Konoha Ninja Academy High

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Chapter 1: the beginning

"Sakura" a voice called from downstairs. "Sakura!" now even louder.

"Yeah!" Sakura answered back. The voice from downstairs leaned to the shine of the sun, it was Ayami, Sakura's step mum.

As Sakura got up and rubbed her eyes from sleep, she remembered one certain memory


"Bang" a sound of a gun coming from down the street.

A pink haired girl ran as fast as she can, until she reached the place where it came from.

"Otoo-san! Okaa-san!" she shouted as she kneeled down beside their bodies lying down.

Sakura was just 5 years old, she shook them both while crying. Blood flowed out of their bodies.

People heard it, they came but it was too late for Sakura's parents…they already died.


"Sakura come on now!" Ayami shouted as Sakura snapped back to reality.

"Why mum!" Sakura answered back.

Sakura already for got about her first day of school at the Konoha Ninja Academy High. Sakura had just came from another village, the village of mist, though her real home was in Konoha. The hokage for the past 12 years decided that maybe for good. Sakura can go to another village to move on about her parent's death and in the right age to come back. Now was the time for her to come back…other than that Sakura had grown to be a beautiful kunoichi, one of the most beautiful ones in the village, but the fact that she will always remember about her parents died in her home village, she did not like it.

"Sakura… remember? It's your first day of school at the Konoha Ninja Academy High". She said as she gave a small sigh.

"Do I really have to?" Sakura complained

"Yes you have to! Also hurry up now, your going to be late and so am I for work, you know it's my first day in the hospital as well." Ayami shouted back.

Sakura quickly went out of bed took her clothes went to the bathroom to take a good quick shower. After she has taken a shower she looked at herself at the mirror. She wore black shoes, navy stockings, a pleated skirt just up to her knees, a white long sleeve polo, a jumper on top and a blazer with a Konoha Ninja Academy High logo on the left hand side and the school's pin.

"Not that bad." Sakura said to herself while looking at the mirror. She dried her hair because it was really cold outside as its is winter in Konoha at this time of the year. (Though there was no snow)




Sakura heard Ayami's horn of the car.

Sakura's house is not that far from the school, it is about a 10 minute walk.

"Mum you know I could have just walked? It's just about a 10 minute walk" Sakura said as she got out of the car.

"just making sure you do not get lost… its been awhile since you walked through the streets of Konoha. Ayami explained.

"Okay mum, whatever, bye!" Sakura said as she waved goodbye.

"Here I come" Sakura thought

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