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"Come in," The old wooden door creaked open revealing a brown haired bun nurse with spectacles and white nurse uniform holding a tray of tea cup, tea pot and some manjuu.

A pink hair girl with a doctor's coat while her hair was put up in a messy ponytail looked at her assistant, "The manjuu smells really good. What time is it now?" She asked.

The nurse served the tea and slightly sigh, "Haruno-sama, you should give your eyes some rest you know that!"

Sakura looked up, blinked then smiled. She grabbed a manjuu and took a bite. The nurse sighed again, "Haruno-sama, will you listen to me once in awhile!?" Sakura kept her gaze fixed on the book she had been reading since before dawn.

"Hey, Akari-san." Sakura said with a solemn voice.

"Hn?" The nurse looked at the young successful doctor.

A few seconds of silence, "Have a sit and eat manjuu with me, ne, Akari-san?" Sakura said cheerfully. The nurse fell to the floor anime style and got back up, "Haruno-sama!"

"It's okay, Akari-san. I just want to save the girl. It's the only way I can save her," Sakura spoke softly. The nurse which is also her assistant looked at the young doctor and gave a small smile.



"May I ask you something that might be personal?"


"Why.. Why do you intend to go so far to save this little girl? She doesn't even come from Konoha, and you know strictly very well, that Konoha's hospital is ONLY for the people of Konoha. Still, you want to save this badly,"

Sakura smiled, a gentle smile, "Who knows, Akari-san. God knows,"

"Eh?" The nurse puzzled.

'Maybe. I hope God knows why I'm doing this. Because I.. I don't even know why myself,' Sakura thought. The nurse looked at Sakura and smiled, "Whatever you say, Haruno-sama," Sakura grinned.

"I'll help you research about this treatment and make sure you treat me to something nice after we cure this girl. BUT, if this treatment cause you any damage to you in the future, I will stop it," the nurse said to Sakura.

Sakura hand over a manjuu to her assistant and smiled happily, "Okay, thank you, Akari-san. I really appreciate it and yes, I'll treat you. How about barbeque?"

"Sounds delicious," The two ladies smiled.

"Uwaaargh!" A blonde male yawned. "I'm so hungry!"

Ino twitched, "Shut up! Naruto you idiot!"

She smacked Naruto's shoulder, slightly. Chouji sighed and so did Shikamaru and the other two guys; Kiba and Shino. "Naruto, we just ate half an hour ago, for God's sake," Kiba said.

Naruto gave out a long sigh, "This is taking too long!"

Chouji nodded, "Naruto's right. We've been here to help you to pick the banquet for your wedding for almost an hour, Ino,"

While Sakura was studying hard, Ino had to prepare a lot of things for her wedding. Since Ino couldn't find Sakura's whereabouts, she had no choice but to get the guys to help her out which in her opinion; it didn't help at all.

Shikamaru kept gazing on the blue sky lazily, Chouji kept eating his barbeque chips, Naruto had been sighing every two seconds, Kiba played around with Akamaru and Shino, the guy had been standing still motionlessly since they got there.

Ino gave out a long sigh, "Guys, just go home. I'll do this myself. Sheesh," she stood up from her chair with the menu in her hand and went inside the restaurant.

Shikamaru looked at Ino's retreating figure into the restaurant and murmured something under his breath. "I-Ino," Chouji stopped munching on his chips.

Kiba stood and dusted his pants, "Well, that's what Ino said. Akamaru, let's go. Let's get some meat! Ja," he waved his hand to the other guys.

Naruto raised an eyebrow, "O-Oi, Kiba! I'm following you! Wait up!"

Naruto stopped at his track and looked at Shikamaru, "Ja ne, Shikamaru, Chouji, Shino?" Naruto looked blankly at Shino's place where he was standing, Shino wasn't there.

Chouji stared at Shino's place blankly as well, "I was sure Shino was sleeping awhile ago,"

Naruto, "Ah... Well, whatever. Good luck, Shikamaru!" Naruto ran with Kiba to the barbeque restaurant.

Chouji finally stood up, "Oi, Shikamaru. I think I'll go up ahead and meet up with my father. He said I have training today. Sorry though, we weren't of any help to Ino,"

Shikamaru slightly shook his head, "Don't worry about it. You better go now, I'll handle Ino,"

Chouji smiled and went to the training grounds. Shikamru stood up and shoved his hands into his pockets.

"Troublesome," He whispered to himself.

He went inside to Ino. He knew, Ino was desperate. None of the girls were free; Tenten had a mission with Neji and Lee, Hinata was training her little sister and Sakura, was no where to be found.

He went inside and saw Ino writing something down on a piece of paper. He sat beside her and puts his hands behind his head. Without looking at Shikamaru, Ino spoke, "I thought I told you to go home,"

"It's troublesome to just leave you like this,"

Ino still did not look up to him, "I won't get kidnapped, so go home. I can handle this myself, Shikamaru,"

"Ino," Shikamaru said lazily yet strict. Ino refused to turn to him and kept writing.

"Oi, Ino,"

"Shut up, Shikamaru! I can't think with you keep on calling my name!" Ino shouted.

Shikamaru raised his left eyebrow, "At least I got you looking at me,"

Ino grunted with a vein popped on her head, "Whatever.." she murmured.

Shikamaru sighed. He held Ino's hand in his, "Ino, don't get too tense on this wedding. It should be simple with just our family and friends. You should enjoy the day with the one you care. People won't really care about the food. Our wedding isn't a food festival, so relax. I'm sure the other girls will help you out soon,"

Ino looked at Shikamaru and rested her head on his chest, "I know that. I'm just, kind of, scared."

