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-LIttle Dictionary

Kunoichi - female ninja

Godaime - The Fifth (Hokage)

Baka - Stupid or fool

Ano baka - that fool

Chikara/Chakra - Strength/power

Kage Bunshin - Shadow miltiplication

Jutsu - Technique

Sandaime - The Third (Hokage)


"What was that?" A kunoichi with dark brown hair put into two buns asked.

Neji, Lee, Gai-sensei and even herself looked at where the direction came from. Lee stepped a little foward towards the direction. It came from the forest which leads to the main training ground where Godaime and Sakura always practiced.

"It came from that way." Lee pointed his index finger at the direction.

TenTen sweat dropped. "Lee! We know that, baka! That's why I asked what was that." The Weapon Mistress said agrily.

Neji gently gripped her shoulder to calm her down. TenTen sighed and crossed her arms

A much elder man with a bowl cut hair style, green tight weird outfit and in a position of what he called a Good-Guy-Pose, "ALRIGHT EVERYONE! WE SHALL TAKE A LOOK AT THE SOUND OVER THERE! LET YOUR YOUTHFULL CURIOUSITY BE FREE!" TenTen was really getting pissed. Neji stayed silent. It would be better just to not say anything because even if you say something, those two very strong teacher-student bond people won't take notice of other people's words.

As Gai, TenTen and Neji was about to head towards the noise, Lee called Neji's name. "Neji, use your Byakugan to check the perimeter. It might be an enemy." Neji cocked an eyebrow but it is true. Only God knows what was that loud bomb like noise is. He silently agreed with Lee and used his Blood Line Limit.

After a few seconds, Neji's face turned a little confused in anxiety. "Neji, are you okay?" Lee asked. TenTen stared at her fiance and held his right hand. Neji snapped out and turned his gaze over at her. She smiled stating that everything was going to be alright.

"What did you see, Neji?" Lee asked impatiently. Gai waited anxiously for Neji's answer. "I saw movements but it was too fast. I didn't see anything other than two people are having a battle." Lee looked over at the direction again and thought of a certain pink haired lady.

Gai saw his favorite student being concerned, "THEN, WHAT ARE WE WAITING FOR?! WE LEAVE AND SEE IMMIDIATELY!" The Good-Guy-Pose appeared again.

"YES GAI-SENSEI! A GOOD DECISION GAI-SENSEI!" Lee was being enthusiastic.







"SHUT UP! We should go now or someone over there might just be killing each other right now!" TenTen was certainly pissed and this time, Neji didn't stop her. He was getting annoyed himself with this so-called beautiful moments of teacher-student bond.

"ALRIGHT! LET'S GO!' The two similar men decided and TenTen sighed in relief. The four of tem moved out of their current venue and headed towards where the noise just corrupted.

A male ninja with blonde spiky hair with cerulean eyes was panting hardly behind a big tree. He sat down and leaned against the tree while closing his eyes. He inhaled and exhaled in one deep breath. He opened his eyes and looked up front. He saw nothing and everything is just a little too quiet.

"Crap!" He cursed and saw four kunais heading towards him.


His body dissapeared in smoke after being darted with the kunais.

"Hmph. Another Kage Bunshin, huh?" A pink haired kunoichi was talking to herself. 'How long does he tends to play Kage Bunshin?

She sighed a little. She got tired as well after using quite amount of her Chakra for attacks, dodges and also defenses herself. There were visible wounds on her arms a little but they were nothing serious. To her they were just scratches. She accumulated her healing chakra on her right palm and started healing her wounds on her left arm. She sensed four figures and she was sure who they were.

She continued healing her wounds. "Sorry for making all of you worried." She said when she sensed a familiar kunoichi.

"Geez, it's only you, Sakura. Don't do something like that in Konoha unless there are really enemies. God, you really scared me you know. I thought that some people were killing each other." TenTen grumpily explained to her friend.

"Sakura-san! Are you alright?" Lee rushed towards her and stooped towards Sakura to make sure she was as fine as she said. She smiled politely at him.

She stopped the healing process and looked up at Lee. She puts a thumbs up and grinned, like a Good-Guy-Pose except that hers was way too cute. Lee smiled in satisfaction and nodded. "Good then. But Sakura-san, who were you fighting with?" He asked. Gai-sensei puts his usual shiny teeth grin at Lee for the good comforting job and Lee replied the same. TenTen rolled her eyes while swet dropping at their action. 'Idiots. That wasn't much of a comfort to me. Lee practically did anything.'

Sakura rolled her eyes and stood up and was followed by Lee afterwards. "Who else do you think. Ano baka!"

Neji smirked, "Too obvious." TenTen said. "Naruto?" Lee asked and turned his gaze over to Sakura and she nodded.

"Stupid Naruto kept using Kage Bunshin and moves even faster now. Darn it! When I thought he was at a place and attacked him, that body poofed," She sighed. "He is getting much stronger" Her voice trailed off and her her lips curved into a smile. She complains about Naruto's speed and techniques. However, she does not hate it. In fact, she was more than happy when she watched her blonde team mate and a very close friend of hers gets stronger, everyday.

Gai-sensei walked beside Lee and gripped his shoulder. "I agree with Sakura. Naruto is the main head of the ANBU military and his resposibilty needs him to become stronger." He grinned. Sakura smiled again.

Neji who had his arms folded, shut his eyes and tilted his head somewhere else. TenTen saw her fiance's action and guessed that it is coming. She slightly sighed, 'He sees it coming. Any time now. 5-4-3-2-1...'







"GAI-SENSEI/LEE!" The two similar men shouted in a touching voice.

