Title: Transformers – The Human Condition

Author: LJ

Summery: Movie-Verse: A strange quantum wave effects the Autobots on Earth. Now they must figure out a way to return to their robotic forms, and try to uncover the origins of the strange quantum wave and it's encoded message.

Rating: PG-13

Pairings: Sam/Mikeala, Bee/Mikeala (fluff/flirt)

Author's note: Sortta a cross over with Beast Wars. Came up with the idea while trying to design the Autobots in human form. Hope you enjoy it!

Disclaimer: I own nothing! Don't sue please, I'm a poor college student!

Chapter One:

A strange radiation traveled through time and space. It's origins were lost to those who encountered it. It affected no one, it simply passed by them, spreading through the universe and jumping the rifts in time. It would only be a matter of time before it encountered the beings it could affect.

Sam got his book bag out of the back seat and sighed.

"Long day?" asked Bumblebee. Sam nodded and slumped in the brand new upholstery in Bumblebee's new alternate form.

"You wouldn't believe it. First day as a senior in high school and I have at least three hours of homework." The car shuddered at that information.

"Ouch...good luck Sam." Sam looked at the dashboard flatly and got out.

"Yeah, yeah, you're a lot of help," Sam said closing the door and heading for the garage door.

"I'm here if you need me," Bee said beeping his horn at his friend.

"Thanks. Oh! If you see Mikeala beep will ya?" Bumblebee smiled mentally and chuckled

"You got it." With a smile Sam ran up into the house. Bumblebee settled down on his tired and ran another precautionary diagnostics on his vocal processors. The All Spark had given him his voice back, but he was still afraid that he would loose it again. His scanners on full alert, Bumblebee decided to catch up on some rest, as the late summer sun began to set.

It was nearly ten when strange auroras began to pass over the planet's northern most pole. The wave had been here before, and if it was sentient, it would have known that. The wave, invisible to the carbon based organisms limited sight, passed quickly over Canada, heading for the United States. Unable to penetrate the depths of the massive oceans the quantum surge sped over the continents, hitting the first organism it could affect at an old farmhouse barn. The vehicle inside was racked with pain and forced to transform, before passing into unconsciousness. On it's travels it hit four more creatures who's make up it could affect, one being a yellow Camaro inside a family garage, in the town of Tranquility

Bumblebee had been resting as his scanners on high, allowing him to 'sleep' while being able to keep a figurative eye open for any trouble, or for Mikeala. Suddenly his scanners blared in warning, his computer running through the deep encoding in a strange wave that began to surge closer towards his position. Awaking suddenly, Bumblebee had just enough time to pick up a single result of the decoding his on board computers were doing, before he was hit by the strange wave. Pain racked through his body and was forced to transform into robot mode. Barely able to keep himself from destroying the garage, Bumblebee kept to his hands and knees. Pain racking through his body, Bumblebee passed out his body glowing an eerie blue white.

"Sam...Sam come outside! It's beautiful out here..." Sam's mother, Judy called to her son looking up at the strange auroras that covered the sky. Sam came downstairs and walked out to the driveway staring up at the sky.

"Wow...I've never seen the auroras this bright. Dad, come and check this out!" Sam turned back towards the house and watched as his dad, Ron, fought with the television.

"Yeah yeah, I'm coming. Apparently the aurora's are messing with the TV signal." Ron walked out to the driveway and looked up at the sky as the ribbons of greens blues and yellows danced across the sky. Sam watched for some time before turning back to the house.

"I gotta get my homework finished. I have to look up some historical things that happened on today's date. Time to raid the fridge..."

"You still have homework? They give you way too much anymore," Ron said watching as Sam went to the door.

"Yeah, tell me about it. Hopefully I'll get it done before midnight," Sam sighed and went back into the house. Had he turned and looked through the garage windows he would have seen the strange glowing light coming from inside of it.

Bumblebee had finally regained consciousness just after 12:30 am. His first realization was how cold he was. He was shivering and his body felt so strange. Slowly his optics fluttered to life, only problem was, they weren't optics. Once he took his first look at the world around him he found that there were no scan results showing his condition or damage results across his peripheral vision. Instead, all he could see was the visible spectrum; reds, oranges, yellows, greens, blues, indigos, and violets. Suddenly panicked Bumblebee stood up, expecting to hit his head, or bust through the garage, instead, he stumbled back, stones pricking at the bottom of his feet, into Ron's car next to him. Looking down at himself, Bumblebee saw that he was no longer covered in the protective yellow and black armor that made him so unique. His entire body had changed. He was human, and completely nude.

"What...what the hell?" Bumblebee said looking at himself in shock. His body was built on the small side, at only 5'9", and his muscle mass was athletic but not overpowering. He was average really. Turning to look at himself in the side view mirror, he saw how he looked as a young teenage human boy. His eyes were still an unnaturally bright blue and rather larger than usual. His face was round in it's construction and his hair was spiked up rather sloppily, with black roots and bright yellow/blond tips. Bumblebee swallowed nervously and backed away from the mirror, his heel stepped on a Phillips screw driver that was laying on the ground of the garage.

"Ah!" Bumblebee winched and swallowed nervously. Quickly finding the door to the back yard, Bumblebee looked around in a panic, his body reacting to the chilly late summer night. Taking down a sheet from the clothes line and wrapping himself up to keep away the chill, Bumblebee quickly went to he garden and picked up some pebbles and turned to Sam's window on the second floor.

