All this time I can't believe I couldn't see
kept in the dark but you were there in front of me

Watching her die was not what this Sesshomaru wanted.

flash back

"Master, is that not your dishonorable half brother's group down there fighting?" Jaken asks.

Looking down I see my half brother's group fighting Naraku. It looks to be a serious battle. Looking around I notice that Kagome is fighting rather well, I am proud to call her ally.

"Jaken, take Rin and Ah-Uh to a safe spot and protect Rin. Your life is forfeit if she is harmed." I say, I leave for the battle.

I am there with in seconds, though I must keep the air of the Lord of the lands, I must make sure that my ally will survive. She has become rather ingrained into my soul.

Unknown till I hear the scream, and smell the tears. Rin has followed me into battle. Looking away I see where she now is protected by Kagome's Kit. Yes, her own son protects my ward.


Tears fall unnoticed and unchecked. My heart is in pain while I watch someone who I know I could love die before me.

The last time I had tears was when my mother died. Her voice though broken is heard.

"Ssesshomaru…don't ….you…should…not…I…not…I love…you…"

My heart breaks hearing her words.

I've been sleeping a thousand years it seems
got to open my eyes to everything

With that breaking so does my mask. My blood beast howls for the loose of the mate it wished. I howl for the ally who showed me what ningen could do.

Flash back

-Inu Tashio's Tomb and other places-

thoughts of Sesshomaru

How can that woman control the sword?

Well, must put an end to her.

WHAT!? She survived my POISON and still has the Tetsuiga?!

To hurt my honor she gives it to my unworthy brother.

She saves my ward from danger?

Why? She knows I would kill her when given the chance. Yet there is something about her…

I must save her. My blood beast demands that I do. This poison is nothing…

She smells different than ningen. Perhaps…no…There she will heal soon, if my half brother does not push her.

The time we traveled together, Kagome has protected my ward and her kit with her life. Many times over, she reached them before me. If not for Rin opening my heart, I would not have fallen for the woman who now stands against Naraku.

I must protect her. She is my soul, my soon to be mate, my love. I must not be seen protecting her. I must make it look like nothing out of the ordinary is happening.

So the Clay-pot shows her true colors. This will be the last day she see the light… Whats this…? Pain… Looking down I see my left leg with three of Naraku's tentacles sticking out of it. That bastard, he will pay for this.

A scream catches my attention. Looking around I see the fallen and wounded of the group. My Blood beast cries out in anger. MY MATE! She is hurt. I can see the blood starting down her legs. I can do nothing as she is dragged back to Naraku…

Wait…She just moved…She still lives…however, for how long?

I watch as she falls forward… to her knees. Rushing as fast as I can, I ignore the hanyou howling for the dead clay pot.

As I reach her… I realize that I love this woman with my heart and soul.


Without a thought without a voice without a soul

Her pup and Rin gather around me crying and sobbing. I hold the woman who would be their mother if I had my way. She is nearly gone. Her heart flutters under my fingers. I lean down and kiss her pale skin gently.

Rin holds one of her hands while Shippo holds the other. My loves friends gather around noticing what has happened. My own brother, yes he is my brother, come over and tries to take her from my grasp. My eyes are bleeding red and I growl and snap at him.

At my side I feel something pulse. Then a few seconds later it happens again.

Don't let me die here
There must be something more
bring me to life

I look down and see the tenseiga pulse to life. It seems to urgently wan to awaken. Laying my precious bundle to the ground, I have the others step back.

How could I have forgotten about my sword? Was my mind so clouded with pain hurt that I did not remember?

I withdraw the sword and swing it once over Kagome's body. I can see the Oni's that wish to take my lover away. That shall not happen today or for many more to come.

I swing again, killing the oni wishing I could have done so with my own claws. Her wounds heal, she breathes once more. My Beast purrs with satisfaction, knowing our mate will soon be healed.

I gather her up into my arm I will never let her go. Her kit looks at me, with a kinda weird smile. Rin stays close by and holds the kit.

Her friends wish to take Kagome away. That will never happen. Growling fiercely I call out to Rin and the kit to gather up Kagome's things and Jaken to bring froth An-Uh. My mate will ride, instead of walk.

I just pray that she will be ok till we arrive at my castle.

(Wake me up)
Wake me up inside
(I can't wake up)
Wake me up inside
(Save me)
call my name and save me from the dark

It's been nearly a week since the final battle, and yet Kagome has not woken up. I am beside my beast with worry and stress.

The stress: of my brother and his group refusing to leave the grounds. Until they know that Kagome is awake and safe. The

Worry: of knowing when my love will awaken. I pray she will accept me. I know she will accept Rin.

"Kagome, my love, my dearest, please awake. Our pups are worried and so do I. I miss you and so do your friends who are here. Awaken soon my love, Kagome."

I hold her hand, hoping for a sign of any change. I feel some movement of her fingers. They seem to squeeze mine.

"Kagome, love, if you can hear me, squeeze my fingers again."

As I have asked she does again. My hopes rise. I watch in fascination of her eyes fluttering open slowly.

(Wake me up)
bid my blood to run
(I can't wake up)
before I come undone
(Save me)
save me from the nothing I've become

She opens her beautiful blue eyes, and they seem to smile at me. Her smile scares away the dark grey of the world I have lived in many years of my life.

Kagome reaches for me and pulls me close. I lean in, wondering what it is she wishes to tell me. It is then I feel her soft lips upon mine. Tasting of strawberries and smelling of lavender and roses, it bids my blood beast to burn with passion.

I hear her whisper "Aishiteimas." As she smiles up at me, in shock I just return kissing her lips showing that I love her in return.

"Aishiteru Kagome." I whisper into her ear, knowing now I will be loved and have a love of my own.

(Bring me to life)
I've been living a lie, there's nothing inside
(Bring me to life)

Bringing her to life was the greatest thing I ever did. I will never regret doing this for my life is now complete.

AN I may or may not add more to this story. It will have to take a song to awaken that side of me again :)