A/N: Alright. This is an experiement fic. A lot of you seemed to have noticed that I've been writing Pokemon fics recently. Due to an annoying, as some of you may call, obsession with Pokemon, this is a crossover with Pokemon. However, because I'm trying to divert from this obsession, this is also a Kirby and Lucky Star crossover, but those parts will come in later.

Again, this is an experiment fic to see how well I can write with Kagura. And as such, this will be in first person from Kagura's point of view. A lot of the chapters were planned out on a moment's impulse while listening to music- this particular chapter was planned while listening to Gates of Heaven (Do As Infinity.)

DISCLAIMER: Screw this, I'm gonna write it once, and then never again. I don't own Azumanga Daioh. Because if I did, it would probably suck. Nor do I own Pokemon, Kirby or Lucky Star. But I have a Charizard, and it's awesome.

Chapter One: This Sucks Bad

I have no idea why Tomo decided it would be a good idea to bring a ladder into my room, climb up it, and jump off right onto my stomach. Why do I say this? Because that exactly happened early this morning, while I was still sleeping.

"CANNONBALL!" I heard the disembodied voice scream out. Moments later I felt something strike me and I unconsciously screamed out in pain. Normally I was kind of a deep sleeper, but that got me up pretty quick regardless.

"You little-" I growled, and shot up from the covers, my hand wrapping around the Bonkura's neck. Of course, being me, I couldn't just let her live. Oh no, rather, I seized my blanket and used it to tie together Tomo's hands and feet. Like, you know those bags that people carry over their shoulders when they're running away? Like, those little folds that form the knot? Yeah, Tomo's hands and feet were like the folds, and then the blanket wrapped around was, like, the knot. It was pretty funny, especially with Tomo screaming out in frustration.

Not yet satisfied, I dragged her out by the limbs. This being the summer home, there was the lower level, and then a sort of balcony on the upper level that formed the upstairs hallway. Around the balcony was some kind of railing. I held out Tomo over the railing.

"CRACKHEAD!" she screeched, thrashing around like crazy. Pretty much everyone came out running after that to see what the heck Tomo was up to. Save Osaka, but she's... well, Osaka, so she doesn't count, really.

Things got pretty hectic afterwards. Amazingly awesome, but hectic, regardless. Yukari was all out from me letting her go, Nyamo was holding out some kind of blanket net to catch Tomo if I DID drop her (though that didn't work out great, since she was the only one actually holding it) Osaka was just getting up, and I think Chiyo passed out from shock or something. Sakaki seemed to be taking her somewhere.

"Drop her! DROP HER!" shouted Yomi. I jumped back in astonishment, my grip loosening. That earned me, like, a whole ton of cussing from Tomo.

After a while, I pulled her back up, violently, might I add. I just pulled her over the railing and slammed her down on the ground after that.

"KAGURA! I'LL FLIPPIN' KILL YA!" roared Tomo. Grinning, I dashed downstairs, not really worried. I doubted that idiot could "flippin' kill" anybody. Tomo came down about ten minutes later when Yomi got fed up with her shouting and untied her, but until then, we pretty much just laughed it off. I had a feeling this was a good day.

And I learned that whatever "feeling" this was was an expert at lying.


Osaka came running to me while I was sitting in one of those oversized armchairs looking through some manga I had stolen from Tomo. She probably thought I was, like, Yomi, or something, it was hard to tell, those armchairs seemed to literally devour you whole.

"Y-yes?" I asked, struggling to get out of the weird chair.

"What's yaoi?"

"WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT?!" I shouted, almost jumping out of the chair. When I calmed down, I asked, "Who the heck told you about that?!" I really hoped Kurosawa-sensei didn't get drunk again.


"That little pervert," I snarled, getting up from the chair. A sudden tremor shook the ground, bouncing me up into the air. The miniature earthquake was followed by a screeching noise. 'SCREEEEEEEEEEEEE' it went. It sounded like some kind of mutant sea slug or something.

"OH SHIT!" shouted Tomo from outside. She made an attempt to dash back into the summer home but failed to realize the door was closed. She ended up running right through it, putting a big gaping hole in it.

"Way to go, moron," I spat at her, rising from the seat.

"Shut up and protect me!" screamed Tomo. Several painful looking splinters were erupting from her body, probably from running right through the door like a tank. "There's a big, freaking monster after me!"

"Like, you know, a bear or something?" asked Osaka. The others, alerted by Tomo's cry for help, were walking into the room.

"I don't think we can eat things we find in the wild," said Yomi. Sakaki looked horrified.

"Freaking no way 'like a bear'!" growled Tomo. "More like a goddamn dragon of doom!"

"...Okay," I responded slowly. "Maybe we should go out, investigate-"

"You can't make me go out there! Even if you take away Yotsuba&!" said Tomo.

"Actually..." I pulled out the manga from the armchair. Tomo smacked me upside the head. "What the heck?!"

"You jerk!" shouted Tomo, snatching back the book savagely. "But anyway, I'm really freaked out about this!"

"Whatever it is, count me out," yawned Yukari, walking back to bed.

"We should all go," said Chiyo, though she was shivering all over.

Eventually we managed to drag Yukari out, and we all departed together. Then we saw it. Two monsters. Fighting. One was blue, standing on four legs, and the other was pink, standing on two legs. They looked kind of like dragons, or serpents, or SOMETHING. The blue one seemed to be covered in metal that was stuck to its body in all sorts of weird ways, some of it wrapped around a blue gem on its chest. The pink one had two pink jewels in its round shoulders with no metal or anything on its body. The pink dragon drove a fist into the blue one's chest, who retalliated with a kick between the legs, which caused the pink dragon to fall to the ground, writhing in pain and agony.

Right onto Nyamo.


"Well, this sucks," said Osaka.

I slapped my forehead.