Drabble #1: The Darkness

Word Count: 202

Notes: Actually I wrote this for an assignment in English last year. We were given a picture and, using the five senses, were supposed to describe the setting. I was given this depressingly empty picture of a port town. Anyway, on to the drabble.

Most of the towns I'd been to had been bustling, full of people of all kinds, shapes, colors, and dress, allowing me to fade unnoticed into the crowds. Here, however, there was no need for that. There was no one to notice me. No one on the streets, no one on the nearby bridge, no one in the cars, and no one in the boats that had been started but had never made it to the assumed safety of the water. The town was devoid of life.

The darkness had seen to that.

It was strange that the darkness, which spread like a plague through the big cities, had bothered to destroy a town this small. Off the beaten path, against a vast ocean, across several miles of dull countryside, far from large cities like Radiant Garden and Twilight Town, lay this small borough.

The dry stone walkways echoed my footsteps, cold winds howled past, and the heavy air hung thick with the ocean's salt, the city's smog, and the faintest hint of decay. This town was rotting. It had been since the darkness came, and I was here to watch as it dissolved away, another star in the sky twinkling out.