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"Kyuubi speaking"


Sign Language

'Thoughts or Naruto talking to Kyuubi, Silver or Lightning'

"Talking normal"

Silver and Lightning talking

«ₒ•°ºº•ₒₒₒ•ºº°•ₒ»Last time…«ₒ•°ºº•ₒₒₒ•ºº°•ₒ»

A few hours had passed and the Hokage, Iruka, and Sasuke were all waiting in the Waiting Room, it was then that a doctor who had helped in the surgery came into the room. She had a dark pinkish colour hair and purple eyes. She had approached the Hokage most likely to address him, "I'm Kubo Moe, and I'm the boy's doctor from now on. His condition has stabled, and it was quite an odd surgery it seemed like his body was already healing himself at a much faster rate than I've ever seen before besides one other case. He is still unconscious but he should be waking up soon, if he is who I think he maybe." Dr. Kubo explained.

"Can we see him now then?" Iruka asked.

Dr. Kubo smiled and showed them to the boy's room.

«ₒ•°ºº•ₒₒₒ•ºº°•ₒ»Present time in the Patients room«ₒ•°ºº•ₒₒₒ•ºº°•ₒ»

It had been few hours since Dr. Kubo taken them to the mysterious boy's room, and all three of them had fallen asleep waiting for the boy to wake up, or at least learn something more about the mysterious boy.

Sasuke had fallen asleep in a chair that was by the bed. Iruka and Sarutobi had fallen asleep too sitting in chairs.

The boy lay on the bed, hooked up to a few machines. It was right about than that a nurse enters the room that the boy began to wake up, startling everyone.

"Impossible! No one has ever recovered from an injury like this that fast before! He should be out for at least another week or two!" The Nurse gasped out in surprise, before she quickly ran out the door calling out "Doctor Kubo!"

Doctor Kubo came rushing into the room, taken note that the boy's guests had yet to awake, the nurse following right behind him, and quickly began explain what she had seen. "No… you're wrong Tabby-san there is only one person who can heal that fast and awaken. But… he was said to be dead, six years ago at the age of six, but they never found a body…" Doctor Kubo mused aloud to herself, as she walked over to the awakening boy.

"Kubo-san, you don't think…?" The Nurse Tabby inquired trailing off at the end as she looked at the doctor questionably.

"It's quite possible, wake up the Hokage-sama and the others." She ordered as she watched the boy.

«ₒ•°ºº•ₒₒₒ•ºº°•ₒ»With Naruto…«ₒ•°ºº•ₒₒₒ•ºº°•ₒ»

Naruto groaned softly as he began to stir, he was slightly aware that he wasn't in the forest anymore, but before he could panic, Kyuubi called out to him.

"Kit… Oi, Kit! Daijoubu1" Kyuubi asked worried for her kit.

'Hai2, dou shita no3' Naruto asked confused.

Kyuubi sighed tiredly she knew answering her vessel's question will lead to him panicking and trying to escape. "I will tell you but you must promise me you won't run off first." She demanded, leaving no choice for arguments.

'I promise, now tell me!' Naruto promised he was starting to get worried now that Kyuubi was making him promise stuff.

"You weren't paying attention when we were talking together earlier when you where hopping trees. You ended up failing and hit the back of your head on the rocks. I had to use a lot of my chakra to keep you alive, trying to heal your wound. Right now you're in ningen territory. It seems that some children had found you and took you to the hospital. You underwent surgery to help patch up your head. It should be fine now, as it was before. Your memories are still locked up somewhere but that's not new. There are five ningens with you inside this room." Kyuubi explained carefully, waiting for her vessel's reaction…

'Well that explains why my head hurts like hell… WHAT THE HELL DO YOU MEAN I'M IN NINGEN TERRITORY?!' Naruto shouted at Kyuubi, he bolted up from his bed, looking at the five ningens in shock and terror looking around everywhere for an escape, which he didn't seem to find.

Kyuubi meanwhile, was trying her best to calm her host down. "Naruto! Naruto… calm down. Come on Naruto please calm down. Sit down boy! Naruto calm down this instant!" Kyuubi finally shouted at her vessel, snapping him somewhat out of his state of panic. Naruto sat back down, and took more time to look around at his new surroundings, mainly on the boy in the corner, 'He's pretty…, but he seems like a bastard.'

«ₒ•°ºº•ₒₒₒ•ºº°•ₒ»With Iruka Sarutobi Sasuke…«ₒ•°ºº•ₒₒₒ•ºº°•ₒ»

Sarutobi sat carefully looking at the boy. While Iruka was busy talking to him, but it was either that the boy wasn't paying attention to him, or it seemed like he could hear what was being said to him. Suddenly it clicked.

