Title: Fool's Gold
Rating: G-ish for the chapter/PG-13-ish overall
Fandom: Tsubasa
Pairing: Kuro/Fai
Warnings: AU-ish, Spoilers throughout for manga chapters 150+, and OCs sprinkled here and there
Summary: Kurogane wanted to know why this figure was so bewitching, and sought out to discover just that.
Author's Notes: Inspired by the song Once by Caleb Kane. HOMG RUN! She's writing a multi-chap fic! shot ; Nevermind. I guess the way to describe the AU is that everything is mostly the same, minus the looking for feathers part. I love Syaoran and Sakura, really, and they're still in the story, but the plot called for a little AU-tweaking. It's gonna start off a little slow, but don't expect it to stay there.
Disclaimer: Tsubasa and characters belong to CLAMP.

He wondered if it were possible to fall in love with someone made of stone.

Not that he would call himself an fan of the arts. Sure, paintings were colorful, vases were shiny, and tapestries were big. They simply held no practical use, as far as the warrior could see. A skillfully crafted, strong and healthy blade; now there was a work of art.

But on this particular walk – scratch that, the princess was dragging him along again – through the finer streets of Japan, something finally caught his eye that wasn't a sword.

No, it was so far from being a sword that Kurogane probably would have been amused had he not been so captivated. He stopped so suddenly that he almost tripped over himself. Tomoyo called out to him in surprise, but he never heard her.

It was a statue, made of marble, in the likeness of a man that seemed too... too... he couldn't put his finger on it, but it was too something... to have come from anything other than the wistful passion of another mind. The man was tall, like a young tree, and thin to a point of almost being dangerously so, shirt and long pants clinging to him. In perfect craftsmanship, a long, fur trimmed coat billowed around the statue's sandaled feet; sleeves that were almost foolishly long hung gently off extended wrists. It was almost as if the man were about to play a harp that wasn't there.

What had stolen the warrior's attention the most, however, was the statue's face. Lightly curled hair played around the delicate build of the cheeks and slightly pointed chin; Kurogane wondered, if this man were real, would the tresses feel as soft as they looked. A perfect smile sat under a slim nose, which hovered between two deep, lovingly detailed eyes. They seemed to stare right at him.

"Beautiful, isn't it?"

Kurogane's customary scowl was intensified towards the owner of the voice for interrupting his... inspection.

Because he hadn't been gawking. No. Gawking wasn't something warriors did.

The old man seemed annoyingly unaffected. "Imported from worlds away." – he sighed amorously towards the topic of conversation – "In all my years, I have never seen such an extraordinary piece."

"Are you the owner of this statue?" Tomoyo chimed in at Kurogane's side.

"That I am, dear princess," he replied with a genial smile. "And while I would hate to give this one up, I know that it will fetch me a lovely sum"

She giggled, and before Kurogane had a chance to bark at the old man treating her in such a familiar fashion, Tomoyo continued. "What did you have in mind, oji-sama?"

"O—Oi..." Kurogane was somewhat ruffled, he hadn't said he wanted the statue.

Though... now that he thought about it... maybe he did.

"Oh hush, you," she chided teasingly. The warrior really had no problem in obeying her this time.

Except he still glared when the old man chuckled. "Goodness, dear princess. I think I shall let you make that choice. I do believe someone such as yourself could make a... generous estimate of what this statue would be worth. I would feel as a thief any other way."

In an attempt to not bash the geezer's face in, Kurogane glanced back at the item in question. 'Imported from worlds away', indeed; that foreign something the statue possessed wasn't like anything else the warrior had seen in Japan – and he'd seen plenty. Perhaps he was being too touchy-feel-y about it... but there was a story here that Kurogane was almost itching to find out.

His focus swerved back to what was being said just as the princess asked, "What is its name?"

"Well," the old man began, crouching down a bit to peer at the underside of the statue's right hand. "There's an inscription here, on the palm, that I believe is the name. But, my eyes are not what they used to be, and I cannot tell what it says."

Not bothering to wait for the geezer to move out of the way, Kurogane bent at the waist and craned his head to see. Sure enough, there was a faint engraving on the heel of the man's palm. Squinting, he was able to see it more clearly, but it wasn't in a language he recognized;

Fai D. Flourite