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"Alright, everything looks good. You are healthy- both of you anyways- and are you taking your vitamins?"

Sasuke nodded as he was putting his shirt back on. "Good. I've brought some more for you and I'll be back in a month to see how you progress." Tsunade put away all of the equipment that she used and sat down on the bed next to the Uchiha. She stared, hoping for the other to react in some way and tell her something that was bothering him.

"Tsunade-sama..." Ahh, the boy was getting slightly more comfortable around her, dropping the title and all that. She waited until the other turned to face her with hesitant eyes. "I don't think I can do this. I mean, a baby... so much work and responsibility, and I'm just..." Tears welled up in the boy's eyes and Tsunade pulled him into her arms, rubbing his back soothingly as he sobbed quietly into her shoulder.

He didn't cry for long, it was mainly just a breakdown that Sasuke had waiting to happen. The poor boy was like that. He would go through life worrying about everything, and eventually the worry would catch up to him and he'd have his short breakdowns. It wasn't often, Sasuke would usually be able to solve his worries and what not, but sometimes he just wouldn't be able to handle it anymore and crash.

When his sobs lessened to little hiccups and sniffles, Tsunade continued rubbing his back with one hand and used the other to brush through his hair and soothe him. It wasn't long before he decided to speak again. "I'm scared. I ... I don't know how to take care of a baby. I can't even take care of me! I just got back and was just trying to figure out what I was going to do around here. I was just getting used to life as a shinobi for my village. I- we-... Naruto and I were just getting together and we... we were just getting the hang of things... then ... then this happens and I don't know how to deal with- I just... I'm scared. My baby's going to hate me! I'll screw up, and then I'll-"

"Shh. Sasuke. Hush for a second." She said calmly. She waited for a moment before speaking again. "Now I know it's hard for you, you really were just figuring your life out. It's not hard to live for something and then suddenly go back to living like a regular person after so many years of running after your brother. But Sasuke, you gotta look at it this way. You're going to have a child! Yours and Naruto's child. I know that he really loves you, Sasuke. He'll take care of you and your baby.

"I know you don't quite know how to take care of children, but look at your nephews! They love you. You're taking care of a baby that's hardly half a year old! Don't tell me that you don't know how to take care of a child, you're already doing well enough." She paused for a moment before continuing. "You're a quick learner, Sasuke. If something goes wrong, you learn from it and it doesn't happen again. You know how things work, Sasuke. You'll know what your child wants, and you'll be able to help your baby when needed. You'll love, care for, and be able to take care of your child easily."

The sniffling had died down during her speech and he pulled away and looked uncertainly into her eyes. "Really?" He rubbed his eyes and wiped the tears away from his face.

Tsunade smiled. Really, he was too cute sometimes. "Yes, Sasuke. I really believe you can do it. And if you're having some troubles, then just call me up, alright? I'll always help you, alright?"

He smiled- it was a small smile, but it was breathtaking at the least, Sasuke always looked younger and even prettier when he smiled- and sniffled one last time. "Thank you, Tsunade-sama. I don't know what I would do if you didn't come every month and help me- us." A pale hand strayed to the slightly bulging stomach and smiled faintly.

Tsunade smiled back, "No problem, Sasuke." She ruffled his hair and stood up to go. "You know how to call me if you need me before I come back. I'll let myself out- you go and spend some time with Naruto and your nephew." And with that, she was gone.

Sasuke turned to Naoki who was still sleeping soundly and he made sure that the baby was warm enough and made sure pillows were placed so the baby wouldn't have a chance of falling off the bed and hurting himself at all. After he was sure the baby was safe, he left the room- being sure to leave the door slightly open- and walked over to the other two people in the house and wondered what movie they were going to watch.

Life was calm and the days seemingly flew by. Naruto was there most of the time, but every now and again he would be called on a mission, but he would come back after a few days. It was kinda like a disease, Sasuke thought with a snicker. He'd go away for a little while and when you think you're rid of him, he pops right back. I have a serious case of chronic Naruto. He outright cackled at that absurd thought and wondered where it came from before going back to slicing his tomatos.

"What's so funny?" Large arms wrapped around him and he smiled faintly, loving the warmth that enveloped him.

