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Chapter 4: The Date, Party of the Dead, and Blood Stained Walls.

That night, Sirius was sitting in the lounge room on the couch waiting for Morrigan to return from one of the upstairs bedrooms.

Sirius began to get frustrated and thought out loud, "How long does it really take to get ready for a date when you can morph bats into any outfit you want in the matter of seconds?!"

Getting ready of course in Morrigan's case is something that's very sacred. Morrigan was standing in front of a full length mirror so she could look at herself getting dressed.

"Hmm, No not that one." She spoke to herself and quickly gave another mental command to the transformed bats to shape shift yet again. As she was looking at the reflection, she overheard a mental conversation with her bats...

:I can't believe that we have to keep transforming continuously in order for her to find an outfit that suits her fancy just for her to go on a date with a human.:

:Yeah, tell me about it! At least she stopped telling us to shape shift for now. Hey! Do you think she finally decided on something yet?:

:Oh! I'm sorry that I'm annoying the both of you. But sense I happen to over hear that little conversation you both had a little moment ago, I think the perfect punishment for the both of you would happen to be helping with my hair. Oh and by the way, the both of you are the only ones doing my hair." She finished

If the bats were in their physical forms, their mouths would be hanging at that moment. But they weren't, so they had to deal with cursing inside their minds.

Morrigan smiled and decided on particular outfit she had in mind for that night. After telepathically telling the bats to shape shift once more, she sat down and told the two particular bats that were complaining earlier to begin with her hair.

After one more hour of waiting Sirius was really getting bored.

"Sigh...When the hell is she going to get down hears so we can leave?

No more than a minute later after he spoke those words did Morrigan come down the stairs.

In the lounge room Sirius turned around to see to him the most gorgeous woman in existence.

As Morrigan was walking down the stairs, she saw Sirius look up at her. She smiled and walked over to him.

As she was walking toward him, Sirius finally noticed how the black dress clung on her body. The dress was black and covered most of Morrigan's body except her legs which were covered up to just above the knee by black see through able stockings. The dress was completed by a pair of black high heels and a bat necklace that hung around her neck. Morrigan's hair was still green but was put into a ponytail that was flopped over her shoulder.

Sirius mouth was hanging on its hinges after seeing his date for that night. He tried talking, but the words refused to come out. All he could do was stutter at the woman before him.

Morrigan simply rolled her eyes obviously used to this type of reaction from men and walked closer to him while putting her left hand on his right shoulder and spoke softly in his ear. "So…Are we going anytime soon, or are you going to stand there speechless with your mouth hanging open for flies to lay eggs in it?"

Sirius got out of his stupider and blinked. After several seconds later, Sirius spoke, "Yes, let's get going." As soon as the duo were at the front door, Sirius again decided to speak and said all the while smiling, "After you madam."

Morrigan smirked while saying, "Are you always this respectful to women? Or is just to me?"

Sirius just responded with a smile and walked out the door right after his date. After leaving the house, they walked about a block and disappeared down an alley. In the alley, Sirius locked arms with Morrigan, apparated and reappeared at a house.

Sirius looked around in confusion and spoke mostly to himself saying, "Okay, how the Hell did we end up here? I know I envisioned the back alley to the restrant when we apparated…"

Morrigan looked at Sirius then spoke up, "Sirius…when we apparated, I used a small portion of my power to transport us here rather to the back alley like you wanted.

Sirius looked at her in shock and asked, "Do you even know what you have done? Muggles could have seen us and…" Morrigan just rolled her eyes and spoke calmly to him, "One, if we went your plan muggles would have become suspicious as to why a woman like me would be coming out of an alley wearing a dress like this with a guy like you. Two, I own this house. I bought it this summer and thought it would be a good idea to have a second home. Three, I came up with an alternative route to get to our destination."

After a quick walkthrough the house from the back, Morrigan brought Sirius to the front yard and while pointing to a newly bought black convertable, she said, "This is our alternative solution." Sirius was trying to hold back the smile that was creeping onto his face but failed. And like a small child discovering something worthwhile, he yelled, "I got Shotgun!" as he ran to the passenger seat while Morrigan calmly walked to the driver's seat and thought, :He acts like an over grown child…but on second thought, I guess this is how some people keep there sanity."

Soon after they left, two figures started rising out of the shadows and smirked at the leaving car. The figures looked at one another and slid back down into the darkness.

An hour later after leaving the house, the car stopped in front of thier destination. Morrigan stepped out of the driver's side while Sirius on the other side also slipped out. They both suddenly looked up to see a building that looked like it was modeled after a Italian restrant.

Sirius looked at Morrigan and said, "Well, here we are. Let's go in."

With a nod, both of them began walking in through the front door and up to the waiter and waited for him to respond. Several moments later the waiter looked up to see both Sirius and Morrigan looking straight at him waiting patiantly for him to notice them. With a cough, the waiter asked for if they had a reservation and Sirius told him the name. Grabbing two menus, the waiter asked for the both of them to fallow him to the reserved table that Sirius signed up for. Once seated, thier orders for drinks were said and the waiter left leaving Sirius and Morrigan alone.

