Chapter 1 Meeting Teddy

Harry, Ron and Hermione left the headmaster's office and returned to the Great Hall. As Harry walked in, he froze. He couldn't go in. It was his fault all these people had died – his fault that Ron had lost his brother. He wanted to leave – he just couldn't face them, couldn't face anyone else again. But as he turned to leave, he was engulfed by Mrs. Weasley. She was hugging him so tight, he couldn't breathe as she said "Thank goodness you're all right – we were so worried"

Harry stood there, with Mrs. Weasley hugging him for what seemed like an eternity as Harry's guilt threatened to overwhelm him. Suddenly, the rest of the Weasleys were there, surrounding them. Mr. Weasley said that it was time for everyone to go home, back to the Burrow. "But first, I told Kingsley that I would go see Andromeda – someone needs to tell her"

Remus and Tonks – Harry had almost forgotten that someone would need to tell Tonks' mother that she was gone. And Teddy – his godson didn't have parents anymore. Harry knew he had to be the one to tell teddy, that even though Teddy wouldn't remember being told tonight, that Harry needed to be there for Teddy for this awful news. "I want to go with you Mr. Weasley" Harry said.

"No Harry, just come home with us tonight," Mrs. Weasley said. "Let Arthur handle telling Andromeda"

"Mrs. Weasley, I want to be the one to tell Teddy his parents are gone," Harry replied a little too harshly. "I'm his godfather, I need to be there for him"

Mrs. Weasley looked like she was going to argue, but Arthur looked like understood, "come on Harry, let's go" and they left the Great Hall.

They apparated just outside the Tonks residence. It looked much Like Harry remembered from the night he left Privet Drive. He was scared – this was worse than facing Voldemort. How do you tell someone their daughter is gone? He didn't know Andromeda Tonks at all, had never met his godson and he was bringing them the worse news he could. He walked up to the front door with Mr. Weasley, glad the older man was with him. Mr. Weasley looked at harry and asked "are you sure your up to this?" Harry simply nodded, afraid to open his mouth. Mr. Weasley knocked on the door.

Andromeda opened the door. When she saw them standing there, she knew. Neither Harry nor Arthur said anything. Andromeda just cried out "No" and started crying. Arthur and Harry helped her walk to the sofa and sit down, were she sobbed into Arthur's arms. "How?" she asked

"We're not entirely sure how," Arthur started. "The last anyone saw Remus, he was dueling Dolohov . The last anyone remembered seeing Dora, she was dueling Bellatrix. We think that's how they both died"

"Both of them are gone? And my own sister?" cried Andromeda. She sat there crying, while Harry and Arthur set there with her. Suddenly, they heard crying. "Teddy…."

"Can I go get him?" Harry asked. Andromeda nodded.

Harry walked up the steps, following the cries until he got outside the nursery door. Harry was trembling, knowing how Teddy's life had change that night. He opened the door and walked in. The crib was in the corner – and Teddy was laying there crying. Harry picked him up, not believing how tiny he was. Could anyone be this small? Teddy had the turquoise hair he seemed to favor, but Harry was looking into Remus's eyes. Harry cradled him in his arms and walked over to the rocking chair. Harry set down, holding Teddy close. He rocked gently and Teddy quieted and lay there in Harry's arms, watching Harry.

"Hi, Teddy. I'm your godfather, Harry. I wish I had come the night you were born to meet you when both of your parents were here. But, I'm here now. Your Mom and Dad were very brave people. They were heroes in the war that was going on. They died tonight. I know you don't understand me now, but one day, you will. And I know it will hurt. I want you to know that I will always be here for you – that's what a godfather does. I will tell you all about your Dad – stories from when he was in school and friends with my Dad, when he was my teacher for a year at school, how he was my friend afterwards. " Tears were sliding down Harry's cheeks as he spoke.

"I will tell you about your Mom, too. I didn't know her as well as your Dad. But your Mom was amazing – she could always brighten the day, make us feel better. Your Grandmom will have to tell you about your Mom when she was younger."

"I know its going to be hard, growing up without a Mom and Dad. I know – I did it. But I just want to promise you, I will always be here for you. You can come to me with anything, Teddy. We're family Teddy and we always will be. " Harry sat there, rocking Teddy while the tears silently fell from his own eyes, tears for the life Teddy would never have, for the loss Teddy had, the loss they both shared.

After awhile, Harry noticed movement out of the corner of his eye. Andromeda had entered the room. "We were wondering if you were ok with him?" she asked.

"I was just telling him about his parents." Harry said. "I want to be a part of his life, Mrs. Tonks. I know I'm not ready to raise a child, I'm too young for that. But I want to help you. I want to be there for Teddy as he grows up."

Andromeda nodded, "Of course you do Harry. I know you're his godfather and from what Dora told me about you, you will be wonderful. We can work the details out later. Arthur's downstairs waiting for you to go back to the Burrow with him. We'll talk later about Teddy."

Harry nodded. He kissed Teddy on the forehead. Harry was amazed by the strong emotions he felt holding Teddy, how much he cared for the tiny infant he had just met. He placed Teddy in his Grandmother's arms and kissed him again. He went downstairs to find Mr. Weasley and they left for the Burrow.