"Nothing. Just thought about something only you would say or think about." He popped a slice in his mouth and then began to slice some carrots. Today was a day where he woke up and decided that he was in the mood for some vegitable soup. So he gathered up a bunch of carrots, celery, some spinach, and some other veggies that were soon to be put all together in a pot and seasoned and cooked nicely. The tomatos were just Sasuke's snack. He'd slice up a few vegitables and then munch on a tomato slice.

He spent most of the late morning and early afternoon prepping to make it and he was now slicing the last carrots he'd need and Naruto decides that it's a good time to come from the living room where he was reading- oddly enough- and bother him with his silliness. It was comforting, having the blond around. Naruto was like this big teddy bear that'll always snuggle with you and keep you safe. And- Sasuke noted often with dismay- it was getting harder to ignore his very prominent baby bump. Well, it was more a hump than a bump. It was depressing to wake up and everyday notice how much bigger he got.

Sasuke and Naruto also got comfortable with each other again, with Naruto helping out in any way he could and Sasuke loving the snuggle sessions and just loving touching Naruto. Not necessarily in a sex type of way... it was more Sasuke wanted to feel someone care for him, to pamper him and shower with love and affection. Love and affection that Sasuke had missed out on most of his life that he was now desperately craving.

"Something only I would say?" Said blonde's voice easily pulled him out of his musings, "Heh, I'm totally rubbing off on you!" He physically demonstrated his point by rubbing his head into Sasuke's neck- much like a feline when desiring attention- and promptly started purring in content.

Sasuke smirked lightly, "It's just the hormones, dobe. Merely a fluke that won't be happening after I have our baby." He felt his face heat slightly at that. In a few months, he would go into labor and then deliver his and Naruto's baby. The thought frightened him, but it excited him at the same time. What would the baby look like? More like Naruto, or more like him? He tried to imagine an Uchiha/Uzumaki baby and gave himself a headache thinking of all the possible looks the child would have.

"Hmm... that sounds kinda sexy." The blonde purred, kissing the exposed neck before turning the other around to face him and chuckled at the other's expression.

Sasuke's face scrunched up in confusion and disturbance. "You find the idea of me sweat and in pain in the midst of labor sexy?"

"No! Not that. Ugh, I hate the thought of you in so much pain from labor- pain at all in general, as cliche as that is. I was talking about how you were talking about our baby." He glanced pointedly at the stomach that was pressed up against his own toned and flat belly.

Sasuke's brow raised slightly- the confusion still evident on his face. "Me talking about our baby's sexy to you?"

"Yes it is."

"You're so strange." Sasuke pulled away gently to toss his freshly cut carrots into the put that was being heated and popped another piece of tomato into his mouth before turning back to the blonde. "How does me talking about our child sexy to you?"

Naruto took the two steps to embrace Sasuke again and presses their foreheads together. Sasuke looked deep into the blonde's eyes waiting for the other to respond. He saw Naruto smile gently out of the corner of his eye and felt warm hands gently grab the sides of Sasuke's growing stomach. "Because... it's our baby you're talking about. Something that belongs to the both of us, yeah? I don't know why, but it's just... it makes me feel happy when I hear you talk about something that's ours. Ya know what I'm talking about? And a... a kid too. Man, that's just crazy! We're gonna have a kid, Sasuke!"

Sasuke smiled, touched that Naruto would think like that about him- about them- and responded by placing his hands atop of the blonde's and intertwining their fingers. "I know." He whispered gently. "I'm going to have our baby in a few months, and we're going to raise our child and shower love, care, affection, kisses, and everything that we never got growing up on our baby." His eyes sparkled as they continued looking into Naruto's and his smile was as gentle as his whispers. "And we'll make rules to protect, and love our child, and everyday we'll watch as our little baby grows up and looks more and more like us and acts just like us. And we'll sit around and compare our noses, eyes, mouths, skin, hair, and everything there is to compare and proove to the world that our child is ours."

Naruto's blue eyes were filled with happy tears as Sasuke finished his words, and he wrapped the other in his strong arms and buied his nose in Sasuke's shining black hair and sniffled loudly. "Sasuke, that was the most beautiful speech I've ever heard. And yes, we'll love our child always, and tell right from wrong, and kiss every bruised knee and tickle the monsters of the night away and pamper like we always dreamed to be pampered when we were little. Sasuke, I love you so much." He kissed the top of the other's head before pulling back and kissing the soft lips lightly.

Sasuke hummed in happiness. He stared into the blue expressive eyes and studied the grown up blonde before him- much different from the little boy craving for attention. Here, now, was a man who loved what he did, loved his family, his friends, and his village. And he loved Sasuke.

