Chapter 12

Meredith's House

11:00 PM

Cristina opened the door and was surprised by Meredith's forceful embrace. "I thought something bad happened to you. You're not answering my phone calls." Izzie and George express a signed of relief.

"Sorry, I had a patient." Cristina just ignored their worried expression and just let herself in.

"I thought you…" Izzie started to accused her but Cristina didn't her finish, "I missed his flight."

"But why didn't you call me that you are in the hospital I was worried sick." Meredith scoffs at her.

"Do I have to tell you everything? Now I am tired. Can you let me sleep?" Cristina said in an irritating tone.

"That's not important. What's important is she's here now safe." George commented.

"Thank you George. You know you should always be like that." Cristina run to the stairs but Meredith stopped her.

"Wait! Someone is looking for you too the whole day, he is in the kitchen." Meredith pulled Cristina from the stairs and pushed her to the entrance of the kitchen.

They all left Cristina and went to their bedroom to sleep.

Meredith's Kitchen

11:15 PM

Cristina appeared on the kitchen which Burke notice when he felt someone is watching him. Burke is sitting at the end of the table. Meredith gave him food when they got in but he refuse. He can't eat because he is very worried of Cristina.

Burke slowly lifted his head, seeing her now since the incident in the cafeteria, made him crave for her kiss, it made him remember what it is like to have her mouth on his lips, her touch on his face, the way her body embraces his own, and the times he goes crazy because of her unpredictable behavior. He wants to hold her tightly and never let her go. He waited for this day to come. Nobody knows how he endured not having her in his arms for almost a month now. Even though he sleeps on a different on-call room, what he wishes every time he lies down is to find her there and put his arms around her to feel her, to know that she's there because every time he wakes up and don't see her in his arms or a sign of her in the room he panics. Even though they are fine, he always gets the feeling that she left him. His sure that Cristina loves him but she never tells him. She is not that kind of women that gets soft, mushy, and very dramatic. It's too feminine for her. Cristina is hardcore; she can handle and put up a hostile environment and not the unfriendly one. She doesn't let things get into her. They're not a big deal.

The gaze they share is eternal but Cristina knows better that they should talk and later they will talk. All she knows is she's not good with chatting especially when it's about what she feels. The only thing she's good in saying impromptu is medical facts. You can ask her everything about medicine and she'll answer it like she is just reading a book. Burke on the other hand, he is always organized. He loves compromise and in order to achieve that he talks it out and he fix it.

Cristina settled at the other end of the table slowly. Her gaze never left Burke's face, wanting to engrave his face on her mind. The days without him are a torture to her. She couldn't sleep without his arms around her and without hearing his heartbeat to drift her off to sleep. She always has bad mornings missing him so much.

"I wanted to tell the Chief about your tremors because I know it was all my idea to keep it. I don't want to put dirt on your image to the Chief because I know that you want to be Chief of Surgery." Cristina unintermittedly said in a low voice.

"Becoming Chief is all that you wanted but you said you can't be Chief cause there's blood in it. You said I dragged you to cross the line. That you we're there making allowances for my shortcomings." Cristina took a deep breath and look on the other way controlling her tears and not letting Burke see how hurt she is.

"I'm sorry." Burke couldn't tell her anything else to comfort her. Burke close there distance by transferring to the chair on her side. Burke held her hands tightly and decided to elaborate his thoughts. "I'm sorry. I know what you did. I know that you did it for me, for us to work. It's just you should have let me tell the Chief. It's my responsibility. I am an attending and you are my intern. I'm supposed to teach you."

"But it's all my idea to keep it. I told you that nobody has to know. I did what I need to do and I did what I believe is right. I don't want the Chief to assume that this is all your doing. If he did, what are your chances of becoming Chief? I don't want to get in your way," Burke calmly touches Cristina's lips to stop her from talking.

"I never meant to say that. I want you to know that you will never get in my way. You are the only who's making me be who I want to be and the only one I need in my life, the one who understands me and the one who really knows me. The only person I want to spend the rest of my life. I had my fault too. I know that I should have agreed to tell the Chief the truth. I'm very sorry, I'm very sorry. You how much I love you, I really do. Please forgive me. I know that I had hurt you that made you broke up with me." He transferred his hands to cup her cheeks. Cristina just turned to face him. "No, I thought you're going to break up with me. You said I can't get through this."

"When I said I can't get through this, I meant I can't live not being fine with you. I meant I want us to be fine."

"I thought you're going to break up with me but I'm not going to let you dump me again so I did it." Cristina said defensively. Burke grinned in relief to find out that she never intended to break up with him.

"I'm sorry." Burke just kept repeating to her. Cristina embraced him. After the conversation they didn't said much just held each other tight making up for the nights while they're not together.