A blonde stood beside Sakura while his right arm in the air, greeting them, "Fuzzy eyebrows. Gai-sensei. Yo!" All of them there turned to the familiar voice. 'When did he get here?!' Everyone screamed in their thoughts.

"NARUTO! When did you-" Sakura didn't have to finish up her sentence when the blonde male answered her. "Exactly three and a half seconds ago." His usual immature grin plastered on his whiskered face.

"Where were you?" Sakura had her grumpy tone on and both her hands on her hips. Naruto puts his right index finger at his chin and tapped in twice. "Let's see. I was," Somehow everyone waited for his answer.

"Sleeping." Naruto answered in a carefree voice.

After hearing Naruto's answer, everyone sweat dopped except for Sakura. A vein popped out, her temper rised and she clenched her fist. Tenten gulped and backed away beside Neji. Out of the blue...


A hard punch landed on Naruto's head which made him fell flat on the ground. He gained consiousness and quickly stood up and faced Sakura with an angry face.

"OWWWW! That hurts! What was that for!?" He yelled. Sakura turned her body facing Naruto, "YOU!"

Naruto suddenly became blank (Well, as strong as he is. He is still an idiot) "Huh!?"

"First, you were sleeping the whole time I was fighting with your Kage Bunshin. Second after that, it means all the exact 3 hours of fighting, it was all your Kage Bunshin which also means I've been fighting alone all this while! Third, HOW COULD YOU BE ASLEEP!?" Sakura was certainly pissed off.

Naruto chuckled nervously after hearing Sakura's explaination in anger. "Sorry Sakura-chan. I was really exhausted after the mission two days ago. Let's see, I got here early and left my Kage Bunshin all over the place. Hinata came and brought me lunch. After I ate, I felt sleepy and I guessed, I fell asleep beside Hinata."

Sakura gave out a long sigh. "Naruto. Really. If you were just tired, you could have told me earlier and I won't have to fight alone, you stupid!"

"Right. Got it. Sorry. Anyway, what are you guys doing here?" He diverged the question towards Team Gai.

"We're here having a happy picnic day!" Tenten answered in sarcasm.

"Eh? Really?!" Naruto replied bluntly.

A vein popped out of Tenten's head, "BAKA! Of course not. We're here to check out Sakura in case she needed help."

"Tenten, calm down" Gai-sensei told her.

"Heh! Why should Sakura-chan need your help? She's stronger than any of you other than me of course" and so Naruto replied proudly.

Sakura sweat dropped. 'He's asking it from Tenten this time.' She thought.

Tenten and Naruto were having a mouth-to-mouth 'battle'.

"Scrolls are lame!"

"Kage Bunshin is just the same!"

"I wonder why they call you the oh-so-great Weapon Mistress?!"

"And I wonder why they chose you as an ANBU main head. You're an idiot!"

"It's because.. I need to achieve my goal as a Hokage!" His voice raised in determination.

"Tch, whatever. A useless Hokage, that is. An idiot like you can't possibly be a Hokage. Konoha doesn't need an idiot who always uses Kage Bunshin, a lame technique as a Hokage."

"Who cares!? As long as I will protect this village like the Sandaime."

"Mpmh, Sandaime is great man just like all the other Hokage. For example: the Yondaime. He's the best one! He's blonde and good looking. Unlike you!"

Naruto was taken back by the Weapon Mistress's words. Tenten, Neji, Lee, Gai-sensei and Sakura looked at him. He sighed, "Whatever. I'm going back for dinner. Hinata's waiting. Ja.

Naruto vanished from sight immidiately. "I think I went too far." Tenten gasped. She indeed did went a little too far. Lee nodded. Sakura felt a little pain at her chest. She knew how much it meant to Naruto to become strong. He has his own other reasons other than to protect Konoha. That is to bring their former team mate, their friend and so-called brother to Naruto, Uchiha Sasuke. That person is also her reason why she became who she was. The reason why she trained under Godaime, Tsunade-sama.

But, even after all that. She felt happiness in her. She quietly put her hand on her chest where the golden ring is place. The golden chain necklace with a golden ring around her neck, that night was the night where she met that person. She smiled to herself with the thought, 'I'm his. Hurry up and come back, Sasuke-kun.'

Sakura looked at the rest of them. "It's almost dark. We better go back now. It's okay Tenten. Naruto doesn't really mind. If it makes you feel a little better, you can apologise tomorrow morning, here at this place. Bye."

Gai-sensei agreed and walked back, "Lee, we should get Soba noodles for dinner. Agreed Lee?" The teacher asked. "YES, GAI-SENSEI! Good bye and see you tomorrow you pair of love birds!"

Tenten sweat dropped. "Neji, do you think I said too much to Naruto?" She asked her fiance while hugging him.


"Ne-ji. Seriously. Do you think I said too much-" She was cut off when Neji embraced her back.

"Yes. You did say too much. But I'm sure Naruto won't take deep by your words. He's has his own vision about his chikara. Don't worry too much."

"Mm." She grunted. "I guess, I'll apologise tomorrow then. Come on, I'm hungry. It's your turn to cook." She grinned.

Neji smirked at her words and walked back hand in hand with his beloved.

Sakura, instead of going back home, she decided to take a walk around town. She didn't have the slightest mood to have a home cook meal so she decided eat in at Iciraku Ramen. She arrived there and saw a familiar couple. A long blonde hair kunoichi with her boyfriend, a Jounin with black hair. It was none other than her best friend, Yamanaka Ino and Nara Shikamaru.

"Yo, Sakura!" Ino greeted Sakura while patting a seat beside her.

'Of all the places you could go, you ended up here.' The Inner Sakura said.

'Well, I guess after seeing Naruto, I just felt like coming here.' Sakura thought.

"Yo, Ino, Shikamaru!"

To be continued...

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