suddenly upon the appearance of a shaft of semi-bright light filtering through what might have been a door in the ceiling...then again it might have been the bottom for all anyone could tell. Simultaneously, the space filled with soft sounds that were much different from the tenor that previously occupied the space. The voice grew quiet in anticipation, praying (though the voice would coldly deny such a phrase if asked) for success. More objects rumbled and fell as other objects, including something that looked suspiciously like a shrunken tent, were taken by a slim hand through the ceiling slash door. The mysterious hand made quite a few rounds amongst the space, upsetting much of the previous 'order' and causing a number of silent prejudiced curses to leave the increasingly annoyed voice's 'lips'. In short, the usual.

And better yet...the brief flurry of activity halts, the door in the ceiling closes and a very unpopular - ''very'' irate - portrait is left in the dark once more, with a decidedly lacking cauldron of information.

Why!, Our revealed portrait was a decidedly unhappy man, err painting. Conversely, most would say he never seemed particularly happy in life either but then the majority were probably people who had crossed him or whom he who can tell. Now in death, his existence reduced to two sheets of magical canvass, was it any wonder he became even snider than before? Presently, his main anguish reverberated from the knowledge that he had a duty to perform - duty because he was bound to do as the current Headmaster ordered (1) - and was thus far unable to complete it. Through no fault of his own, he might add!

Time passed with only darkness and the occasional jolts of movement to show. The male portrait activated and deactivated itself intermittently with little success, and more time passed.

Finally on an afternoon that could have been as dreary as a graveyard or as bright as a summer day, the portrait could only guess, it happened!

A flurry of non-chaotic activity disturbed the small glade wherein two people had suddenly appeared as if by magic. It was unlikely, given the location, that anyone would be disturbed by their sudden presence but the small smattering of wildlife certainly was.

One of the people, a female, slung a small beaded bag off her shoulder while her companion finished securing the glade.

"All done Harry?" the female voice asked as she opened up her charmed bag.

"Yeah all done" the male sighed, and with only a hint of his usual curiosity, "Where are we this time?"

The female was just in the process of pulling their trusty tent from her beaded bag as she distractedly replied "Hmm...Oh...the Forest of Dean, Gloucestershire".


With a burst of sudden eagerness the listening portrait hurried into his second canvas in the Headmaster's study in Hogwarts with the news,

"Headmaster! They are camping in the Forest of Dean! The Mudblood -"

"Do not use that word!"

"- the Granger girl, then, mentioned the place as she opened her bag and I heard her!"

"Good. Very good!" cried the portrait of Dumbledore behind the Headmaster's chair. "Now Severus, the sword!"

(1) I cannot remember where exactly, or even, which book this titbit occurs.

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