"Well, where alone now. I guess this is where the date offically starts? Sirius spoke"

Morrigan looked out the window at the strung up lights hung just at the edge of the roof of the building and spoke, "I guess so...but I have the strangest feeling that we were being followed by something."

With a raise of his eyebrow, Sirius too looked out the window untill he noticed some russeling in the bushes and a big brown spiked up hair style that looked like someone put too much moose in it sticking out from the top of the bushes that was moving. He quickly pointed it out to Morrigan who noticed the hair moving. Her eye began twitching and she quickly excused herself.

Sirius watched her leave the room and watched as she walked out side near the window. He watched her walk behind the bush and proceded to beat the holy hell out of the guy Sirius thought was Demitri. As the lump of hair dropped down out of view, Morrigan came back in and proceded to sit down. No more than a minute later the waiter came up to them and delivered the drinks and a extra water.

The waiter began, "So are either of you ready to order for food?

Both Morrigan and Sirius looked at each other and nodded then proceded to tell thier order. Morrigan spoke, "My date and I desided to share one of your combo sized spegetti platters with six breadsticks."

The waiter looked a little surpriced at that, but never the less, jocked it down in the note pad with the small pencil and left.

Morrigan spoke out loud to herself while shaking her head, "I can't believe Demitri would stoop so low as to hide behind some bushes just to spy on me while I'm on a date."

Sirius who heard that just smirked. Morrigan caught his smirk and said, "What are you smirking about?"

"Oh me?...nothing really, just thinking that Demitri seemed to be acting like an old jealious boyfriend the way he was spying on you through the bushes earlier. Though I think he should thought about hiding his hair before trying that."

Morrigan just looked at Sirius like he was crasy. "Acting like an old jealious boyfriend? ... Ha...your joking right? Demitri is an ass who think he's an example of perfection. Not to mention his ego is as big as Donovan who sliced Jedah in half and keeped bringing it up in every conversation for a year and a half untill I kicked him in the nuts to get him to shut up. Besides, Demitri tried something like this before when I went on a date with Dante Sparda when I lost a bet three years ago."

"You lost a bet? What was the bet about? Sirius asked"

"I'm afraid that's not really a subject that I rather mention in a restrant at the moment."

As soon as Morrigan got done explaning though, a sudden scream rang out in the restrant causing panic to those withen it. Morrigan ran to the front to the see what the commotion was about. While she was doing that, Sirius got up and ran too the back of the building then broke the back door letting the people who were trying to get out safely out. He then proceeded to see if Morrigan was alright. Apon arriving at the front though, he saw bodies of muggles either turned to stone or had strings coming out of thier legs and arms.

"What the hell?!" Sirius screamed untill he realized what was happening. He suddenly jerked his head to the right and saw a black void that quickly began taking shape of a black transparent humanoid that just laughed at him in a mocking manner as it attacked full on. After jumping to his left and dodged Shadow's first attack, Sirius remembered that Shadow was indeed a living shadow and as such, he hated light. Sirius smirked as Shadow came around for another attack and quickly raised his wand and said, "Lumos!" As the said spell took affect causing Shadow to scream in agony, a cry of "Oh no you don't!" with strings launched into Sirius who suddenly was lifted into the air and tossed like a rag doll toward the side of the restraunt.

Morrigan who saw this showed a look of surprise on her face at seeing Marionette coming out no where and not being able to scense her. Marionette not wasting any time, began raising her arms into the air while smirking. Morrigan who seemed clueless as to whatever her opponent was doing, finally got the message as she saw the strings on the dead humans began raising also causing the dead humans themselves to begin moving like living puppets. All that she could think was "Damn!"

As for where Sirius landed, he was just getting up as he turned around and saw Demitri getting up as well.

"Well, I see that we are finally getting after getting our ass kicked by Morrigan..." Sirius said while smirking

Demitri spoke angerly, "Shut up mutt!"

Sirius who took the mutt part and got an idea out of it, he quickly transformed into his grim like form and rejoined the battle by latching onto Marionette's dress and began pulling at it. As she was distracted by Sirius in dog form, the dead corpses went limp and fell causing Morrigan to sigh in relef as her wings went back to normal. Demitri fired a Chaos Flare at Shadow who dodged it at the last second by sinking into the floor and escaped.

Marionette who recieved a telepathic message from her counter-part to leave since they had all the energy they needed in that general area, grabbed Sirius with her strings from her body and threw him into the restrant's main glass window causing him to hit the front desk knowking him out cold. She turned to Morrigan and said, "Till next time succubus." as she too began to sink into the floor escaping.

October soon arrived at Hogwarts as students were anticapating all the yummy foods that the feast was going to show. Harry, Draco, Anita and Lilith on the other hand were anticapating for the events of the blood couted message to tell of the chamber being opened again while doing homework in the Room of Requirement.

