The Rogue, the Slayer and the Mage

Keliare sniffled loudly though her Rogue crossbow was steady. Even her leather armour was not good enough for this Undead attack - and what was more, most of her health potions were used up.

The white-haired lady's hands were shaking through exertion of the force that she was holding, as the rough wood strained against her palm.

The Undead Zard laughed at Keliare's effort to defend as it leapt forwards. She felt the piercing fangs scrape at her arm, stinging and raw.

Her final thought before she fell towards the ground was one of pure regret.

Meanwhile, in another part of Battleon... There was a young and enthusiastic female, wearing a familiar brown cloak with a deep-seated brim in the hat.

The other people at the inn were puzzled at her appearance as the Adventurer strode into the room with an unusual confidence. The female had amber eyes as well as jet-coloured hair that fell around her shoulders like an inky wave.

"Hello there," smiled Yulgar's blond cousin at the female, he was attempting to make conversation with the chatty girl. Seems like she is very experienced for her age.

Noting the shadowy darkened wolf near the Adventurer's feet, Hans saw that the animal had an unusually wise expression on its face, almost one of amusement.

"I see you like pets," Robina Hood laughed at the face, "What a cute canine…!"

"I have many other pets," gestured Seraphine very gently, her voice was silky and yet slightly rough for her age, which surprised Robina…

"Where do you venture when night appears?" wondered Twilly, the small one sensed…

Something eerily wrong with this female, the girl didn't smell like 'ice-cream and fishes' to his sensitive Moglin nose.

Instead Twilly smelt a musky and almost pungent animalistic scent.

Twilly leapt away agilely from the female, who had seemed to have noticed his strange reaction. Robina didn't seem to mind as she continued chattering to Seraphine.

"Well… I go to seek out Darkovian citizens, vampire-queen Safira for instance. I'm a Slayer you see, it's my job to weed out the emotionless undead who leech deserved 'health-points' from others." There was a slight hesitance in the voice.

"That's very interesting news from Darkovia; we don't often get Slayers coming to the Inn. Remaining Slayers seem to avoid the Inn like a plague of Lycans…"

Instinctively the canine companion started to howl mournfully.

Seraphine swooped to her feet as nimble as a surefooted Neff Kitten.

Robina was surprised at the swiftness, almost stepping back in fear.

The next words sent shudders down numerous spines.

"Hush, I hear someone moving outside." Seraphine murmured as she listened intently.

One could almost see the female Slayer's ears 'twitching' in utter concentration in response to an unseen presence.

"It's one of them."

"Who?" breathed Hans in squeaky tension.

The tension was demonstrated in the way his voice was strained.

"Vampiric soldiers."

The first sensation that hit the rogue was utter confusion, kaleidoscopic star bursts seemed to erupt inside her eyes, making the eyelids wince in familiar recognition.

Then there was a slow and painful awareness of the curtained surroundings.

Keliare could sense the hypnotic flame coloured dress sweeping in front of her as a sultry elegant voice caressed her mind, seducing her with the silkily velvet fabric...

Instinctively Keliare felt like she wanted to bat the dress with her hands, a voice was tempting her but she quickly disregarded it.

Then it hit her like a ton of bricks, she was in a room that was gothic in appearance and the lady in front of her was at least 6 feet tall.

Realisation made her quake morbidly as she gaped up at the towering Queen above her view.

"My slave, worthless ninja cat, you must submit to my authority."

The only sound that was emitted was several pitiful wailing squeals as the transmogrified Rogue realised she was now in grave danger.

She glanced at the barracked wooden door and saw deathly pale foot soldiers guarding the entrance.

Sensing Keliare's apparent fear, the Queen ordered the guards to back off.

Obeying the commands, the demonic foot soldiers glanced at the strange being at the gothic Queen's feet and hissed loudly.

"My Queen, what shall we do with this scallywag?" bowed a General as his voice echoed broadly through the increased darkening shadows.

"Nothing, General Grim-Weld. I have my own plans for the Rogue."

Author's Note: Muhahaa, I ended it on a cliffhanger didn't I?

They are based on three of my Adventure Quest players! More will be added soon

Poor Keliare and Seraphine will be drawn into the battle of their lives soon.

And what is up with Seraphine? She seems very tense. Will she defeat those vampiric soldiers?
What is the secret that Seraphine covets? Why didn't Keliare get the Grim Reaper treatment?

Why does Safira want Keliare for her plans?

All will be revealed soon