Title: Transformers – The Human Condition

Author: LJ

Summery: Movie-Verse: A strange quantum wave effects the Autobots on Earth. Now they must figure out a way to return to their robotic forms, and try to uncover the origins of the strange quantum wave and it's encoded message.

Rating: PG-13

Pairings: Sam/Mikeala, Bee/Mikeala (fluff/flirt), Ratchet(Robot & Human)/Wheeljack

Author's note: Sortta a cross over with Beast Wars. Came up with the idea while trying to design the Autobots in human form. Hope you enjoy it!

Disclaimer: I own nothing! Don't sue please, I'm a poor college student!

Chapter Three:

"GAH! For the love of-!" Optimus winched and walked around the corner to see Ratchet working on the massive computer, Teletran-1. Dressed in the clothes that had been salvaged from the house that was near by, used by the US government while watching the remaining Autobots when they first arrived. Ratchet was dressed in dark blue jeans and a pair of military combat boots and a long over coat over his gray tank top. His hair was closely cropped, similarly to a military buzz cut, with graying sideburns. Though not much older than Optimus, Ratchet had a weary look on his face, and sported a scar along his right hand; not from battle, but from when his bond mate Wheeljack had blown up a part of his medical bay on Cybertron. Standing back up, Ratchet rubbed his hands on his pants and glared at the massive computer.

"Still isn't working correctly?" Ratchet looked over, his eyes shining in a hazel color.

"Of course not. I need Wheeljack's expertise. I'm a medic, not a repair technician..." Optimus smiled slightly.

"Technically wouldn't that be both? I think you like that Star Trek show too much." Ratchet glared at his commanding officer and huffed.

"Excuse me if it's the only thing that's even vaguely intelligent that humans came up with." Optimus shook his head and crossed his arms over his chest. He and Ratchet were the same height, 6'2", though Optimus was more built than the medic. He wore a pair of camouflage pants and black combat boots, as well as an Air Force shirt that he pilfered from the house. His hair was a deep brown, just as his eyes were, with a strange glow coming from within.

"Is there anything you can do to get it at least moderately functional?" Optimus walked over to the computer and looked up at the large screen. Ratchet sighed and shook his head.

"Unfortunately, the best I can do is get the comm up. I doubt that's going to do any good with the fact that we don't have any built in comm links," Ratchet said sighing deeply. "If Wheeljack were here he and I could get it back up and running." Optimus looked over at his Chief Medical Officer. It had been hard for him to be separated for so long from his bond mate. Optimus felt his pain, he had been separated from Elita for many years since the beginning of the war.

"Don't worry. I'm sure the others will return to base, if they were affected as well." Ratchet nodded.

"It seems likely, it affected both of us, so then it would be a rather logical leap. Either way, I'm starving. We need to take care of our bodies in this form, we're much frailer than we were before." Optimus nodded and sighed.

"Of course. I'll go back up to the observance house and see if there isn't any food up there. Stay here and monitor the comm links. We might luck out if they find a way to contact the base." Ratchet nodded.

"Just be careful walking up there. Barricade is still functional and AWOL, things could get nasty." Optimus smiled and nodded.

"Of course." Optimus walked out leaving Ratchet to his own in the large featureless room. Ratchet considered going back into his medical bay to retrieve a few more tools that the human engineers had left behind. Just as he was about to leave, static filled the speakers of Teletran-1.

"Att...this is...eeljack...ques...infor...tion..." Ratchet's faced brightened considerably at the sound of his bond mate's voice. Quickly moving back to the computer and playing around with wires creating a make shift microphone.

"Wheeljack, this is Ratchet. Things have gotten a little complicated around here, If you can pick up our radio signal follow it down to a town called Tranquility. Be in disguise, pick a suitable vehicular form. Do you copy?"

"Aff...ative. Nice to...ear...yer voice..." Ratchet smiled and sighed.

"All right, see you soon."


"Barricade, turn around." Frenzy barked staring straight ahead. Barricade glared at the short human.

"Tranquility isn't in the other direction, Frenzy. Why do you want to turn around?" Frenzy smirked at Barricade and leaned back.

"I just remembered something from my imprisonment in that human laboratory. I was nearly killed by them several times over, but they were able to revive me each time by injecting radiation that had been siphoned off from the All Spark back in Hoover Dam. There probably isn't much, but there might be enough to change us back to our Cybertronian forms." Barricade looked over and considered the facts. Frenzy had been badly damaged with the experimentation the humans put him under. Barricade had no compassion for the small mech, but seeing him in such a pitiful and helpless state, he did feel sorry for him. After all it was his duty to care for the young mech on the mission while Soundwave was still working on finding energon stores elsewhere in the universe.

"Fine...if it gets us out of these flesh bag bodies, then let's go."


"OW! Dats hoot!" Bumblebee cried sticking his tongue out to try and cool it down from taking a sip of coffee. Sam looked back at him and sighed.

"I told you it was going to be hot," Sam said, downing his double double mocha. Mikeala handed Bumblebee her vanilla strawberry banana smoothie.

"Here, this'll cool your tongue down." Taking the offered drink, Bumblebee stared out at the darkened night. It was nearing one am, and Bumblebee was anxious to return to their base under the salvage yard.

"Thanks..." he said, giving back the strange drink. Mikeala smiled at him through the mirror and continued driving on. Sam frowned and looked up ahead as the salvage yard loomed ahead.

"Do you see that...?" he asked peering into the darkness that yawned ahead of them. Mikeala frowned and switched her high beams on, flashing them onto a tall form that was exiting the main building. Sam leaned closer to the windshield watching as the tall man walked towards the gate as they drove in.

