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Chapter 1: Dumbledore's delema, the Burrow, and Diagon-ally

At Hogwarts Witchcraft and Wizardry, headmaster Dumbledore was sitting at his desk and sighed to himself. He specificlly told the Dursleys to keep Harry locked up in thier house during the summer. Everything was going to plan until Dumbledore himself went to number 4 Privet Drive to snatch up Harry to take him to the Burrow. When he got there, Dumbledore found the house in shambles, the Dursleys missing and most importantly, Harry Potter was gone. He even sent an owl to Draco's home where the Malfoy's mansion was. He was hoping that Draco took Harry to the mansion for the rest of the summer, but when the owl came back with the letter unopened, Dumbledore knew something was wrong. Ever since the school year ended, he realized that the Soul-Phere and the key to the Makai went missing. While he was thinking this, a knock on the office door disrupted his thoughts.

"Come in" he replied

The door opened to a man that resembled Dante Sparda. He was waring a dark blue coat instead of a blood red one.

Dumbledore spoke, "Ah Mr. Sparda how was your trip?"

The man looked at the headmaster and spoke in a darkish voice, "Cut the grandfatherly act Dumbledore. I got what you want." As he said this, he pulled out a book out of one of the pockets of his trenchcoat and tossed it onto the desk.

Dumbledore looked down toward the said item and smiled. He then looked back up at the visitor. "How hard was it in getting this?"

The being replied, "If you classify Hard as totally mutalating a bunch of stupid human wizards you call aurors, then you would know they were nothing more than a simple workout to me."

"Interesting, would you be willing to guard the book and the child it will came to possess?

With a eyebrow raised the figure had to ask, "What would a headmaster of a magic school want one of the students to be possessed for?"

Dumbledore merly gave a laugh and revieled the reason for it. "I mearly have plans for the being trapped inside the book and those plains are not for you to understand." Then with a smile he bid the man farewell.

After ten minutes after getting out of Hogwarts then to an ally in the small town of Hogsmede, the man walked torward an area infested by shadows. When arriving in the area, a voice spoke to him, "What is the reason the headmaster wanted Riddle's diary?"

The man looked in a general direction to ware the voice was comming from and spoke, "The old man did not tell me much except he appearently has plains for the soul peace inside the diary."

The voice spoke again, "We need that spirit with us. You''ll have to appear some how in the chamber and retrive it when the time is right."

When the man was about to leave, the voice cut in saying, "Oh! and Vergil, don't fail our master. You know he doesn't like failers."

As the voice spoke this, Vergil looked at his chest were a long scar was and remembered how it was like having ones soul split in half leaving one half in side the body and the other in someone elses hands. And with a final nod, he set off.

After getting every one together, Morrigan and her crew of marry misfits left the comfort of the Aensland castle and head torward the second gate leading to the Wizarding world to get ready for a new school year. As they steped up to the gate, Morrigan looked torward the group and asked if they were missing any thing. When the group shook the heads, she noded and used the gate key.

The gate opened to a dark purple color that began swirlling around inside the gate's door allowing access to the Wizarding world.

The group soon walked through the gate and appeared on the other side. Just near the enterance of the area where the gate was, Morrigan stopped and asked Sirius who desided to tag along, where they were going to stay. Then Sirius looked at her and said with his simple little mind, "The Burrow of course!"

With a few teleporting stops and a few bathroom brakes later, the group appeared in front of the Burrow. The Burrow in general, looked like a bunch of badly put together rooms stacked on top of rooms with five chimneys sticking out. All together, it looked homey.

When the group walked up the front yard, Molly Weasley came up to them. "Sirius! It's so good to see you again." she said smiling

"True! So wonderfully true!" With a couple of blinks, Sirius again spoke, "Also it's good to see you as well."

Morrigan desided just before the two started up another conversation to ask, "I don't mean to enterruped this lovely coversation but are we going to be going in to the house?

Molly looked the group and gasped, "I am so sorry! Now where are my manners...

Sirius smirked and said, "In your other shoes!"

With that going on, those who had a sweatdrop saw the Weasley twins in the door way with a sign in thier hands saying, "Enter but Beware" and got a even bigger sweatdrop but entered the house while the adults argued.

Inside the Burrow, the kids desided to follow the twins up the stairs. When the group arrived, the twins turned to them and spoke in no particular order.

"Since Ron is still sour about being sent to Slytherin."

"we are going to stay in his room."

"while both Harry and Draco can use ours."

"And no, we did not forget the both of you (pointing to Anita and Lilith) Spoke Fred."

George spoke, "The both of you are going to be bunking."

"with our sister Ginny. Finished Fred"

Anita spoke for the both of them saying that they were fine with the arangements. The groups then lead themselves into the rooms they were staying in.

