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Chapter One: Moving in and meeting neighbors

Yes, this is one of those stories. One of those stories where they live on a pond and we are trying to trick you into thinking this story is full of awesomeness. But, they live on this huge pond! It's like the size of a town, seriously. There is a school on it's own little island, and all the kids on the pond go to school there! There are also sections of the pond. Four sections. The first section is the North section. It's like a down town. People live there! The second part of the pond is the east part of the pond/town. And guess what? People live there too! The third part of town is the west part of town. I know, you already guessed it.. People live there also! That is where our main characters live. The fourth part of town is the south section. No, people don't live there. But aliens do! Well, maybe I'm lying. This part of town is a part where the government owns. No, it's not a FBI headquarters, but that would be cool! Sorry, FBI lovers, go read another fun actioned story. But don't leave yet! You still have not read the rest of my story! This is a spot where they persevered for the animals. Aw! Animals are so cuddly! Yes, they are I agree with you. No one, I mean no one can buy an area of land in the south section. Well, unless your mayor of the town! Oh. I forgot one last thing. There is a mountain by the town/pond as well. I mean a huge mountain, not one of those tiny mountains! It brings water into the town. Also, why did I name it a pond instead of a lake? Because I said so, deal with it.

I know, this is boring you, but guess what? Whoever read the last paragraph, gets a cookie! I had to explain the setting of the town so it would not confuse people. So, thank you for reading that last paragraph. Now, on to the real story.


"Tenten, wake up! We're here! Mom said to get your lazy butt out of the car!"

"Go away.."



"TenTen won't get out of the car!"


"Tenten! Food!"

"Where!" cried the tired Tenten sitting up from her spot in the front seat in the car. Colliding her head with the dash board.

"Ow!" she cried rubbing her head.

"Wow, that's a weird position." said her sister as Tenten glared.

"Shut up, brat. Now where's the food?" she said as she got out of the car, towering over her little sister.

"Inside! Sheesh you're grumpy." said her sister as she went to the back of the car to get more boxes. Tenten rolled her eyes and skipped her way into their new house. She examined the house cautiously.

"Mom! Where's the food?" Tenten asked looking for the kitchen.

"In here, Tenten!" her mother called from in the other room. Tenten followed the voice into the kitchen. Boxes were stacked on the counters and her mom was making some sandwiches. Her long, dark brown hair in her face.

"Are the movers here yet?" asked Tenten leaning against the island in the middle of the kitchen where her mom was making the food.

"No, not yet. Lunch is almost ready. Now go help your sister unload the rest of the car. Then, after lunch you two can run upstairs and choose your rooms."

"Sweet!" said Tenten as she turned to go out where she had came in. 'This house is not that bad..' she thought when she got outside. She saw her sister staring in the other neighbor's yard.

"Hey! Brat stop being a stalker!" said Tenten trying to get her sister to stop staring.

"It's not my fault! That kid is cute!" said her sister not even making eye contact with her older sister.

"Lemme see." said Tenten after she stopped gaging and push her sister away to see into the neighbor's yard.

There was this kid, probably around her age. Black hair, pale skin, and sunglasses shielding his eyes from the sun. He was laying on a armchair in his front yard. Tenten snickered. 'Rika's got a kiddy crush..' she thought and turned to her sister still grinning.

"Isn't he dreamy?" her little sister said in a spaced out manner taking her place back where she could see the black hair boy, blushing.

"No, he's ugly." Tenten said without any trouble as her sister turned around glaring at he older sister.

"You butt head! I like him! So go away!" she said.

'When is Rika going to like a guy her age?' she thought rolling her eyes at her younger sister. Rika had blonde hair like her dad and a babyish round face. She was only 7 years old and had a mind of a 14 year old.

"Hey, I'm only telling the truth! Now stop day dreaming and unload the rest of the car with me!" Tenten said turning toward the car spotting her sister stick her tongue out at her in the corner of her eye. Grabbing a box, she turned back around. There was a little road and their house and the black haired boy's house was at the end of the road. She then looked at the black haired boy's house. It was painted brown and was pretty big. Around the size of their house. They had a little front yard, but you could see that they had a pretty big back yard where the boy was sitting in the arm chair. The back yard had a view on the large pond. Their house was surrounded by a white fence. Tenten wondered why.

That's when she heard squealing. She turned to where she heard the noise and saw a bunch of girls going goo-goo over the black hair boy in the back yard. It looked like they were fan girls. But, they could not get into the yard because of the fence.

'No wonder' she thought snickering.

"Hey, Rika, it looks like you have some competition." she said and pointed to the girls that were trying to take pictures of the black hair teen. Her sister just glared at them. They had a better chance than Rika at getting the boy. Hey, they were around his age.

"Dammit.." Rika muttered as her and Tenten began to get the boxes in their hands inside the house. They came back outside for another load.

'Better tell him..' Tenten thought as she went up to the fence of the neighbor's house.

