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Can't get through this

(This takes place after Cristina told the chief about Burke's tremors. The 3 interns are already talking to Cristina. They are all fine now.)


Burke's Apartment


Cristina is reading a medical journal in the couch. Her back at the right arm of the couch; feet stretched. She heard the clicking of the doorknob. She dropped the journal to her lap and focuses her attention at the person entering. She stared at his face. It is Burke.


We will be spending the night again in silence. Why wouldn't he just talk to me? Why wouldn't he just admit that he was wrong?

Burke entered then looks up then saw Cristina staring at him. He dropped his keys to the kitchen table.

Why is she looking at me like that? If she can't admit to her mistake, nothing would come out to our relationship. I know what to do.

Burke maneuvered his way to the couch then kneeled. Cristina didn't move trying to figure out what is he going to do.

"Cristina," Burke said while pondering then sigh, "I can't get through this."

What are you saying? What do you mean? Are you breaking up with me? The last time you were pushing me away because I didn't stick with this relationship. Now that I am sticking you are going to end it again. Just like that. Fine! But I'm not going to let you dump me this time!

"I can't get through this either. Maybe we need a clean break for all the things that we've been through. We are too different. We wanted a lot of things. You want to become the next chief of surgery. You want a lot of things from me and obviously, I have a problem giving all of them to you and you said before I have a lot of shortcomings. You said I made you crossed the line. And I want to become a resident." Cristina sadly said in agreement.

Burke remembers some of the things he told her and it struck him. He is so disappointed because he didn't mean breaking up with her but from her reaction. He thought that she really wants to end the relationship. Burke had put a lot of thinking staring deeply to her eyes. Okay, I am not going to push her. She made a lot of effort in this relationship. Something she had never done before. Maybe this is for own sake or our career's sake. I love her so much. I've put enough burdens for her to carry in the last few days. If there is something, I want her to have that is my heart, my love, and not the pain.

"So this is goodbye for the two of us? Maybe somehow we could be friends?"

"Yeah," Cristina smiled a little, looking intently to Burke.

"I'll go now." Burke stood up from his position to gather his things from his room.

"Don't leave the apartment, you own it. I'll leave. I'm going to stay at Meredith's place." Cristina left the apartment as quick as she could.

Burke would have stopped her but can't. The moment he turned to try stopped her; she's already gone.