Shikamaru gaze up the ceiling, "Scared? Of what?"

"If this wedding won't go well,"

"Ino, what wouldn't go well? Your parents bought the wedding dress for you as a gift. The wedding cake you wanted is grand, the place of the wedding is almost done, invitation is done, you even asked your good girl friends as your bride's maid which their dresses are all perfect when we went to see it. If you're worried about the food, why not we ask for sushi and some pork and chicken barbeque. Oh, plus, some good sake as well," Shikamaru added.

Ino chuckled and stared at her fiance, "Shikamaru, you sounded like Asuma-sensei. I really wish he can see our wedding.." She voice trailed off and her eyes were teary.

Shikamaru smiled gently and caressed her hand, "He's watching over us you know. I'm sure he's happy and protecting us and Kurenai-sensei and the kid,"

Ino smiled, "Yeah, I wonder what is that kid doing now? I can make use of that kid for the wedding too!"

Shikamaru smirked at her idea as he thought it wasn't such a bad idea at all.

Sakura walked through the hospital's hallway and headed to a certain room. She knocked slowly and opened the door. She smiled softly and sat beside the hospital's bed. She caressed the little girl's cheek and whispered to herself, "Kirimi-chan, I wonder if Sasuke-kun sent you here for treatment?"

The wind blowed against the white curtain, Sakura shivered a bit, "It's a little cold. I better close the window,"

She stood up and closed the window but left a little gap so the wind still could pass through. Sakura checked Kirimi's temperature and heard the little girl murmured something in her sleep, "Sa-su-ke o-onii-sama, d-don't leave me," Kirimi cried.

"Kirimi-chan..." Sakura was surprised. 'Sasuke-kun, what in the world is happening now?' Sakura thought to herself. After finishing the check, she closed the door and thought of seeing Tsunade-sama for some help on the treatment she wanted to do.

As she walked through the village, kids running playing tag, sounds of people selling and buying things. It was a peaceful village that the First and the Second build. The people who kept the peace was the Third and the Forth. Sakura heard someone called her name. She turned and it was one of Tsunade-sama's new helper. A guy with black hair and brown eyes. He just became a jounin three months ago.

"Haruno-san, Tsunade-sama summons for you."

Sakura nodded and smiled, "Understood. I was just about to see her anyway," The male jounin bowed to her and dissapeared in smokes. Sakura walked a little faster to Tsunade's office.

Five minutes later.


"Come in!" A strict deep voice answered.

Sakura opened the door and went foward to Tsunade's desk, "Tsunade-sama."

The blonde lady with auburn eyes looked at Sakura in the eyes, "You have a mission."


"Sakura, I said you have a mission," Tsunade emphasized.

Shizune looked at Sakura, "Is anything wrong, Sakura?"

Sakura looked at Tsunade, "Tsunade-sama, my deepest apologies," she bowed down while shutting her eyes tight. Shizune and Tsunade both were quite surprised by Sakura's answer.

"Sakura..?" Shizune said softly.

"What's wrong, Sakura?" Tsunade asked in a strict voice. Tsunade rested her elbows on her desk and entwined her fingers together and rested her lips at her hands.

"Tsunade-sama. I can't leave the hospital until she is cured,"

Tsunade's eyebrow furrowed, "She?"

"Yes. She's a patient I received yesterday. The only way for me to cure her is using that forbidden treatment that hasn't been used since the First Hokage's time,"

"Sakura-san!" Shizune almost spill the tea she was pouring for Tsunade.

The Fifth dropped her hands on the desk, "Sakura, is the patient you received, in any chance might be the little girl that the ANBU members found at the river bank?"

Sakura looked up at Tsunade and slightly nodded, "Yes,"

Shizune puts the teapot on the tray and looked at the young pink haired doctor, "Sakura, are you serious? You're risking your life for some stranger even if she is a little girl. And plus, she is not from Konoha,"

"..." Sakura didn't feel any guilt.

Tsunade turned her gaze to her student and smirked, "If you give me one good answer why you can't go on the mission I'm sending you just to treat the unknown girl, I will let you stay and continue the treatment,"

"Tsunade-sama! That's-" Shizune was cut off by Tsunade's glare.

Sakura was surprised but kept herself calm, "I know her. Her name is Hitachiin Kirimi. I've met her,"

Both Shizune and Tsunade looked at her. Sakura continued, "She was, training when I bumped into her. I cured her wounds,"

"And, when was this?" Shizune asked.

"It was the time when I went on an ANBU mission to the Waterfall village," Sakura answered.

Tsunade gave a deep stare at Sakura that made Sakura feel a little nervous. "And?" Tsunade asked.

Sakura's eyes softened, "I met Sasuke-kun,"

Shizune's eyes widened and Tsunade sighed, "I see,"

A moments of silence passed until Tsunade got up from her chair and looked out the window at the village, "Shizune,"

She looked up at Tsunade, "Yes?"

Tsunade turned to her with a smile, "Call out for Hinata and Ino. Send out those two with Shikamaru, Chouji and Kiba to the Hidden Village of Ice, immediately!"

Shizune nodded and smiled, "Yes, Tsunade-sama. Well then, excuse me," Shizune exited the room to send out the orders.

Sakura smiled and bowed, "Thank you very much, Tsunade-sama,"

The blonde female nodded, "I hope you do know what you're doing, Sakura,"

She nodded, "I will not fail,"

"You better don't," Tsunade said.

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