"Hey, kid!" she called. He sat up, turned his head toward her, and put his sunglasses on his head. The girls near the gate began to squeal and Tenten rolled her eyes.

"What?" he said in a ice cold voice. Making some of the girls faint.

"You're never going to get tan like that! You're skin is way too pale. You're only going to get sun burn!" she called as the boy and his fan girls glared at her.

The boy got up and began to walk up to the girl he didn't know. 'Who is this girl?' he thought as he stared at the girl while walking over. She looked around his age with dark brown hair, dark brown eyes, and a green tank top on. Her hair was up in two buns.

"What's your name?" he asked as he got to the fence, putting his hands in it. Staring the girl in the face.

"It's not polite to ask someone else's name before giving your own." she said in a I-know-everything tone. Sasuke smirked. Making even more of his fan girls faint.

'This girl's a smart-aleck, huh?' he thought.

"The name is Sasuke Uchiha." he said.

"Tenten.." she said. "Your new neighbor."

'This girl thinks she knows everything..' he thought again.

"Well, welcome to the neighbor hood, I guess…" he said sounding a little unsure with himself.

"Yeah yeah.. Oh you just to warn you, my sister has a little kiddy crush on you, but that must be normal for you.." she said.

'She definitely has a attitude. This is going to be interesting.'

"Sasuke!" cried one of the fan girls as she push Tenten out of the way and squealed. Since Sasuke was so close to Tenten, and she was push away, then that fan girl was in his face now. Getting ready to kiss him! He took a step back, so the fan girls could not reach him.

"You lucky bastard." said Tenten as the fan girls and Sasuke turned towards Tenten and glared.

"Sasuke is not a bastard!" they cried glaring at Tenten. Tenten just shrugged it off.

"You have all of these girls trying to get you! I bet you don't even have a girlfriend yet." she said coming back you to the fence. Sasuke glared at her. But still was shocked..

".." he couldn't think of anything to say.

"Let's make this a bet. If you don't get a girlfriend in.. four weeks, then. Well.. I'll think about the consequence."

"And if I do get a girlfriend?" he said still glaring at her.

"Then you get to make me to something. You can think about it. But, there are some rules." she put up her finger. "First rule is, you have you really be in love with this girl. And I can tell when you are really in love. Second, you can't just pick one of your fan girls and fake it. Nope. It has to be real." she said then put out her hand. "Do we have ourselves a deal?" she asked putting out her hand. Sasuke stared at her. Then at her hand. He then took his hand and shook hands with her.

"Deal." he said.

"Good" she said as they both brought their hands back to their sides.

"Tenten! Get over here and help me!" cried Rika. Tenten turned around to see her with a stake of boxes in her face. "This is heavy!" All the sudden, the boxes she was holding fell out of her little arms. They fell all around her. She went flying down with them.

"Rika!" cried Tenten as she ran over to her sister. Sasuke jumped over the fence and ran over as well. Both teen taking the boxes off of Rika.

"Rika! Live!" her sister cried.

"Sheesh I'm alive!" Rika said sitting up and glaring at her sister. All three of them picked up the rest of the boxes and began to bring them into the house.

"Thanks for helping." said Rika to Sasuke as she blushed.

"Hn.. You couldn't do it alone. Besides, your sister is way too weak to pick up the rest of the boxes." he said as they all put the boxes down.

"Hey! I am not weak!" Tenten cried punching him playfully. "I'm just lazy!"

"You can say that again.." muttered Rika.

"Brat!" cried Tenten as Rika ran away grinning.

"Girls! Stop fighting!" they heard their mom come into the room. "Oh, you met a friend already Tenten?" her mother asked.

"You always assume whoever comes into the house that you do not know is Tenten's new friend." pouted Rika.

"Um.. Not exactly friend this is our new neighbor, Sasuke." said Tenten.

"Your that famous painter Sora right?" asked Sasuke as Tenten's mom nodded. "My mom loves your art work."

"Why thank you!" she said. "Would you like to stay for lunch?" Tenten's mother asked.

"He is too much of a bastard to say he would like to." said Tenten.

"Tenten! Rika is right here! Stop with the bad language!" she said pointing a finger at her oldest daughter in disapproval.

"Sheesh sorry mom." she said. "Well, do you want to stay, Sasuke-teme?"

"Sure, anything to get rid of those fan girls." he said. They all followed Sora into the kitchen and out the back door. It, like Sasuke's house, also had a view and a huge back yard. There was a picnic table set up in the shade where Sora had already set up lunch.

"I'll go get another plate." she said and went back into the house.

"Was that picnic table there before?" asked Tenten as much to herself as everyone else. Sasuke nodded.

"The owner left it here when he left." he said as they all walked over to the picnic table and sat down. Sora came back out with the other plate and placed it in front of Sasuke.

"Well, dig in!" she said happily. There were a bowl of fruit on the table, some little finger sandwiches, fruit punch, some hot dogs, and a bowl of macaroni. Everyone began to dig in. When everyone was done grabbing food, Sasuke began to ask them questions.