"Bumblebee...?" came a deep voice. Bumblebee quickly unrolled the window and smiled.

"Optimus! You guys are okay!" Bumblebee said brightly. "Have you heard from Jazz or Ironhide?" he asked worried about the other two members of their team. Optimus frowned and shook his head.

"No, unfortunately. Last we knew though Ironhide was still with Captain Lennox, and Jazz was in mission city, to quote him 'soaking up the local scene'. I'm glad to see that you are all right, Bumblebee." Sam chuckled a bit.

"Yeah, quite a surprise y'know?"

"Is Ratchet still in the base?" Mikeala asked looking at the now human Autobot commander. Optimus nodded and sighed.

"Yes, I was just leaving to go and procure some food for us. He's working on Teletran's systems. The radiation caused some damage to the computer, and we're having trouble getting it functional again." The three teenagers parked the car and exited into the night air. Optimus looked over the three of them and couldn't help but smile a little. Though Sam and Mikeala were only human, and fragile, Optimus had seen that they had much strength and determination, just as Bumblebee had throughout the war.

"Well, how about I drive you to the store, we can get some non-perishables and basic stuff for you guys," Mikeala offered. Optimus smiled and nodded.

"I believe I will take you up on your offer, Mikeala. Thank you." Mikeala shrugged and waved her hands dismissively.

"No problem, you've helped us out how many times?" Optimus nodded with a smile walking towards the car.

"I'll see if Ratchet needs any help in the base," Bumblebee said heading for the repair shop building.

"You want me to come with you, Mikeala?" Mikeala shook her head and went back to her car.

"No, that's okay, we shouldn't be long, besides, we'll need more room to buy for the groceries." Sam nodded and smiled.

"Okay, I'll head down with Bumblebee and see if Ratchet needs any help."

"Just watch out for flying wrenches," Optimus said leaning out the window. "He's been a little more short tempered than usual with working on Teletran's systems." The two teenagers glanced at each other and nodded.

"Got it, Sir. I'll keep that in mind." Bumblebee smiled uneasily and rubbed the back of his head. Even Sam looked a little troubled at going down into the massive Autobot base with a cranky Ratchet.

"Have fun boys!" Mikeala cried, glad she wouldn't be around Ratchet at the time before starting her car and driving off.

"Well, could be worse..." Bumblebee said standing carefully on the lift. "Wheeljack could have been here too."



"Hey there, how are you feeling?" Jazz woke up and looked around at the bright lights and the walls that surrounded him. He blinked and stared at the young man who was writing down something on a clip board.

"Like I just got hit by a Semi," Jazz said, picturing his one wrestling match with Optimus back on Cybertron. Yeah that's pretty much how he felt at the moment. "Where am I?"

"Mission City Hospital. A cab driver called in for the ambulance. Mind telling me what happened?" the young man said with a heavy Australian accent. Jazz winched and looked around, seeing the details of the monitors checking his heart beat and blood pressure and what not.

"I was mugged. Somethin' bout being a mulatto bastard, er somethin'," Jazz recalled relaxing a bit. The young man nodded, his mop of blond hair falling down into his eyes slightly.

"Unfortunately there are still gangs out there who are prejudice against mix-races. Well, you were sliced up pretty badly, your bracial artery was nearly completely severed. You're lucky we got to you in time, you lost a lot of blood. Now that you're awake, do you have a name? We couldn't find any form of ID on you." Jazz winched slightly and frowned.

"No...musta taken my wallet. Name's Jasper Witwicky..." Jazz said, coming up with the name on the fly. "My cousin lives in Tranquility. I can give you the number. Tell him it's Jazz." The doctor nodded and wrote down the number that Jazz gave him.

"My name's Chase, by the way. I'll give your cousin a call then." Jazz nodded and watched as the doctor once again checked over the many readings and machines before leaving. Jazz sighed and rubbed his forehead with his one hand, running his fingers through his hair.



"So you used to be in the Army Unit that Will's unit worked with in Qatar?" Sara asked putting down a hot cup of coffee in front of the older gentleman that had come over to visit. The older gentleman nodded and took the coffee, drinking it.

"Yes, that's right. I apologize again for dropping in so late." Sara smiled and shook her head.

"It's fine, Ian. Any friend of Will's is welcome here." Sara blinked and got up hearing the baby monitor go off. "Excuse me..." Will nodded and drank his coffee and sighed.

"I'll see if I can't work with the Feds and get you and the other Autobots some IDs." Ironhide sighed and leaned back.

"Thanks Will. Hopefully this isn't going to be a permanent issue." Ironhide blinked at the coffee and put a little more sugar in. "It's nearly midnight I don't want to keep you and your wife up." Will shrugged and sighed.

"It's no big deal. Look get some rest tonight and contact Optimus and the others tomorrow morning." Ironhide smiled and drank the rest of his coffee as Sara came back in with their daughter. Ironhide smiled seeing the baby.

"You're more than welcome to stay in the guest bedroom. I'm going to head on back to bed, Will." Lennox nodded and stood up.

"I'll be in shortly. I'll show you the room." Ironhide stood up after putting his coffee cup in the sink.

"Thanks, Will," he said. William nodded and opened up the guest bedroom and gave him the cell phone.

"You're welcome. In case Optimus calls" Ironhide nodded and turned on the light as Lennox left. Closing the door Ironhide sighed and rubbed the back of his head before putting the cell phone on the night stand and turning in for the night.