Sam grumbled and tossed in his bed as something kept hitting his window. Waking up and rubbing the sleep out of his eyes, Sam got up and went over to the window.

"Bee? What is it? It's 12:30 in the morning...!" Sam blinked as he didn't see the large glowing blue eyes right in front of his window. Instead, he was met with a small pebble to his forehead. "Ow!" Sam cried holding his forehead and glaring down at the back garden, seeing a teenage boy about the same age as him.

"Sorry!" cried a familiar voice from the teenager. Sam stared down at him and frowned. Quickly reaching for a flash light, Sam shined the light down at the unknown teenager.

"Who are you?" Sam asked watching the teenager wrapped in his mom's sheets.

"Sam, it's me...it's Bumblebee. I'm freezing, can you please send me down some pants and maybe a shirt?" Sam watched in shock.

"Bee...? What happened?" Sam looked over from the second story window and noticed the unnaturally bright blue eyes, that seemed to glow from the inside, and the ragged scar that wrapped nearly around his entire neck causing a slight deformity near his Adam's apple. Shining the light over his body, he saw a strange red mark on his left shoulder.

"I don't really know. There was a strange surge that came through about two hours ago, my scanner picked it up just as it hit me and the next think I knew I woke up like this," Bumblebee said wrapping his arms around his chest trying to keep warm. Sam nodded and quickly noticed how cold it was getting.

"Okay, I'll be right down with some clothes, stay right there okay?" Bumblebee nodded and shifted the sheet around him to keep himself warm. Sam quickly closed his window and turned on the lights in his room getting dressed himself and getting clothes for his car that had turned human. Finding a pair of blue jeans and a long sleeved gray shirt along with a pair of socks and underwear, Sam quickly went downstairs and out the back door into the back yard

"Thanks...!" Bumblebee immediately entered the warmer house and smiled at Sam, who stood a good two inches taller than him.

"Your welcome. You can change in the bathroom," Sam said handing Bumblebee the clothes. Bumblebee nodded and quickly went into the bathroom to change.

"Thanks again, Sam," Bumblebee said, exiting the bathroom. "Sorry about waking you up." Sam shrugged and went into the kitchen.

"No problem, you've helped me out a lot so it's only fair. Hey you want anything?" Bumblebee followed him into the kitchen and nodded.

"Yeah, I think I could use some food. It's really weird getting used to all these feelings and stuff," Bumblebee said leaning up against the island in the kitchen. Sam looked up from making two peanut butter sandwiches and chuckled.

"I'd imagine...hey, what was that mark on your shoulder? I kinda saw it from the window but I couldn't make it out." Bumblebee blinked and rolled up his left sleeve and looked at the red mark.

"It's the Autobot emblem...that's really kinda weird."

"Yeah...So you said the quantum whatever it was hit around ten thirty?" Bumblebee nodded and rolled his sleeve back down.

"Yeah, it was coming down from the north. Oh geeze, if this happened to me, what about the others?!" Sam frowned and looked in shock, handing Bumblebee a sandwich.

"Shit, c'mon, I can try and contact them on my computer! Just be quiet, my parents are sleeping." Bumblebee nodded and took the sandwich following his friend up to his room. Sam quickly turned on the computer and opened up an e-mail message to send to the Autobots' main computer.

"You're not going to be able to contact them through Teletran-1. Here, let me get in there and try to connect to Auto-net. Maybe I can connect to Teletran's camera security system." Sam got up and watched as Bumblebee quickly connected to a high security Internet site.

"What is that?"

"It's Auto-net. High security area that the government helped us set up, it's so we can all keep in contact with Teletran-1 when we're not at the base. Hopefully I can pull up some information on what exactly happened." Sam frowned and watched as strange symbols ran across his screen as Bumblebee typed away.

"What is all that stuff...?" he asked trying to read the strange language.

"It's Cybertronian; an Autobot dialect actually. It's a little difficult for me to read like this with organic eyes, but I'm able to keep up fairly well. It's hard without some of the symbols too but not your fault." Sam gave Bumblebee a flat look but continued to watch in amazement as the pages changed every few seconds.

"So what's it say...?" he asked trying to read the alien language over Bumblebee's shoulder.

"According to short period of scans that Teletran was able to get off before the wave passed, the wave consisted of quantum radiation along with some other components that appear to be from Cybertron...it makes no sense, none of these results make any sense. Neither faction has this sort of technology. It's YEARS ahead of the current research that Wheeljack and the other engineers and scientists have been fronting. Not to mention...that there's something in here that seems to be part of a propulsion drive. Like for a space ship."

"This can't be good then...can it?" Bumblebee shook his head and frowned.

"No, not to mention that no one else has logged in since last night. Wait...oh shit..." Sam frowned and looked at the screen.

"What? What happened?!"

"It's the list of Decepticon statuses. Starscream is unknown but off planet. Skorpinock is AWOL in the Qatar desert. But this is the wost part, Frenzy and Barricade are completely AWOL somewhere in the US. Barricade went missing on the highway, and Frenzy was actually designated as being destroyed, but his body was never recovered from under the Hoover Dam. They could still be functioning and we still don't know if it just effected me the rest of the Autobots or all Cybertronians. We have to find Optimus and the others..." Bumblebee looked up at Sam worried.

"All right...let's go and get Mikeala and then head for the base. Hopefully this won't get any worse."