Harry who was curently sitting in a big black chair was very frustrated at that moment and suddenly yelled out, "When the hell is that damn message going to appear!?"

Draco who sat on the carpeted floor, understood his brother's frustration said, "Bro, calm down! Do you think that your the only one that's frustrated and anncy about what's going to happen? We all are! Anita hasn't recieved any visons from any highier powers and Lilith has that annoying twitch in her right hand. So please do us all a favor, "SHUT THE HELL UP!"

Anita sighed after lifting her head up from her homework she turned to her left and got up. She walked over to where the two brothers were and smacked them both in the back of thier heads and said, "BOTH OF YOU SHUT UP! HOW AM I GOING TO GET ANY VISONS OF THE BLOODY MESSAGE ON THE WALL OR WHO MIGHT HAVE THE DAMN DIARY IF YOU BOTH DON'T KEEP QUIET!?

Both the brothers looked at each other then back to Anita and thought the same thing, :Is she on her...:

But before they could finish thier thought, they saw the most evil glare coming from Anita who said, "Finish that train of thought, and I promise you both that niether of you will ever have kids in the future." Harry and Draco quickly got the message and went back to the homework that they were doing.

On the other side of the room though, Lilith was chuckling to her self at that thought that ran between the widening mind link between Anita and her. Anita looked at her with a raised eyebrow in question but Lilith noticed and waved her off while saying she was fine.

Several minuts later though, Lilith brought up an idea that seemed logical and yet useful. "Hey! Why don't we try to become animagius like Sirius?"

The Potter bros and Anita looked at her as if they were deers in headlights as they were taking thier time to register what Lilith had just said. A few moments went by until Harry and Anita smirked at the thought while Draco was still thinking of the usfulness of the secondary forms in both battle and in pranking. In the end, the gang desided to ask Sirius or Professor Snape to see if they have the potion either still in stock or would they have to make it from scratch.

Several weeeks later, Halloween was about to take place. Teachers and staff began putting up decorations while house elves began preparing the Holloween feast. Students of all four houses began cramming to get thier homework done so they could have the weekend off while four certain students were already done. Harry sighed as he was walking back to Gryffindor Tower from another detention. But this one was a pain, exspesally when Professor Snape had him re-stock the potions cabinate in alphabetical order. With a shake of his head, Harry gave the password to the portrait and walked in.

As he was going to his year's dormitory, he stopped and looked back to see his aunt Lilith on the couch writing a letter. He walked up to her and smiled while tapping her on the shoulder. Lilith looked up from her letter that she was writing and asked what time was it. When Harry told her it was way past curfew, Lilith hightailed it to the girls 2nd year dormitory to get to sleep. Harry could only chukle at his aunt's antics and quickly went to bed himself.

That Saturday afternoon, on his way to return from practice Harry ran into Nearly Headless Nick who was gripping about something or other. But Harry already knew was going to happen thanks to the books he read before his 1st year of school and thought ahead and did a simple cleaning charm on the bottom of his shoes to avoid detention from Filch. So after receving the invitation from Nick, Harry went back to Gryffindor Tower to tell the others.

Soon Halloween finally arrived and Anita, Draco, Harry and Lilith arrived at a corridor covered in black drapes. After walking in though, the gang saw some ackward stuff at the Death Day party.

As the group was walking through, Draco stopped them and said, "What the hell is with that stentch?

The other three stopped and sniffed the air but stopped as they began to choke on the rotting smell of decade old food. Luckly they managed to get back far enough so that the smell wasn't that bad. After getting thier sences back together, they came across Nearly Headless Nick who asked them how they were injoying the party. As Nick was getting ready for his speech when the sound of a hunting horn sounded and then several dozen ghost began galloping into the party. Sir Patrick a ghost whos bearded head was decapicated got off his horse and floated over to Nick and spotted Harry and the others. Sir Patrick asked them if they thought he was scary. But when Harry and the gang shook the heads no, Sir Patrick was surprised and quickly asked why they thought that.

Anita spoke, "Actually your about as scary as what a toddler would be scared of. You know, a toddler being scared of a monster being under the bed?"

Seconds went by as Nick gently grabbed a shocked/petrified Sir Patrick and brought him to his horse. Draco gave the signal to leave and they left.

After listening to a snake's voice for five minuts while running through the dungens to reasch the upper layers of the school, the gang arrived in the Great Hall as Holloween Party was ending and quickly grabbed as much food as they could carry the left with everyone else. The exsightment dieing down as students left the Great Hall quickly rised up again as they arrived in a formally deserted hallway on the second floor. Students one by one began reading the blood stained message as it glittered in the light of lite tourches. THE CHAMBER OF SECRETS HAS BEEN OPENED. ENIMIES OF THE HEIR BEWARE.

Harry after reading the message quickly grabbed the others and began walking back to the Gryffindor Tower all the while thinking, :About damn time the action started!:

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