When arriving in Ginny's room, two extra beds appeared. But on closer inspection, what seemed like two beds was actually one giant one. Just when Anita was about to ask about it, Mrs. Weasley appeared in the doorway and told them that even though there was a spell that could expand the room for two individual beds, the problem with that was if they did that spell on Ginny's room or any other room past the second floor the spell would of had a really high rate of causing the other enchantments put on the house to go haywire and possibly collapse.

Ginny finished what her mother was saying to them, "In other words the house is maxed out on putting inchantments on it which includes the inside of the house as well."

Lilith look at the bed then at Anita and then again back to the bed and thought :I'm putting up the barrier in the middle of the bed.:

Anita she saw that Lilith was looking at her from the corner of her eyes and quickly read her thoughts. Her right eye twitched in annoyance when she heard the comment. She quickly made a link with Lilith's mind then spoke loud and clear.

:You! Are not making the barrier in the middle of the bed, I am going to do it! I don't trust you to do it! You would probably make it weaker or shut it off in the middle of the night or something.:

Lilith spoke back through the link:What? You don't like being snuggled?:

Anita whose eyes boulged out, looked at her with a scared face and replied: The only thing I snuggle with are my covers!: She then closed the link and walked out with Mrs. Weasley to help with preparing the table.

Lilith look at her with eyebrow up and thought with a sing song voice:Shes in denial. I'll wait a couple of years till then...or should I? (she said smiling in her mind).:

Ginny who looked at the entire scene and thought back to what her brothers Fred and George said about those two.

From what she could remember from the conversation was that the twins said that Lilith was a demon that had a similar affect to a Veela and she likes to flirt and teese Anita occasionally. She remembered also that Anita does one of two things when Lilith acts like that. One: acts calm and yet aggitated or Two: Freaking out while having a look that said that she was unsure about it. But both Ginny's brothers as well as her agree on one thing.

Lilith turned around after testing the bed matteress and saw Ginny there looking at her.

Ginny spoke, "Anita is in denial." As soon as Ginny said that, she began to walk down stairs but stopped and spoke again to Lilith, "I am smarter than I look so don't be surprised at finding out that I know those type of things." She then walked out.

Lilith looked at the spot Ginny once was at and thought:At least I'm not the only one who thinks that.:

Down stairs, every one began to settle down in a seat at the table. The table was filled with all kinds of food and as soon as they were about to eat, Ron Weasley walked it to the room. When Ron looked at the guest his eyes fell on Draco, and he began to yell.

"What the bloody hell is Malfoy doing here!?"

Draco looked at him and spoke sarcasticlly, "Actually Ron, I am a Potter not a Malfoy. So please take that stick thats up your arse and go somewhere else with it."

Ron looked like his head was a tomato when he suddenly exploded with another remark, "Bull! Once a Malfoy always a Malfoy!

At this the room went silent and Mr. Weasly told Ron, "Ron, Shut Up!"

When Ron told his father "No", Draco looked pleading with Mrs. Weasly. She looked at Draco and said aloud "Fine, just this once!"

Draco quickly thanked her and walked up to Ron. Next thing that was heard, was a whack! sound. Every one soon saw Ron knowked out cold on the floor.

After a moment, everything went back to the way it was. After breakfast, Sirius went to ask Morrigan a question.

"Hey um Morrigan...I got a question to ask."

"Oh! Really, What is it you wanted to ask?"

"I need help getting a portrait off the wall in my house and I was wondering if you could help?"

Morrigan remembered a section in one of the books about Sirius's mother's annoying portrait and quickly agreed.

As soon as they were about to set off to the "House of Black", Lilith made another one of her comments, "Morrigan, Sirius! No doggie stuff now."

When both of them heard that comment, Sirius tripped on the rug and fell face first onto the floor while Morrigan caught her foot on the same rug but remained standing. With a quick turn of the head, Morrigan sent Lilith a death glare then said, "We will talk later!"

After dragging Sirius out the door, Morrigan quickly appologized for her "sister's comment".

Sirius looked at Morrigan and with a wave of his hand he said, "Na It's all right. Besides, that comment was kinda funny and fits her personality. Any way, lets get going!" They soon called a taxi.

After the long drive, they arrived in a nieborhood and walked to the spot where the House of Black was suppossed to be. After showing the note that told the location of the house to Morrigan, a huge house appeared in betweent two other ones.

The two of them soon walked through the front door and into the house. When walking in, a house-elf appeared and got a disturbed look on its face. As soon as it tryed to run, Sirius grabbed it's left arm and said, "Well well well, What do we have here? What do you know, if it isn't Kreacher. Long time no see. Oh and by the way, the damn portrait is going down."

