Right. This is Chapter two. Hope ya'll like it.

Preview of the previous chapter:

Sakura, instead of going back home, she decided to take a walk around town. She didn't have the slightest mood to have a home cook meal so she decided eat in at Ichiraku Ramen. She arrived there and saw a familiar couple. A long blonde hair kunoichi with her boyfriend, a Jounin with black hair. It was none other than her best friend, Yamanaka Ino and Nara Shikamaru.

"Yo, Sakura!" Ino greeted Sakura while patting a seat beside her.

'Of all the places you could go, you ended up here.' The Inner Sakura said.

'Well, I guess after seeing Naruto, I just felt like coming here.' Sakura thought.

"Yo, Ino, Shikamaru!"

-Little Dictionary

Otou-san - Father / Dad

Okaa-san - Mother

Onii-san - elder brother

Onee-san - elder sister

Yondaime - The Fourth (Hokage)

Ano baka - That idiot/fool

Arigato - Thanks

Ii desu - It's fine

Sakura sat beside Ino and smiled at the couple. She ordered her ramen and while waiting, she chattered with them. More like Ino did most of the talking.

"Ano, Sakura." Ino started a topic.

"Mm. What is it?" Sakura looked at Ino, puzzling. Shikamaru let out a short sigh. Sakura saw Shikamaru's action and was about to laugh but tried her best not to. It was because everytime Ino started a topic and Shikamaru sighed, it was always about asking Sakura a big favor and it was always about something serious. It happened before when Ino decided to date Shikamaru three years ago.

"Sakura, I was wondering if you could, urm," Ino was blushing thirty shades of red. Shikamaru looked at Ino from the corner of his eyes and smiled.

Sakura was still waiting for Ino to finish her sentence. "What it is, Ino piggie." Sakura smirked.

"Forehead girl." Ino replied. "Argh! SAKURA! Stop distracting me. I was just wondering if you could be," Ino paused. Sakura sighed.

"Ino piggie, just say it already!" Sakura was getting irritated by her pause of sentence. Ino gulped a little and looked over at Shikamaru who was clamly sipping his tea.

"Iwasjustwonderingifyoucouldbemybride'smate" Ino finished it with an exhaled of breath while blushing. "Oh, you just wanted me to be your bride's mate.." Sakura repeated what Ino said.

"WAIT! You want me to be your bride's mate!? That means you're gettin-" Sakura was already off her chair and standing in shock while Ino just laughed nervously and Shikamaru smirked.

He puts his arms around Ino's neck and kissed her cheek, which made her blush even more. The old man of Ichiraku ramen and his daughter, Ayame giggled watching the commotion.

"Yes, Sakura. Ino and I are getting married even if I think it's just too troublesome to make a big wedding." Shikamaru explained sitting back on his chair.

"I see. Wow, Ino. I guessed Shikamaru finally purposed, huh? That sure takes you a long time, Shikamaru." Sakura smirked at him while he just grunted.

"Yeah, he sure did take a long time. I thought he got bored with me and was going for Temari," Ino slightly smacked Shikamaru's arm. He rolled his eyes, "Troublesome women you are, you know that Ino?"

"Yet, you chose me." Ino played with his hair and he gave another smirk. Sakura smiled, "Congratulations you two. By the way, Ino. Have you asked Hinata and Tenten to be your bride's mate?" She took a slurp of her ramen.

Ino looked at Sakura, puzzling. Sakura and Shikamaru both sighed. Then Ayame, the Ichiraku's future owner spoke up, "Ino-san, you need at least three people to be your bride's mate. Sakura-san is only one person." Ino gasped and slapped her head.

"Oh yeah. I forgot. I've been nervous about this wedding. Thanks Ayame-san. Yes, sure. I'll ask the girls tomorrow. C'mon Shikamaru. My dad is going to murder me if I'm not home yet. Good night, Sakura." She hugged Sakura and waved good bye, Shikamaru waved good bye, well more like he just raised one hand in the air and snaked his arm around Ino's waist.

Sakura smiled to herself. "Ano, Sakura-san, I know it's not right for me to interfere with your personal life. But, don't you think you should be building your own marriage castle by now?" Ayame asked politely while drying the dishes. The old man nudged his daughter and Ayame just smiled. Sakura's eyes soften and her lips curved into a smile.

"Don't worry. There's nothing to rush." Sakura took the last slurp of her ramen and paid. She wished them good night and headed home.

"Otou-san, do you think that he would return?" Ayame asked her father who was washing the dishes.

The old man just smiled, "We've seen all of them grew up each day. We've seen Hatake Kakashi, Naruto, Sakura-san and Sasuke-san together as a team. Sakura-san believes in him, so, I'm sure he will. Trust is the most important thing in this world, Ayame." She smiled sweetly at her father's words and continued her work.