Burke didn't want to end this. He hopes they could stay forever like this just holding each other tight. Cristina is relishing the moment, she just realize that whatever what happens she will always need him to hold her. She was too strung on him to get through the days. They didn't spoke still just contented to be in each other's arms.

Cristina broke the embrace with a smirk on her face; "I just thirsty" Burke was a little disappointed that she had to pull away from him. He smiled at her and let her go. Cristina stood up and got some water facing the sink and leaning on it thinking what would they do tonight and where would he sleep? She got lost on her thoughts when Burke started to make his way on her back and plant soft kisses at the back of her neck and placing his right hand under shirt massaging the side of her breast and his left hand tracing circles on her stomach. Cristina lost grip of the mug suddenly on the sink, thankfully it didn't break.

Burke tried to take her shirt off, but she slapped his hand, "Burke this is not that the place, they could hear us or worst they could see us if they climb down the stairs." Burke knows she's right. It would be very scandalous and embarrassing to her friends and to him as their boss.

"But when?" Cristina wanted it to except that they're not at the right place, if only they could only have the room to their self. Burke knows Cristina is trying to think but he can't take it anymore. "Okay not now." Burke put his lips on hers and they just kissed passionately and continuously. The kiss started breathtakingly slow until they got greedy as if quenching the thirst from each other's mouth. Cristina couldn't take it anymore. She interrupted the kiss, held his hand and pulled him.

Laundry Room


Cristina pulled Burke hastily to the laundry room, her lips not living his. Burke missed Cristina's spontaneity especially in bed. He thought of savoring and memorizing every inch of her body but he concluded that the most important thing tonight they'll be spending time together. Burke kicked the door to close. Cristina pushed his back to the door. Her right hand from the back of his neck traveled to slowly to his chest then to his side to locked the door.

Burke kisses her intently in her neck, nipping and sucking as he pushed her at the edge of the table. He started to think how are they gonna do this comfortably.

Cristina felt his mind soaring as his kisses slow down. She pulled his head to kiss his mouth fully and thoroughly. Burke felt her intense passion on the kiss, as she is giving her all, her tongue passing thru his lips and tasting every corners of his mouth.

She planned to do this quick. After all they just have to catch up with their body yearnings.

They kept kissing until they both reached the floor. Cristina straddles Burke and lay on top of him, her hands on his face, her mouth lavishing his lips. His hands touching her back moving up in down eliciting more feelings, feeling and teasing her center with his masculinity.

Cristina kisses his dimple, his neck then his chest as she takes his clothes off. She pulled away from him and got up to her knees and got rid of her shirt.

Burke got up from where his lying and sat in front of her. He pulled her and kisses her neck all the way down after taking off her jeans and her underwear. He felt her tight grip on his shoulders, as her muscles tenses up pulling herself to a strong gait while his mouth continues to torture her.

Burke felt the urge to stop but couldn't as her moans encourage him more not to stop.

He gently lay on top of her. After being satisfied about what he did, he started to suck and nip her breast, left first then her right, and buried kisses and licks on her chest. When he got to her neck, she bends it backward for him. Cristina held the back of his neck enjoying the attention his giving to each part of her.

After a few minutes, they both gaze to each other, preparing for the final ritual. Burke kisses her lips as he slowly enters her, her lips responded on his kiss but soon as she him filling her, she tightens her hold on his back. Persuading him more to come closer, to increase the pleasurable pain he is giving her. Her breathes and moans are delayed on his ear as they both move synchronize, her meeting him halfway.

As they reach their peak, they slumbered to each other exhausted and satisfied in each other arms.

After an four hours, Burke's phone startled them. Burke answered it. He said to Cristina that it's Shepherd just asking how he is.

It actually irritated Burke why the hell Shepherd is calling him at a time like this. But ignored it. Cristina on his side is important and is more appealing to him now.

"Cristina we need to go up. They shouldn't catch us like this and I have to go home." Burke said while caressing her shoulders.

"Oh I'm sure they wouldn't mind seeing like this. I'm sure they'll be glad especially now that we're fine." Cristina faces him and held his face then she smiles at him.

They could stay like this forever but sooner or later they have to get up.

"I have an idea. What if we go back to our place and continue what we started?" Burke winked at her pulling her closer.

"But my shift will start about 5 or 5:30. I can't be late. Bailey will be pissed if I am late today. I didn't come to the hospital yesterday cause she thought I was sick." She leans on his chest trying to sleep.

Burke would've ask her why she didn't work yesterday but decided not to cause he suddenly remember why. "I know what to do. Let's take a shower together and go back to our place." Cristina laughed at him and agreed to him.

They got up and dressed up. They were so tired and contented that words need not to rise between them except for the way they look at each other and the way their hands can't take not to feel each other's touch even just for a few seconds.

The ride is just silent and peaceful, believing that everything will be fine and back to normal because they are back together.