"Iruka," Sarutobi stated seriously diverting the attention of Iruka, "You still remember sign language correct, from when you with him?"

Iruka nodded hesitantly, "try it."

Looking back at the boy, Iruka walked up to him and started making hand-sighs. You're in Konoha, would you mind telling us your name, and if you remember anything? I'm Umino Iruka, besides me is the Hokage-sama, and the boy is Uchiha Sasuke, he was one of the kids who found you.

Naruto looked over Iruka thoughtfully, 'He looks familiar…' a flash of a man smiling at him quickly flashed in his mind, another of him and the man eating ramen. Naruto blinked shocked, trying to understand these flashes, while Kyuubi mused to herself. 'His memories are finally starting to unlock again. I hope everything will be okay.'

Naruto looked over to the others 'old man, Hokage-sama he looks familiar too…' a flash of him smiling infront of the man he was sitting infront of him infront of a big desk… and paperwork was flying everywhere.

Naruto debated over giving them his name, and decided to anyhow, yes. Naruto. Yes and No.

Sarutobi laughed at the responses yes, this boy for sure was Naruto.

Iruka had tears in his eyes when he heard the answer, and hugged the Naruto.

Naruto sat in shock; he didn't comprehend what was happening. Why was this man crying? Why was he hugging him? It didn't make sense to him.

CRASH! Iruka Let goes of Naruto in surprise as suddenly the glass window in Naruto's room, and in came two foxes, looking franticly before jumping up onto Naruto's bed and began yipping at him, who seemed to understand them.

You're okay? When you didn't come to the lake, we looked for you, and tracked you down here? What happened, your blood is on the rock bed.

'Don't worry, I'm okay. I just wasn't paying attention, and got hurt as result.'

You really are a baka!

'Shut it!' snapped Naruto.

Iruka tried to get close to Naruto, but the two foxes turned and started growling at him, while Naruto stiffened again, he doesn't trust ningens, but something was off about the man, so he let him join them.

"He took care of you before you lost your memories" Kyuubi informed him.

When Iruka touched Naruto's shoulder, his body suddenly when into shock, he was shaking violently. In his vision, he saw flashbacks of him as a child, and a young teenager walking down the street. Another of him running with people chasing after him down the street, one of him in his room crying as men took away his innocence.

Iruka was panicking; his little brother who has been missing for 6 long years is going into shock. What is he suppose to do!?

Sasuke, who has been watching all of this, went to get a doctor, who came in shortly, him following behind again.

"Dr. Kabo, what's wrong?" Iruka asked worriedly.

"He's gone into shock. We're gonna give him something to knock him out for a while." Dr. Kabo explained as Nurse Tabby came in with the medicine, when she tried to approach him however the two foxes started growling at her, making her step back.

«ₒ•°ºº•ₒₒₒ•ºº°•ₒ»Lightening and Silver conversation«ₒ•°ºº•ₒₒₒ•ºº°•ₒ»

It seems his bloodline is wakening, I hope Mom will be able to surpress it.

What should we do if it starts to awaken? He won't survive it despite Mom being inside of him.

Don't be so negative! He can survive anything! We just gotta believe!

I hope Kami will help him.

«ₒ•°ºº•ₒₒₒ•ºº°•ₒ»a week later«ₒ•°ºº•ₒₒₒ•ºº°•ₒ»

After a week in the hospital, Iruka asked Naruto if he would live with him, who Naruto hesitantly agreed to.

And now here we are a week later, Naruto and Iruka were walking though the village. Someone in the hospital had leaked that Naruto was alive and well, it resulted in many people getting angry.


"Monster! You should have died that day!"

Iruka heard the shouts and whispers spoken among the villagers, what they called Naruto, it was one of the plus sides of him being deaf, and he couldn't hear them. But that doesn't mean he didn't notice the glares. And he could read lips, but he preferred to look at the ground when traveling through the village with Iruka and others.

What matter? Naruto asked as he looked up to Iruka.

Iruka seemed hesitant at first before he answered, Nothing, don't worry about it, I am ok. How about I treat you to ramen?

Okay. What's ramen?

You will see when we get there

Sasuke was walking through the streets, he was bored. He looked up and saw a man picking up a rather large stone and threw it at Naruto.

"Watch out!" Sasuke shouted at Naruto trying to warn him of his incoming doom forgetting that he couldn't hear him.

He was shocked when Naruto body jumped out of the way just as it was going to hit him and continued walking like nothing had happened completely unfazed. Iruka on the other hand wasn't, he had seen the man who threw the rock and was next to him in a flash holding him up against the wall by his neck.