"So why did you guys decide to move here?" asked Sasuke.

"Well mom wanted more places to draw and do more paintings she heard that this lake was beautiful and the school here was perfect. So we moved here." answer Rika then began to chew on some fruit.

"Yeah, and I really would like to live on a pond." Sora added in.

"So you're going to be taking care of this house all by yourself?" he asked again.

"Well, kind of. My husband and I are divorced so I don't have anyone beside these two to help me clean. My husband began to make fun of me when he heard that I was going to move into this house. He said that I could not clean it all by myself and said I was lazy. So, I can not hire a maid because he will laugh at me for it. But, I have a plan." she said and paused to take a sip of some juice.

"What is it mom? You never told us." said Tenten looking at their mom curiously.

"Well," she said putting her glass down. "I decide to hire a secret maid! So whenever your father comes over, he will think I cleaned up the hole house by myself and still have enough time to make a lot of masterpieces! It's going to work out!" she said.

"So, basically, you're hiring a secret maid." said Rika.

"Yup." Sora said happily. "Then your father will not make fun of me anymore when he comes to pick you up."

"Good plan!" said Tenten smiling at her mom and Sasuke nodded.

"So, Sasuke, have you lived here all your life?" asked Sora.

"Yeah.." he said.

"So what is the pond like?" asked Rika.

"Well, every teenager here probably has a water jet or anything like that. In the winter the girls ice skate and the guys play hockey. There is also no way you can get to school with out a boat of water jet. But, there is the boat bus. It goes and looks for kids who need a ride to school. But it is mostly little kids on the bus, though. This place is a great vacation spot right about this time of year."

"Oh.." said Rika. 'I have to take the boat bus' she thought to herself and pouted.

They all began to talk about random things, the weather, or just house around the pond. When they got to the subject pets, Tenten turned to Rika.

"Hey Rika speaking of pets, where did you put Mr. Scrunchy?" she asked.

"Mr…..Scrunchy?" asked Sasuke looking at Tenten weirdly.

"Yeah my pet parrot." she said with a huge grin on her face.

"Ok…" he said awkwardly.

"Yeah, I hate that bird. Mom and I swear it is a demon!" whispered Rika to Sasuke.

"Yeah. He is in his cage in with the boxes still… don't worry though. He has some water and food with him." Rika said to Tenten.

"Good." she said. They talked for about fifteen more minutes before they heard someone call Sasuke.

"Sasuke! Where are you? Naruto is here!"

"Oh. I forgot. My friend is coming over so we can go wake boarding." he said.

"Itachi! I'm in the yard!" he called to his house. They all looked over to see a older boy with long black hair step into the yard. He had two lines on his face near his eyes. He looked around 23 years old He was followed by a blond boy with three lines on each side of his cheeks. His hair was spiky and he also had blue eyes. His look Sasuke and Tenten's age. That boy was followed by a blond girl with light blue eyes. Her hair was up in a ponytail and some fell on the left side of her face. She looked the age of Sasuke and Tenten as well.

"Hey Sasuke! What are you doing in the neighbor's yard?!" called the blacked hair man.

"They invited me to lunch. I kinda forgot about wake boarding." he said then turned toward Tenten.

"You wanna come with us?" he asked.

"Sure. But I don't know how to wake board. I don't even know what it is." she said and shrugged.

"Well, then Naruto and I will have to show you. Come on. Thank you Tenten's mom for the lunch." he said again and grabbed Tenten's hand pulling her up and walking over to the fence.

"Please, just call me Sora! Have fun Tenten!" she said.

"Um.. Ok.." she said as she jumped over the fence after Sasuke.

"Wow, Sasuke! It's not like you to be invited someone to go anywhere!" said the blond girl.

"Yeah whatever let's go." he said and went inside to get his gear.

"My name is Ino, and this is my adopted brother, Naruto." said Ino.

"Nice to meet you, I'm Tenten." she said shaking Ino's hand then Naruto's. She turned to the black hair man.

"Um.. What is your name?"

"My names Itachi, Sasuke's older brother." he said shaking hands with Tenten. "You and your family just moved in, right?"

"Yeah, we got here probably… two hours ago." she said.

"By the way, why were you hanging with teme?" asked Naruto. Tenten then explained everything about her talking to him before and her little sister almost dying from boxes. She also told them about the bet.

"Oh so you bet Sasuke that? Haha! You must be new around here if you bet him that!" said Naruto cracking up again.

"What do you mean, he has a girlfriend?" Tenten asked.

"No he just can't find someone he would like even if it took him 200 years!"

"I'm right here, dobe."

"Ah! Sasuke! I didn't say anything!"


"Um.. TenTen you might wanna change into a bathing suit if you are going to wake board." Ino told Tenten interrupting the boy's talking.

"Oh. Ok I'll be back in 5" she said smiling and ran back into her house.


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