The next morning

Sakura woke up early because of her duties at the hospital. Shizune-san has a mission in the Hidden Village of Flowers. She grabbed a sandwich in her fridge and hurriedly stepped towards Konoha Hospital. She reacher the hospital and went to her office and put on her white doctor's robe. She tied her hair in a ponytail and clipped her hair to one side. A knock came at her door, revealing a nurse.

"Haruno-sama, there's a patient in room 316. She's been having a high fever for three days. Her parents tried all of the medicine we provided, but there was no result in decresing of temperature." The nurse explained.

Sakura played around with her pen and stood up from her chair. The nurse passed the patient's file to Sakura. She tapped the file with her pen for a few times then she abruptly stopped. "Come with me to the patient's room." She gripped the nurse's wrist and pulled her out of the room and quicken her steps.

'Kirimi. Hitachiin Kirimi, huh?' Sakura smiled inwardly. "A-ano, Haruno-sama. Slow down a little." Instead of that, Sakura speed a little more. The nurse sighed. They reached a door which was labelled as, 'Room 316' Sakura thought.

The nurse panted hardly. Sakura ungripped the nurse's wrist and knocked two times on the door. She entered the room and saw the patient. Sakura smiled when she saw the patient.

"Kirimi-chan." Sakura said softly, almost whispering. Sakura sat beside Kirimi's bed and held her hand. It was too hot.

'What happened to you? Why are you here? How come you're here?' There were a lot of questions playing in her mind. She shrugged it off. Her first priority is to save people. She slowly stood up and whispered something to the nurse. After hearing Sakura's plan, the nurse gasped in shock.

"Haruno-sama, are you sure? That medicine haven't been made in years. Actually, nobody dared to try making it. There is more than 75 percent it will work on the girl's abnormal high temperature and plus," Sakura wasn't really paying attention to what her nurse had to say. The nurse sighed, "It will cause you to use up 99.9 percent of your chakra to use the method on her. There's also a huge risk that you might-" She paused, "Might, cause your life in return."

Sakura kept her eyes on the girl, 'I have to save her. No matter what.' That was all in her thought. Sakura turned to look at her nurse and gave her nurse the puppy dog eyes and a cute pout. "Eargh, fine. I'll help you with it. It's not like I have choice with your decision anyway." Sakura's nurse grunted. Sakura almost yelled in happiness. She hugged her nurse and quickly went to her office to finish off her work. Sakura wanted to finish off early so that she could go to Tsunade-sama's medical library to study the ancient medical method.

At the training ground..

Naruto, Shino, Kiba, Akamaru, Chouji, Hinata and Ino were training. They took a five minutes break to catch a breath after hard training. Naruto was laying on the grass beside Hinata when he sensed two people coming their way. After awhile, he shrugged it off and closed his eyes. After a few seconds, two people came out of the bushes revealing a dark brown haired tied in two buns kunoichi and another long dark brown haired male ninja behind her.

"Yo, Tenten, Neji!" Naruto greeted them while in his current position. The rest of them looked over at the arriving couple. Ino and Hinata smiled and the guys just, "Yo!"

Tenten aproached Naruto while Neji just followed behind. Tenten sighed, "It's okay Tenten. We were planning to go Ichiraku together. Why don't you come with us?" Naruto asked before Tenten could start a conversation with him. Naruto sat back up while grinning. Tenten startled and Neji smirked, 'Ano baka, seriously knows when to say what. Arigato, Naruto.' Neji thought.

Tenten smiled and nodded slightly, "Sure, we would love to join ne, Neji?" Diverting her gaze upon her beloved fiance. Neji slightly tilted his head towards Tenten, "I beg your pardon?" Tenten clenched her fist while her veins were throbbing. Naruto, Chouji, Ino, Hinata, Kiba stiffed up and had the same thought, 'Scary, like Sakura.'

"How could you be so mean?! I'm asking you politely!" Tenten yelled at Neji who was absolutely stoic.

"Hn. You agreed and I didn't"

"Argh! I wonder why I could even like you."


"Ii desu. I'll go by myself and find me a new date to go with them. Easy." Tenten said proudly while Hinata just hide behind Naruto. Those words of hers really got Neji's attention. Nobody can come close to Tenten in a romance way. Neji grunted because he controlled his temper and wanted to maintain his cool.

"I'll go with you then we're going straight home." Neji said strictly.

"Huh? You said something?" She replied sarcastically.


"Hai." She plopped herself beside Neji and grinned happily while Neji grunted. The others laughed and they continued their training.

Short chapter. I know. Sorry, but I promise to make chapter 3 better than this. If ya'll don't quite understand what's this about and who is this Kirimi that Sakura was really making a fuss to save, read 'Fateful Encounter'. This is a sequel to the story. Dewa, Arigato gozaimasu!
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