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Chapter II: Confirmation

Naruto yawned as sunlight streamed into his window, warming his face. Blinking, he sat up, looking at his calendar. He saw what he wrote yesterday. ' "Mission, B-rank",' he thought as he read it. 'Probably boring. Why's 'baa-chan even sending us on this when there's Sound and the Akatsuki to worry about?' He shook his head, rolling out of bed. After finishing his shower, he made a sandwich for breakfast. He still loved ramen, but now that he had a little more money for food (some people were finally beginning to accept him, and not overcharge him), he began to eat a more balanced diet. (Plus Tsunade-baachan and Sakura-chan wouldn't leave him alone about his eating habits.)

Munching on his ham sandwich, he gathered what he'd need on his mission, when Kyuubi decided to speak up.

'I don't like this,' the demon, Kyuubi no Kitsune, growled from it's cage.

'And why's that?' Naruto asked mentally. (The first time he had free contact with the furball he used to speak out loud. Got some weird stares from that.)

'That's it. I can't put my paw on it.' it replied.

'Hm…how bad?'

'Could be anything,' Kyuubi said.

Naruto frowned. Several times previously he had ignored the demon whenever it had a feeling of unease. When ever he did that though, he usually ended up in some nasty fight or another and got landed in the hospital for his trouble. Now a days he didn't question Kyuubi's warning, seeing how it kept him alive and out of trouble.

"Whatever," he muttered under his breath, but packed a few more weapons and provisions into his bag. 'Happy?'

'Hmph. It'll do.' The fox then cut the connection.

Naruto shrugged, then finished his breakfast and was out the window.

He found Sakura at the gate, and grinned. "Morning Sakura-chan!" he waved.

"Good morning Naruto," she nodded, smiling. "Hey, you think that Kakashi-sensei will actually be on time today? He was yesterday."

Naruto snorted. "that was only because Tsunade-baachan threatened to dock his pay and burn that book of his if he was late again."

Sakura laughed. "Yeah, your right."

Said ninja was earlier than he usually was, only about an hour late.

"Yo," The Jounin gave his customary greeting, and excuse. "I ran across a black cat and-"

"That's the fifth time you used that one Kakashi-sensei," Naruto grumbled. "Let's go already!"

"I'm not your sensei anymore," the Jounin sighed, but kept up with his former students as they left the village.

By normal standards, the capital of the Land of Fire was about two days travel. By shinobi standards it was less than half that time.

Team 7 reached the crash site of the mysterious meteor with around two hours of good light left. There they met the astronomer that witnessed the impact.

"I haven't seen anything like this!" the lady exclaimed when they approached her. "If you want my honest opinion, I think it may have contained something."

"Contained what exactly?" Kakashi asked as Naruto began poking at the twisted metal, which was all that remained of the original object.

"Well, that's the thing, I'm not sure," she shook her head, ignoring the two teens bicker as Sakura began scolding Naruto. "There are a couple projects to attempt space flight and satellites, and this wreck seems to have the key components needed to achieve that."

"Wait a sec!" Naruto hollered from where he was. "You're saying that this thing can fly in space?"

The woman nodded. "Well, it could if it wasn't so banged up, but yes."

Kakashi seemed to think for a bit, then straightened as he heard a faint strange ringing noise. It took him a few moments to realize what it was. Electronic equipment. (You know that ringing sound you can hear when the TV is turned on? Like that.)

"Sakura! Naruto!" the Jounin quickly called to the two. They were instantly on guard.

"What is it, Sensei?" Naruto asked quietly. Then he heard it too, and frowned. Sakura also heard it. After telling the astronomer that they'd be back, they set out to investigate.

The source wasn't far. After less than a minute or so of tree-leaping, they found a strange robotic mechanism floating behind a ridge. It seemed to be looking at the capital, and it made a strange noise that almost sounded like a voice.

"What the…?" Naruto whispered.

"I don't know," Kakashi said, answering Naruto's unasked question. "But I think that it came from the crater."

"What should we do?" Sakura asked, pulling on her gloves.

"Hey hey, maybe there's a way to deactivate it!" Naruto whispered excitedly.

"Huh?" Sakura frowned.

" You know, turn it off without wrecking it," the blonde said. "So we can figure out where it came from or something."

His former teacher nodded. "Good thinking Naruto," he said.

"Hey, an electric attack outta put it out of commission," Naruto looked to Kakashi. "You know, overload the circuits."