The house elf looked on in horror as the portrait he had faithfully worked for about to be torn down before it's very eyes.

Morrigan who was walking around the the house saw something laying on a table and picked it up. A locket as it appeard to be, was now dangling in her hands. For a brief second she felt a energy coming off of it as well as a peace of a soul inside. She smiled and walked back to Sirius to tell him about it.

As soon as she walked over to where he was, Sirius looked down to see what was in her hand and saw what it was. He then laughed out loud and turned his attention to the stairs.

Morrigan soon turned to look at the stairs as well, but then begain walking torward them just as Sirius was walking at the same time.

When walking into the hallway with the portrait, Morrigan summoned about a hundred bats that quickly came to her and transformed.

Sirius who saw the bats, quickly opened the curtains to reveal the dreaded portrait of Mrs. Black. Just as Mrs. Black was about to start ranting, she saw a huge cannon with what looked liked giant bat wings coming out of the sides pointing straight out at her. She quickly looked to her left and saw Sirius standing there like it was his birthday. Sirius only said one thing to the portrait as his smile widened, "Bye" as he waved and wiped a fake tear off his face. The portrait looked on in horror as the cannon began to power up. Whitish Yellow colored energy filled the cannons barrol and with a huge Booosh!, the cannon fired at the portrait. The only sound withen the house at the next moment was a huge Boom! sound. When the smoke cleared, the spot were the portrait was once at was surprisingly not destroyed.

Sirius looked at Morrigan with a confused look who smiled back at him and spoke, "The surrounding area (house both inside and out, and the back yard) has a spell put on it. The spell was put on to the area to absorb surrounding dark energies from spells, curses, jynxes, Darkstalker type attack etc. What I'm saying is that when absorbed by the spell, the house and yard begin to stock the energy into a sort of containment and reliease it on certain days of certain times of the year. The energy is then realised into the planets orbit harmlessly. This spell inparticular, realises it's energy at least a couple times a month.

Sirius looked at Morrigan for a moment and asked, "How did you know about this particular spell?" She looked at him a moment then replied, "This type of spell is one of the security spells on my castle in the Makai to stop unwanted visitors from bracking in."

Morrigan sighed and began to walk back down the stairs to the fireplace with Sirius soon fallowing behind.

They soon arrived back at the Burrow that day around noon.

At the Burrow, Harry and Draco came down stairs after finally getting half way unpacked as well as through thier summer homework. They came up to the table and sat down.

Mrs. Weasley was cooking lunch when the two of them came down and saw them then asked, "Hello dears, did you finish unpacking into the rooms? With a course of "Yes Mam" she was satisfied and returned to cooking lunch while still talking to them.

Lilith was the next one to come down. She quickly sat down in a chair and begain reading a tomb that she barrowed from the Aensland castle before they left. Harry looked over her shoulder and read the title "Of Barriers and Wards: How to identify, Put up and, take them down." Harry spoke to her making a link:Um hey! Why are reading this book?: Lilith turned around and through the link she said:I was interested in reading it, even though looking back I find it very ironic that I barrowed it from our personal library.: Harry looked quite surprised as his green eyes blinked in shock but quickly regained his composter:Why is barrowing a tomb an ironic thing?: With a response to his question, Lilith quickly told Harry about the barrier that Anita is putting up on the bed that both of them were sharing. At this, Harry recieved a sweatdrop and the only word that came out of his mouth was a very slow sounding, "Rrriiight".

Mrs. Weasley turned around with a tray of food and asked, "Now who's hungry?"

That night when every one was asleep, Lilith who was pretending to be asleep quickly got out of bed and used one of the spells in the tomb that took down the barrier. She then got back into bed and fell asleep peacefully.

The next morning came a little too early for Anita when she woke up, she felt a wierd tug on her body. It took several minuts for her body to register what was holding her down to the bed. At once, her eyes flashed open and with a turn of her head she saw Lilith latched onto her smiling. Lilith's head was laying on the left side of Anita's chest while her arms and legs were wraped around Anita's thighs and waist. Anita's reaction to the situation was as expected...she freaked out, but not out loud though. In her mind, Anita was going over every detail she did before she went to bed up to the point she put up the barrier to sepparate them. She soom realized that the barrier somehow fell in the middle of the night. Anita looked over the side of the bed and saw a tomb laying out of Lilith's trunk and read the title. Her eyes went wide in shock then went back to looking at Lilith who was still sleeping. With a sigh Anita gave in after looking at the clock and saw it was still 5:30 in the morning and fell back to sleep.