"If I even see you try to hurt that boy, I will make you wish that your mother never met your father." Iruka hissed his voice promised torture and pain. The villagers were shocked to see Iruka behave that way, he was always a kind and sweet man.

Are you ok? Sasuke asked, he had been studying sign language with Iruka the past week so he could talk to Naruto.

Yes. Was all he got in reply.

How did you do that? Iruka asked as he had rejoined the small group.

Do what? Naruto had in reply questioned, a confused look taken place on his face.

I mean, how did you manage to dodge the rock like that? Only trained shinobi should be able to dodge like that, and you couldn't heard Sasuke warn you. Iruka explained as they entered Ichiraku's Ramen and took their seats, "I'll have one Miso Ramen, a Chicken Ramen for him and Sasuke what would you like?" Iruka asked.

"Oh uh… Beef Ramen." Sasuke ordered, before going right back into their previous conversation.

Huh? Someone threw a rock at me? Naruto asked surprised, Sasuke and Iruka on the other hand had completed their mastering of the Anime Fall no Jutsu. Well, mother trained me to move by instinct, I guess you could call it a sixth sense. It took me a few years to learn it, but it paid off. Especially when you send your life living in the forest, you have to survive and rely on instinct. The forest is no walk in the park, believe me. Naruto retold them, just before their ramen had arrived. Naruto looked at it hesitantly before trying it. And it was with just that one bite Naruto was soon stuffing his mouth.

To say that Iruka and Sasuke were shocked would be an understatement. Naruto talked like he never disappeared for six years living in the forest in isolation. He sounded like a genious.

What? Naruto demanded as he noticed them starring at him.

Nothing, said Sasuke and Iruka at the same time.

Iruka's thoughts where somewhere else, 'I wonder if I can get the Hokage to give Naruto an IQ test and put him im the academy'

Naruto, who is your mom? Sasuke asked as he finished his own ramen.

Didn't I tell you? Sasuke shook his head no in reply.

Oh. You'll meet her soon! She is very beautiful and powerful and really smart! Naruto smiled at the thought as they left the Ramen Shop.

Ok now let's get you home, Iruka said as they resumed walking towards Iruka's house, the Uchiha District was just a little farther on.

«ₒ•°ºº•ₒₒₒ•ºº°•ₒ»Lightening and Silver conversation«ₒ•°ºº•ₒₒₒ•ºº°•ₒ»

Silver and Lightning were following them silently on top of the roofs. Both where worried when they saw a villager pick up a stone to throw at Naruto, just when they were going to jump down Naruto had dodged it.

Damn, Nii-chan is getting better every day. Silver commented happily.

Yeah, it is seem like yesterday when we took him in. Lightning said sighing.

Naruto doesn't seem to need us anymore, but we'll always be there with him no matter what. After all he is our only family we have left now. Silver said sadly.

Not liking where the conversation was going Lightning told, Let's go Silver, we're getting left behind we need to catch up before we lose them.

And the two foxes ran off after Naruto, heading towards Iruka's house.

Iruka opened the door to his house, waiting for Naruto and Sasuke to walk inside.

When Naruto walked in the first thing he saw was a wall filled with photos. He walked over to it to get a better look. There was a picture… it looked like him when he was younger. 'Is that… me?' Naruto thought to himself.

As if reading Naruto's mind Iruka came up behind him, smiling softly. "That was you. It was taken two years before you disappeared." Iruka told him a far off look in his eye, before he went to hug Naruto. Naruto tensed at the hug caught off guard by the sudden action.

Sasuke smiled at the scene before him, until a knock at the door caught everyone's attention.

Iruka opened it, and was surprised to be greeted by the Hokage; the same could be said about Sasuke. Naruto meanwhile had taken his chance to explore a bit more around the house.

"Hokage-sama, what a surprise! Come in come in!" Iruka exclaimed happily, moving aside to the him in.

"Thank you Iruka-san, where is Naruto?" he asked.

Iruka looked around "He was right here…"

"He's in the living room." Sasuke told them, walking back to where Naruto was, followed by the other.

Hey Ojii-chan! Naruto smiled, making the others sweatdrop at what Naruto had said.

"Hello Naruto-kun…" The Hokage trailed off as he looked out the window, "Iruka I didn't know you had pets?"

"Eh? I don't have any pets." Iruka asked confused.

"Why do you have two foxes on the window sill?" The Hokage asked.

Naruto got up and walked to the window silently opening in letting the two foxes in. 'I thought you two went back home.' It was a statement not a question Naruto told the two.