"And since when were you an expert on foreign technology?" Sakura looked at him, a bit impressed, but also a little annoyed that he knew more than her on something.

"Sci-fi," he grinned. "I used to watch it when I could sometimes. And not all of it's fiction."

"…" Kakashi didn't respond, powering up a low level lightning technique.

However, the machine noticed them. The head turned, lenses pointing in their direction. It produced a strange wailing sound that made the ninja's ears ring and, without warning, exploded.

"Holy-!" Naruto yelped as he dodged some shrapnel. "Why the heck did it do that?!"

"How am I supposed to know?" Sakura winced, rubbing her ears. "You're the expert. You OK sensei?"

"Yeah, I'm fine," he nodded. He paused for a moment then said, "Why do you think it did that?"

Sakura was puzzled for a second, about to say that none of them really knew, then realized that Kakashi wanted to hear their theories on the reason why the strange mechanism blew up. "…It was seemed to realize that it was discovered," she stated as she replayed the events in her mind's eye. "When this happened…it destroyed itself."

"And why would it do this?" Kakashi turned to Naruto.

"Hmmm…" Naruto frowned. The machine had been overlooking the city like it was examining it. Was it looking for information? "A spying machine?" he asked. "But not even Rain has that kind of technology. Who would-?"

'It wasn't any of the Shinobi countries,' Kyuubi suddenly stated. 'This was something beyond the abilities of those in this world.'

'What are you saying?' the orange-clad ninja asked.

The demon sighed with irritation. 'That this man-made…thing came form another world.'

"What?!" Naruto cried out loud. The others looked at him in concern, but he ignored them and said, 'How is that possible?'

'Fool, you thought this world was the only one in existence?' Kyuubi scorned. 'For you're information, there are at least several hundred worlds capable of making this sort of thing.'

'How do you know?' Naruto frowned. Kyuubi rarely gave him information on anything, so he wasn't about to pass up an opportunity like this to get it.

'…Several centuries ago, outsiders came to this world,' the demon finally said. 'They claimed that they were from some sort of political body that spanned across the stars. They offered to the humans here an opportunity to join this "Galactic Republic," but something didn't sit well with me about some of the beings that visited. They had strange powers, and even stranger…I believe the word is "technologies." With a few of the other Bijuu, I destroyed any outsider who dared trespass here. They finally left after a few decades, and I have seen no sign of them ever since. But now…' The fox fell silent, and nothing Naruto said could get it to continue. All he felt was a slight sense of unease over their link, which made him nervous. What could make the Kyuubi feel uneasy?

He told the others what he had been told, and they agreed to gather up what they could of the machine and head back to Konoha.

(The Star Destroyer Executor…)

The new recruit worked at his station with a measure of excitement and apprehension. He had been working on Coruscant for several years as one of the supervisors of the computers that regulate the city-planet's defenses. Though his job was rather different on the Executor (He dealt with new information pertaining to military bases, Rebel, Imperial, or otherwise), he tackled it vigor. Partially because he actually enjoyed the work, but mostly he wanted to stay alive and out of Darth Vader's wrath.

The young man swallowed when he thought about the Dark Lord of the Sith. He was rather low in the command chain, so he's only seen the Sith Lord twice, and to be honest, he wanted to keep that number down as much as possible. It was little wonder that the towering armored man (if he could be called that) was the right hand of the Emperor.

A small sound from his computer shook him from his thoughts. A signal from an old probe droid had just came in, right before it self-destructed. The officer recognized it as one of the droids that had been dispatched the year before to track down one of the Rebel's bases on Hoth. The man doubted that there was anything important in the rather small report, but he went through it anyway.

The droid had landed on an Outer-Rim planet. High levels of life, but not much in terms of technology. It had only gone less than one hundred meters from it's crash landing point when it was discovered and self-detonated. The man shrugged, then watched the moment that the droid had recorded before it's detonation. At first there was nothing noteworthy as he scanned the readings that the droid gave, but frowned when he saw a sudden spike in electrical readings…right behind the droid! The droid turned to see three humanoids after it switched to heat sensors, one with abnormal electrical readings. If he wasn't much mistaken, then he was seeing sparks of lightning coming from the being! The droid wailed, then self-destruct. The officer re-read the sector that the droid had landed in. It wasn't in any place he was familiar with, and a quick search in the main computer gave no results. He sent the report to his commander, writing in his own concerns.

With a sigh, he looked at his chronometer to see that his shift had ended for the day. He stood, wincing at a pop! from his hip, and headed for his quarters to get some rest.

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