Still pressed close to the other, Sasuke opened his mouth to say something but was interrupted. He gasped in surprise as his hand flew to the side of his stomach. His eyes unfocused as he concentrated on the feeling in wonder when he felt it again. His eyes widened and shot back up to look at Naruto who's face was housing a confused and worried expression.

"Sasuke, what-?"

"Naruto..." Sasuke grabbed Naruto's hand and pressed it back to the side of his stomach. After a moment and feeling it again, he saw Naruto's eyes widen and a look of shock appeared on his face. The shock soon melted into a look of awe and love. Blue eyes focused on him as he smiled gently.

"Our child's kicking, Naruto- kicking... for the first time."

The blonde grinned and threw his arms around Sasuke, pulling them together as hard as he could without hurting Sasuke's stomach and pulled back just as quickly. Eyes sparkling, he pecked Sasuke on the lips again. And again, and again. Then he rained kisses all over Sasuke's face- anywhere he could think of on the pale face he went- and then lovingly kissed his neck too.

Sasuke's heart was thumping loudly. His child- his and Naruto's child- was kicking for the first time in the baby's little life, and he was exstatic. Naruto was as well, it seemed. Neither of them could stop smiling and when Sasuke pulled Naruto's face away from his neck, he pulled the other down to meet his lips for a longer, passion-filled kiss. It wasn't too long, though. Naruto wanted to make sure that Sasuke had enough air to breathe when the broke off, but it was filled with so much love, tenderness and promise that it left Sasuke's knees buckling. Naruto lifting him up bridal style before walking them both to the couch where they both lay down and cuddled, occasionally kissing here and there, but mostly basking in each other's presence and drinking in the other's warmth and love.

"Naruto..." Sasuke mumbled sleepily, snuggling closer to the warmth of Naruto's body.


"Ahh... I'm tired... but the soup's still cooking. If I'm not up in two hours, would you go turn it off?"

The blonde tightened his hold on the Uchiha and rested his chin on top of Sasuke's head, and inhaled Sasuke's scent, loving the sweet smell that was Sasuke. "M'kay." He mumbled. When he felt Sasuke shiver slightly, he unwrapped one of his arms and stretched out to the top of the couch. Groping around, he found the blanket that he had laid up there a week ago and tugged it down, gently wrapping it around Sasuke and himself.

Wrapping his arm back around the other, Naruto kissed the top of Sasuke's head before putting his chin back, "Love you, Sasuke- you and our baby." he mumbled before drifting off. Sasuke responded with a sleepy hum, and buried his face in the blonde's chest and drifted off himself- feeling content and loved.

Sasuke felt himself beginning to wake and found himself wondering why he was so warm. It wasn't uncomfortable, but it was new and Sasuke was confused where it came from. His eyes fluttered open to sate his curiosity and he blinked. He was in his bedroom- he knew that much- and he was currently lying on his side. He felt someone breathing and he turned his head to look at the source.


The blonde blinked and put down the book that he appeared to be reading- Sasuke hadn't noticed it before, then again, he didn't notice that he was lying on a person either- and looked down at him. Smiling gently at the slightly confused look on Sasuke's face he decided to explain.

"Well, we were lying on the couch taking a nap- and you told me to turn off the soup after two hours, so I did. But when I was getting up to do it, you wouldn't let me go and so I decided to bring you with me. Then I thought that the bed would be more comfortable for you... but I wasn't sleepy anymore, so I grabbed the book from your nightstand and started reading it." He finished with a grin.


"Ne, Sasuke... Your brother and Deidara coming home today, yeah?"

"...Yeah, I suppose they are... why?" Sasuke rested his head on the blonde's chest, liking the feel of a strong body protectively holding him and keeping him safe from any harm.

"Hmm… just wondering, I suppose. Chiki-chan'll be excited, huh? He hasn't seen his mama or papa for a while and he had to have missed them…"

"Aniki'll be surprised at how big I am… I'm surprised at how big I am." He poked the blonde with mock anger, "You and your large-ness genes. Uchiha are naturally smaller than everyone else… and you just had to be some giant!" He looked up to the other with an unamused expression, "Honestly though… how did you get so… big? This baby's gonna make me look so big! Maybe our baby'll pop out too—like… just 'spring forth' from me like it's normal—I don't think I'm big enough to hold your massive genes." He ended with an unconscious pout.

