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Chapter 9: Adventures of the air duct (SHORT CHAPTER!)

They both looked around frantically for a place to hide. Tenten spotted an air duct and grinned at Sasuke who caught this. He sighed.

"Fine.. Just get in." he said helping her up and into the air ducted. Tenten then pulled Sasuke up and they shut the air duct door just in time.

Both gave a huge sigh in relief when the Mr. Kumori went to his desk without any suspicions.

"Let's get out of here." he whispered. "We can get out at the hallway's air duct."

"See, Sasuke?" Tenten said grinning. Sasuke's face fell. "Air Ducts are useful."

"Yeah. Whatever." he muttered began pushing her slightly. "Go that way." he said nudging his head down the tunnel like air duct. The brunette nodded before following his demand, but couldn't move.



"..I'm stuck."

There were both silent, then they heard students filing into the French classroom.



The pinkette and blonde haired girl filed into the Spanish classroom with the rest of the students and took their seats in the chairs closest to the windows.

"And that is why you have a bad choice in men." Sakura finished as they sat down. Ino pouted as the pinkette grinned.

"Hey! He's really cute! And handsome, and-"

"Yeah, yeah, Ino-pig. Stop being so love struck." Sakura said with a slightly grin. Ino pouted even more and sunk in her chair slightly. Then, their teacher came in.

"Alright, class. Let's start with a lesson on what countries do speak Spanish.."

Ino and Sakura sighed before drowning out their Spanish teacher. Both found the subject to be boring because this new teacher was just boring. They both began to write notes to each other.

Omg! I'm like so bored. -Ino

My too. This teacher is so boring. -Sakura

I can't wait to get into gym. I wanna c how Tenten and Sasuke are going doing. -Ino

I've been worrying since lunch, and u start worrying now? -Sakura

Yeah. I mean, we haven't heard from Shika or Cho. So I don't know. I hate it when I don't know things. -Ino

Tell me about it. Hey, are you joining the soccer team? -Sakura

Nah. Not this year. How about you? -Ino

I am. I guess I'll get Hinata to come with me. -Sakura

Wat about Tenten? -Ino

I was talking to her last night and she said that she doesn't like soccer too much. She's joining the baseball team. If we are having a team this year. -Sakura

I know. No one joined the baseball team last year! -Ino

Sakura was about to write back, but the bell rang.

"Wow. That was fast.." Sakura muttered. Ino nodded in agreement. They both gathered their books and slowly walked out of the classroom. They decided to walk by the French room just in case anything happened. When they did, Shikamaru and Chouji were coming out.

"Do you guys see them?" Ino asked as both girls walked up to the best friends. They shook their heads.

"No. They weren't there."

"Did the French teacher come out of the room yet?"

"He just left." Shikamaru explained. Then, they all heard banging noises coming from the French room.

"Sasuke! Ow! That really hurt."

"I'm sorry that you're clumsy!"

"Excuse me?! If I hadn't found this spot we would have been caught right now!"

The four sweat dropped. Yup, that was definitely them. But where were they? They all walked cautiously into the room.

"Tenten? Sasuke? Where are you guys?"

"Yup here!" came a voice. They all looked around until Sakura spotted to pairs of feet in the air duct. She laughed loudly, pointing to the air duct.

"Will you just get us out!? Sasuke perfume smells.." the head Tenten say.

"For the last time, it's clone!"

"Sure it is. Then why does it smell like strawberries?"


Sakura held back another laugh while Shikamaru and Chouji snorted.

"Let's just get you both down from there…"


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