As the days followed, the day before the final day to board the train had arrived. Mr. & Mrs. Weasley as well as Morrigan and Sirius brought the kids to Diagon-ally to get this years school supplys. After arriving in the ally, they separated into four different groups.

Sirius: Draco and Harry

Morrigan: Anita and Lilith

Mr. Weasley: Fred and George

Mrs. Weasley: Ron and Ginny

Sirius took Draco and Harry to the wizarding back to get some money from the potter vaults. After arriving at the back, the trio walked in and up to a desk. The goblin at the desk counter looked at the visitors with aggitated eyes. Sirius quickly got the keys out of his back pocket and gave them to him. The goblin look at the keys to make sure they were the real deal and quickly summoned another of it's kind to take the trio down to thier vaults.

While the whole bank thing was going on, Lilith and Anita were dragging Morrigan to Madam Malkin's Robes for all Occasions.

Inside the shop were hundreds of different robes, each with it's own unique since of style.

Anita began walking around the clothing rack of the pre-made robes in the near back of the store. After walking and looking threw them, a dark red robe stuck out like a sore thumb to her. Anita grabbed the item and while walking torward the counter, she spied a black version of the one she had in her hand. After wondering about which one she should buy, she soon got an idea.

Lilith who was having the same problem, soon saw Anita walking torward the dressing room in the back. A smile was soon crossing her lips as she was thinking about what the idea Anita had just had. She soon looked up to the front of the store to look for Morrigan who soon brought up a mental conversation.

:Lilith? Can you hear me?:

:Morrigan? What's wrong?:

:Nothing. I was just wondering if you got that last thought that was projected through your link with Anita.:

:Yes. You mean the one about having our bats copy the looks of the robes? Right?:

:Yes, that one. I'm guessing the mental link on your side is growing faster than the one on Anita's side.:

:Yeah, I can feel it growing stronger. I was just wondering though, why hasn't Anita notice it yet?:

:I can only guess that her mental barriers are slowing it down on her end. But if my hunch is correct though, I't might be the near end of this school year she'll have the link open enough for the both of you to communicate though it.:

:Really? Alright. But, is the link the cause of me to...:

:Lilith! Listen alright. Calm down and don't worry about it for now. If it happens, it happens. Don't rush them.:

:Alright. Um I guess I'll go get what I want now, I'll be back in a couple of minuts.:

:Just be carefull.:


During the time that the girls were shopping or in thier case, copying clothes, Mr. Weasley and the twins had just gotten thier potion supplies and were heading torwards "Flourish and Blotts" to meet up with his wife and her group.

"Arthur...Arthur over here!" said Mrs. Weasley as she waved her right hand in the air to get her husband's attention.

Mr. Weasley look over in the general direction in which his wife's voice was shoutting his name and walked over with the twins.

The twins however were looking over at a man in which they both knew who it was thanks to the book series. The man was non other than Gilderoy Lockheart himself. He was making a speech about how even though he applied for the DADA position at Hogwarts, he wasn't choosen cause someone else had somehow gained the position.

As the group...or what was supposed to be thier group, turned around and saw Sirius and his group. But as soon as Harry got there though, Lockheart saw him and quickly brought him to the front of the crowd.

When they got to the front, Lockheart saw this as an opportunity to "try" to boost his ego and fame even more. Too bad that plain, did go very well. Because as soon as he was about to begin to talk, someone in the crowd yelled, "Let the kid go! FRUITY!"

Everyone in the crowd sepparated from the one who said that comment. From what was left in the middle, stood Dante Sparda in all of his smartass glory. In one hand he was holding a pizza box. While in the other, a pizza slice. He soon begain walking up to the duo in the store.

Lockheart asked, "I beg your pardon? What did you call me?"

"I called you Fruity. But after thinking about though, your more of a Fruitloop."

"I am not a Fruitloop!"

"Yes you are!"

"Not I'm not!"

"Yes you are!"

"No I'm not!"

"Yes you are!"

"No I'm not!"

"No your not!"

"Yes I am!"

Silence soon followed. Dante soon walked out with Harry who soon went back to his Godfather. Dante was laughing to himself and as he was passing the group, Harry heard him say, "What do you know, using Bugs Bunny logic actually worked...maybe I should use it in my next boss fight." Harry was soon thinking:This is going to be a really wierd year.: As he was thinking this, Dante pulled out a pair of head phones that were attached to a demonic energy charged CD player that begain to play. From the passerby's stand point, you could hear the song "Headstrong" blairing from the head phones.

Harry blinked and thought as he saw his soon to be DADA teacher walk down the street of Diagon-ally:Yep, this is going to be a weird but yet long year." He soon looked down at his feet, "Oh! Pizza!" he took the half of pizza that was left in the box and walked off with it.