We wanted to stay with you, who else is going to keep you out of trouble? Silver yipped at Naruto.

The others looked confused, it was the same foxes from before at the hospital. And it seemed Naruto was able to understand what it was saying because he was twitching.

'Shut up before I hit you!' Naruto muttered to the two.

The fight between Silver and Naruto was getting on Lightning's last nerves, even though they fought all the time, it didn't mean he couldn't get tired of it. He hate to be put in middle of their stupid fights, he was the calm on while Naruto was the youngest free-spirited of the three. Silver was rash and quick to defend his brothers.

Okay you idiots break it up before I get mad! Lightning threatened.

To which almost immediately stopped fighting. It wasn't smart to get Lightning mad.

The others watched on, Sasuke trying hard not to laugh at the scene before him but it was really hard not to, so he just gave in and laughed, surprising both Iruka and the Hokage. 'Maybe Naruto living here isn't such a bad idea after all…' Iruka and the Hokage thought.



Daijoubu – Are you okay?

Hai – Yes

Dou shita no – What happened?

ojii-chan – Old man, Grandpa


Disclaimer: I don't own Naruto, Sasuke does!

Bold mean Kyuubi talk

( )-Naruto talking to Kyuubi

Underline-Silver talk

" underline"- Lighting talk

mean the character is thinking

" inner sakura"- the arrogant woman talking

' ' mean character is talking

The story has yaoi in later chapterd, if you don't like it then go back! Sorry it took me so long to update, here is the story! This is part one, the next part will be in tomorrow!

'Sure, follow me genletmen'

Sasuke and Iruka follow the doctor into Naruto's room, they notice he has some machine hook on him. The boy starting to waking up, the doctor went to c heck up on him.

'Impossible, no one ever recover from this quickly from injure like this'

Naruto groan and looking around, he realized that he is no longer in the forsest, but he is in a strange room with three strange humans looking at him.

Hey, kit. Are you ok?

(Yeah, what happen?)

Well, you didn't pay attention where you where going. I guess you fell down and hit your head.

Kyuubi used almost all her charka up trying to keeping her kit alive.

(No wonder why my head hurt like hell)

Maybe next time you need tp pay more attention to your surrond

(Yes, mother )

Iruka, Sasuke and the doctor look at the boy as he laughted out loud for no reason at all.

'Hello' , said Iruka, 'what is your name? My name is Iruka'.Naruto didn;t hear the man was talking to him, instead he was looking at the boy with raven hair, he is beautiful, but he look like a bastard. 'Strange', said Iruka, ' he didn't look at me when I was talking to him'. Naruto want so badly to talk to the boy, but he knew that he cannot talk. He remember Kyuubi tought him sign lanuage when he want to talk to his brothers. Well, it better than saying nothing at all.

My name is Naruto, what is your name?

Sasuke doesnt undstand what was the boy sais, but Irkua does, it cannot be after all of those time, he is alive. Naruto is alive. First time in six years Iruka felt happy

My name is Iruka Umino. Do you remember me?

No, but you look so familar but I seem cannot place it.

Suddenly the glass window in the Naruto's room has broken, two foxes jumped through it.

Are, you ok? When you didnt come to the lake, we descided to track you down. What happen? We find your blood on the bed of rocks

( I am ok, I just didnt pay attention and I fell and hit the ground)

" You are rellay baka"

( Oh, shut up you damn fox) snapped Naruto.

Iruka tried to get close to Naruto but he couldn't because two foxes start to growling at him as warning to stay away from Naruto. Iruka injone them, Naruto at first stiffed because he doesnt trust all human, but there is something about him that seem to so gentley like he has a kind heart.

He is kit, he took care of you when you where six years old

( really? But howcome I don't remember him?)

I guess, you where too young to remember him

(ok, I will do what you tell me what to do)

Iruka touch Naruto, Naruto went shock, his body was starting to shaking so violet. Naruto was having a premention. In his vision, he saw a 6 years old boy with a young teenager walking in the street, he realized the teenager as Iruka , and he saw himself when he was young child.

'Doctor, what happen?'-said worry Iruka

'I don't know it seem he went to shock', she sound the alert and nurses come in the roonm and put something inside Naruto.

'What did you do?'

'Well we put some medice that will stop the shock, he will be ok, it just knocked him out for a while'

Both foxes jumped when Naruto went in shock. They look at Naruto worrying.

Look like his bloodline is starting to awaken, I wonder how long can mom supress it?

"What are we going to do if they starting to awaking? I don't think he can survive it despire mom is inside him"

Don't be such a worry wart, he can survive anything! Brother have faith in him

"Ok, I hope that kami will help him.

