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Note: With Naruto, this takes place after the Gaara/Akatsuki arc, but before Sai is introduced. (I'm not going to bring Sai in, his personality, or lack thereof, is far too difficult for me to deal with. And during Kakashi's fight with Deidara, he wasn't injured as bad, OK?) In the Star Wars timeline, it's after the events of Empire Strikes Back. (Still wondering if I should do references on Shadows of the Empire.)

Summery: After centuries of isolation from the rest of the galaxy, Naruto's world, Chikyuu, is invaded. Will the shinobi band together? Will aid come to them in the form of outsiders? Or will the 'Will of Fire' be extinguished by the Empire's ruthless fist?

The Shinobi, the Rebels, and the Empire

Chapter I: Contact

A long, long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, there was a planet known by it's inhabitants as Chikyuu, which simply meant, 'the planet.' The Old Republic had long been aware of this Outer Rim world. Naturally, they attempted contact, but after loosing tens of ships and several Jedi, the Senate had decreed that the system be sealed off. For a time, the Jedi Order had kept a watchful eye on the war-torn planet, amazed and appalled when a war spread the entire span of a continent. Soon, however, duty called and the Clone Wars began. Amidst the chaos and strife, Chikyuu managed to slip under the radar of the war that ravaged the galaxy. For decades they had remained unaware of the destruction that the new Galactic Empire reeked upon thousands of worlds, and the untold numbers that they had tortured and killed. They remained blissfully unaware of all this…until now.

"Hey, Tsunade-baachan!" a loud voice could be heard in hall outside the Hokage's office. Loud banging came from the door, despite the protests from the guards in the hall.

The busty blonde groaned. Why did he have to be so damned cheerful and loud in the morning? The door swung inward, and Uzumaki Naruto stepped in, giving his trade mark foxy grin.

"Yo!" he said, but promptly got a smack on the back of his head form his pink-haired teammate, Haruno Sakura.

Naruto was dressed in his usual outfit of orange and black, though it wasn't as irritatingly bright as the first one. (Thank Kami for that.) his head band was in it's usual place, across his forehead, though it seemed he got new material for the cloth. As she watched the two squabble, she couldn't help but note just how much Naruto looked like the Yondaime, except for the three whisker like markings that were on each of the teen's cheek

"Idiot!" the teen next to him snapped. "Treat her with more respect, honestly!"

Tsunade shook her head at her apprentice. Despite her bright hair color (she was still looking for a clan with a trade mark of pink hair), Sakura managed to become an excellent shinobi. She had her red shirt and shorts, her head band being used to keep her hair back, which was cut to chin length.

"Cut it out you two," Tsunade glared at them. They both went quiet, Naruto still with a slight sheepish grin. Satisfied, she nodded, knowing that was going to be as much as she could get from them. After a moment's notice, there was a poof of smoke and Hatake Kakashi appeared near his students, surprisingly on time.

"Alright, I have a mission for the three of you," Tsunade stated. Seeing Kakashi's questioning look, she said, "I know it's be better if I assigned a fourth person to your team, but right now, there's no one I can that would fit well, and the rest of the Rookie Nine are out on missions."

"So what's the mission?" Naruto grinned.

"I'm getting to that," the Sannin suppressed the urge to whack him like her apprentice did. "The mission is a low B-rank reconnaissance mission. Normally, Team 8 would get this mission, but their out on duty right now."

"Recon?" Sakura frowned slightly. After hearing from Sasori during her fight that the Akatsuki member had a spy that he was to meet up with, the kunoichi wanted to head to the bridge as soon as possible.

Tsunade sighed. "I know you want to find Sasuke as soon as possible, but until I can find a fourth member for your team, I won't let you accept the mission.

"Back to the original subject," she said. "Reports tell us that a strange meteor crashed somewhere near the capital," Tsunade continued. "Due to local superstition, the normal law enforcement avoid it like the plague. I want you to figure out if there really is anything to worry about."

"Wait a sec!" Naruto protested. "Your telling me we just gotta find this hunk of rock from space and tell 'em 'It's A-OK?'"

"I know it seems to be a waste if time, but an astronomer who saw the meteor said that she guaranteed it wasn't a space rock." Tsunade shrugged. "Alright, you leave tomorrow at eight o'clock." The three nin nodded, but the Hokage added one more thing. "Oh, and Kakshi? Don't be late."

The space probe dropped out of hyperspace as it neared a gravitational shadow created by a planet. Though usefulness of it's information had already passed, it still sought for a planet that might host the Rebellion. It scanned a nearby planet to see if it had signs of life and technology.

After getting a positive on both ends, it then aimed for the largest continent. After a blast from it's now weak rockets, the probe went through the procedures of crash-landing.

Streaking through the atmosphere, it smashed into the ground with considerable force, near a large city. After cooling down to about 104 degrees Fahrenheit, the Imperial probe droid pulled itself out of what was left of the pod. Scanning it's surroundings, it began sending a coded message to the Star Destroyer Executor.

AN: I know, not much, but you gotta start somewhere. And about that probe droid, I know it's from Episode V, but I don't think all of them would land at once. If they did, the Star Destroyer's computer would get overloaded with information, and fry. Then either one of two things would happen. Vader and his crew would be stuck in space until they can finish repairs, or the ship would blow. Not a graceful ending for a Sith Lord, eh? Anyway, hope ya liked it. Later!