Naruto smiled sweetly at the other, "Aww, Sasuke, you know you love me being so much bigger than you. You know you love feeling all snuggily and safe when you're around me—not that you can't protect yourself and kick massive butt while you're at it—right now you're not as strong as you normally are, with good reason, and I bet you could probably still kick massive butt carrying a kid around, but don't be doing that, alright? I want you safe and okay."

He wrapped his arms loosely around Sasuke and made sure they were looking into each other's eyes, "Let me do the protecting for a bit, m'kay? At least until our baby's a little stronger and able to walk around, alright? I want you—both of you—to be safe and sound." The next part was slightly mumbled, but due to their proximity Sasuke could hear them clearly. "I don't want my family to disappear on me, not again."

Sasuke pulled his hands up to cup the blonde's face and leaned in for a short kiss, "I won't leave you. I'll be here until you don't want me anymore—and even then, I'll still be around—I'll stay with you, and protect our child with all that I am and have."

They shared another short kiss before Sasuke broke it off, declaring that he was hungry and got out of bed. He walked over to the kitchen and poured out some of his earlier-made-soup into two bowls. Of course Naruto would be hungry and want to eat. He always was, it was just what Naruto was—always hungry—fact of life.

And so as he was happily eating down his late lunch, he waited for Naruto to emerge from his bedroom. After a few minutes he did, and Sasuke responded with a raised eyebrow.

"What took you so long to come out? Got lost in the ten feet from the bedroom to here?"

That remark earned him a playful pout, "Aw come on, Sasuke! Even I'm not that bad!...er… well maybe you have a point… but still! I wasn't lost!"

The blonde stuck a tongue out at him childishly, "I was just finishing the chapter that I was reading. Your awakening had interrupted me of the plot and I had to see what happened." He sat down in front of the other bowl and started to happily dig in—he seemed to like Sasuke's cooking a lot, always eating it with vigor, or was that just because he was always hungry and eating? Sasuke made a note to ask him about it later.

He finished his bowl and was getting up to get another serving when the door opened and a loud cry of "We're home! Who missed me?" had him set the empty bowl next to the pot and dash as fast as he could in his condition—which was still pretty fast, he was a ninja after all, natural speed and all that—to the front door and fell in his brother's arms that were spread and waiting for him.

"Aniki!" He was so happy to see his brother again. It was just like after he would get home from a mission that took so long. Sasuke would jump up into his arms the instant he got home and ask him all about what happened and 'did you get the bad guys' and 'what took you so long to get home?' and 'I missed you so much!'.

Itachi smiled when his brother greeted him like usual when he'd come home after a long period of time. "Hello, Sasuke. How was everything while we were gone? I hope Chiki-chan and Naoki-chan weren't too much for you."

Sasuke pulled back and Itachi noticed with wide eyes how large he was. "S-Sasuke.. you're—you're huge! So big, what did Naruto-kun do to you while we were gone?"

"Aniki, he didn't do anything to me," The younger pouted, "It just seems that his massively huge genes decided to be passed down and now our baby's going to be Uzumaki-sized."

"Ooh, poor Sasuke." Deidara cooed from the side, "That must be awful for you! All of you Uchiha are so thin and small, I don't know how you do it!" He sympathetically hugged Sasuke before letting go and wandering off towards the kitchen—wondering what the yummy smell was and declaring that he was famished.

"Eeh, but Sasuke, where's Naruto-kun and Naoki-chan?" Itachi looked around, attempting to find either with his eyes. He soon noted Naruto walking in from the kitchen and smiled slightly, "Naruto-kun. I see you've been taking care of my little brother."

The blonde waved him off, "It wasn't anything, Itachi. You should know that whether you're here or not, I'll take care of Sasuke. I'll watch him and protect him for the rest of my life."

"This morning, Sensei took Naoki around Konoha to play and buy some things. They should be back soon, Aniki." Sasuke glared at the both of them for talking about him like he wasn't there.

"Ahh, well then. I suppose I shall go into the kitchen to see what my wonderful little brother has made today, hm?" The elder Uchiha ruffled his brother's hair before scurrying off as well.

"Aniki!" Sasuke scowled, not appreciating the gesture. He fixed his hair before motioning Naruto back into the kitchen where they would continue their meal—this time with his brother and Deidara as well.

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