Afer having been in hospital nearing a week, Naruto asked Iruka if he can live with him, and Iruka was happy that Naruto will be living with him. Both Iruka and Naruto was walking thorought the village, somehow someone in the hospital leaked that Naruto is alive and well.


'Monster! You chould have die that day!'

Iruka hear what the village called Naruto, fortunatley Naruto didnt hear them but he did notice that the villagers give him glaces.

What matter?

Nothing, don't worry about it, I am ok. How about I treat you to ramen?

Ok, sure but what is ramen?

You will see when we get there

Sasuke was walking through the street, he was so borning. There is something so failair about him, I have seen him before but where? He look up and saw a man picking up a large rock and throw it toward Naruto.

'Watch out!' yelled Sasuke, Naruto didint hear him but his body reflax jump out of harm's way. Iruka saw who thrown the rock, he ran toward the man and punch him so hard, he dislocated the man's jaw.

'If I even see you again, I will made you wish that your mother has never ever met your father', said Iruka in a deadly voice. All the villager was so shocked to see him behave this way, Iruka was always so nice and sweet. The man nod and runway in coward way. Sasuke run toward them.

'Are you ok?', asked Sasuke, he learn sign language from Iruka \


How can you do that?, asked Iruka

Do what?, Naruto has no idea what Iruka is talking about

I mean, how can you jump like that? No one can jump like that untiness they are ninja, also you didnt hear Sasuke nor you turn around

oh, that? Well my mom trained me to move by instinct, it is like I have sixth senses. It took me a loing time to learn how to learmed how but it pays off. If you spent spent all of your life in the forest like me, you have to learn to survive and realy on instinct. The forest is full of danger,trust me, I leaned it first hand.

Both Sasuke and Iruka couldnt believe what has Naruto said, he sound like a intenlligence person, yet he spent almost all his life in the forest.


Naruto notice that they were starting at him like they has seen a ghost or something.

Nothing,said Sasuke and Iruka at the same time. I wonder if I can the Hokage to give Naruto a IQ test and put him im the acadmey-throught Iruka.

Naruto, who is your mom?-asked Sasuke

Did I tell you?, Sasuke shake his head

I must has forget, you will met her soon, she is very beautiful and powerful

Ok, let get you home,said Iruka

They resume walking toward Iruka and Sasuke's house.

scence change

Silver and Lighting were following them in silent trought the roof tops. When they saw the villager picking up the large rock, they were piss off, Both of them were ready to protect Naruto from danger. They saw Naruto dodge it.

Damn, the kid is getting better everyday

"Yeah, it is seem like yesterday when we took him in"

Naruto seem not need us anymore, but we will always be with him no matter what. After all he is the only family we get left.

"Lets go, Silver, we are being left behide. We need to catch up before we lost them."

Both foxed run trought the roof top in breathtaking speed,they smell Naruto's secent lead them toward Iruka's house.

Iruka open the door as he did, Naruto walk in and saw a wall full of pictures. He saw a picture of him when he was younger, is that me?-asked Naruto. Yes, it was taken when wen met for the first time,said Iruka. Iruka move to hug Naruto as he did Naruto flick a little. Sasuke smile at the secens before him, he hear the knock at the door, he when to open the door. Sasuke is suprise to see t the Hokage, 'Hello Saskue, is Iruka home?'. 'Yeah, he is in the living room with Naruto'. Sasuke led Sandaime to the living room, Naruto smile at the Hokage, Hey old man. All of them sweat drops at what Naruto said, Naruto, please show respect to your elders, said Iruka. 'It ok, Naruto always call me that even when he was younger. The Hokage look at the window, he saw two foxes stand outside near the window, 'I didnt know that you have pets Iruka. ' What are you talking about? I don't have any pets', said Iruka. 'Ok then, why there are tow foxes near the window?',saild the Hokage.

How can they find us?

Iruka open the window to let the foxes in.

( I throught both of you went back home)

We want to but we want to stay with you, someone have to keep you out of trouble

shup up, before I hit you in the head)

The fight between Silver and Naruto is starting to get on his nerves, even thought they fight all time, he is really get tire of it. He hate to be put in the middle of their stupid fight, he is the calm one while Naruto is the youngest and freespritit of the brothers.

" Ok, guys, break it up before I am starting to get mad"

Almost immentaly they stop fighting with each others, they don't want to made Lighting mad. Sasuke tried so hard not to laugh at the sencet before but he could, he laugh so loud, it suprise both Iruka and the Hokage. Maybe Naruto living here is not bad idea at all- both Hokage and Iruka think at the same time.

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