Chapter 4: partners

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The class was chatting loud. Everyone was wondering why their 5th period has not started yet.

"Ino why are we not yet starting the 5th period?" Sakura asked Ino.

"I have no idea…Ms. Kurenai was never late…" Ino answered.

It was getting boring for Sakura and the other students every second the clock ticks until.

"good afternoon class…" Kakashi greeted the class. The class had a look that says so that's why look.

"class im late because for the reason that—" Kakashi said but was cut off by his students. "liar!... and sure you are" students said. Kakashi had a sweat drop and nervously scratched his head and thought "oh my gosh I think my excuses by now won't work .hehehehe"

the class didn't want to hear his lame and not true excuses…for the reason that everybody knows that he is always late. Shikamaru then put his hand up which is very unusual for him to do that he always thinks its too troublesome.

"yes…Shikamaru?" Kakashi said.

"ummm…why are you here anyway…don't we have Ms. Kurenai now?... how troublesome is this?" Shikamaru said.

"okay don't go rushing for information because you don't need to anyway… but since you mentioned it fine…I am here to talk about the camp were having tomorrow." Kakashi told the class.

"what camp Ino?" Sakura asked.

"there is going to be a camp tomorrow… you know bonfires, tents, night walks and ghost stories?" Ino said.

"I didn't say what's camp Ino…and besides I know what camp is…its just I didn't know about it." Sakura said.

"calm down Sakura well maybe Kakashi-sensei already told your mum about this." Ino said back.

Kakashi saw Ino and Sakura were talking and he kind of figured out why they were talking.

"Sakura and Ino!" Kakashi said, more like shouted to the girls to make them stop talking of course. Everyone was looking at them; even Sasuke was too, which is definitely unlikely for him to do. For some reason Sakura always gets Saksuke's attention.

"Hai!" Sakura and Ino both said.

"stop talking and start paying attention." Kakashi said. Sasuke laughed at this and Sakura heard him. Sakura stared at him then he stopped...your going to pay for laughingSakura thought. Sakura turned around the Sasuke started laughing again, Kakashi noticed it.

"Sasuke stop laughing and pay attention as well" Kakashi said… Sakura gave a giggle this time. Kakashi started talking again but he stopped.

"and by the way Sakura I already told you mum about the camp so don't worry about a thing." Kakashi said to Sakura as she nodded.

" now…students the school has changed the rules for this year about camp" Kakashi said.

"groups will be made so were not exactly going to be together, well not all of us." Kakashi continued.

"the groups will consist of 3 pairs from your own class and 1 pair for the year older than you guys and the pairs will be bys and girls." Kakashi said. A student raised her hand.

"Kakashi-sensie why now...I mean why in our year?" the girl asked

"lets just say we want you guys to be safe" Kakashi said this with a very serious voice every one was very confused that's hes tone has changed and became serious when he said the word safe and there was another thing that was strange he was staring at Sakura in particular but no one noticed it.

Sasuke, Shikamaru and Naruto were worried that they are going to be putting up with their fan girls. They were worried badly…everyone was chatting for the reason that Kakashi were deciding who's going with who and he looked pretty serious.

-Sasuke's group-

"I hope the pairs going to be with us is Neji and someone" Naruto said and everyone nodded in agreement.

"well, don't worry about that now do it later worry about us putting up with our fan girls dobe" Sasuke said.

"so troublesome" Shikamaru stated with a sigh.

-Sakura's group-

"why are the rules have to change now… when its our year!" Sakura said.

"well too bad, I hope I don't get stuck with some perverted guy and I want to be with shika-kun" Ino said

"nothings going to change if we just keep complaining I just hope my pair with be Naruto-kun" Hinata said.

"come on everyone stop chitchatting and listen to me." Kakashi calmed the class down and stopped them from talking.

"I have worked out whos going to be with who and the other year levels pairs are by the way decided." Kakashi added.

"now…" Kakashi looked down at his made new list of pairs.

"group one's other year level pair is Ten-ten and Neji" Kakashi said.

"doesn't Neji like that girl?" Naruto asked Sasuke.

"yeah" Sasuke said

"Hes so lucky" Shikamaru said

"doesn't ten-ten like Neji?" Hinata said

"yeah" Sakura said

"she is so lucky" Ino said.

"and now from our class first pairing is shikamaru and Ino" Kakashi said. Fan girls of Shikamaru cried anime style.

"next pair for group one is Hinata and Naruto" Kakashi said. Fan girls of Naruto cried anime style as well.

"the last pair is Sasuke and Sakura" Kakashi said. All fan girls of Sasuke cried like they are going to hell.

"what" Sakura and Sasuke said. And stared at each other when they heard they have said the same thing.

"what what?...thats the pair" Kakashi said to the two.

"your kidding me?" Sakura said

"hn?" Sasuke said which means totally the same as what Sakura said.

"yup and no changing!" Kakashi said. He went through the list until he finished. Ino raised her hand.

"yes Ino?" Kakashi asked.

"well…who's in my group again?" Ino aksed.

"Neji and ten-ten, You and Shikamaru, Hinata and Naruto and last but not the least is Sasuke and Sakura." Kakashi said.

"So you guys now what groups your in?" Kakashi asked the class.

"hai" the class said.

"You can all chat now because the bell is going to go in 10 minutes." Kakashi said to the class.

-Sasuke's group-

" I just cant belive it! im with that pink hair girl." Sasuke said.

"why not Sasuke-teme…she looks pretty and nice but Hinata is still beter and the best." Naruto said.

"yeah well she is annoying and by the way be careful with Hinata she is the cousin of Neji and besides he will kill you if you hurt her." Sasuke said to naruto.

"definitely and look I am with Ino…she is pretty so she is not so troublesome after all." Shikamaru said.

"I know that Sasuke-teme and Shikamaru" Naruto said. " and maybe it's the time to ask her out tomorrow." Naruto added.

"So Sasuke what are you goin to do tomorrow?" Shikamaru asked.

"hmmm…maybe I just have to deal with it I guess" Sasuke said.

"or maybe not ? something about her makes me happy deep down inside but I still san not show it and figured out why?" Sasuke thought.

-Sakura's group-

"I can not believe it! I am going to be with my true love Shika-kun." Ino said

"me too I am with Naruto-kun…im so happy but I always shutter when I talk to him" Hinata said

"nah Hinata you'll be fine im sure you can handle it…and lucky for you guys to say im stuck with stupid chicken haired guy!" Sakura said.

"Sakura have fun and besides remember? Hes just like you because of hes brother killing his parents" Hinata said.

Sakura calmed down because this words stroke her like lightning.

"yeah! Maybe Hinata's right maybe just maybe its time for me to change it this time and for his burdens to be let out" Sakura thought.

Sakura came home and it was late then did the packing and let the sleep over.

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