Albus Dumbledore and The Mirror of Erised

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A/N: This is my second story, and my first one shot. Go easy on the Critisms... Spoiler warning too for HBP and DH

Days before his assasination, a certain Albus Dumbledore had taken a calm, eventless afternoon walk to a private labyrinth accessible only to the Headmasters and Headmistresses of Hogwarts Castle. As with every predecessor, each one used to keep magical items for their entertainment and pleasure. Phineas Nigellius used to keep a Muggle Violin in there, as he confided it with me, having accidentally spilt veritaserum on his portrait the other day. Dumbledore remembered such thoughts, to keep himself calm, but not as cheerful as chance would have it, with his cursed hand.

Opening the latch of the secret room, the dark chamber suddenly lit up and a simple yet grand room, full of history and magic in every inch. A mahogany table, with his parchment still on the table, holding his will, should he die. A warm magical fire, roaring from a brick fireplace.

Stroking his beard with his other hand, he turned his attention to the different tapestries, sculptures and paintings of wizards and witches, present and past. A clash of colors stroked his eyes, producing a small smile and the twinke in his old, weary, but alert eyes.

After closing the door behind him, he turned his focus to his most well kept secret & treasure. The Mirror of Erised. Walking closer towards the mirror, he saw himself at first, cursed hand and all. Vaguely remembering his conversation with a young Harry Potte, he still managed a weak chuckle at how he was forced to say that he wanted socks since people insist on sending him books.

Figures slowly emerged behind his reflection and he closed his eyes for a moment. Opening them once again, he saw his younger self smiling at him. Percival and Kendra Dumbledore holding the shoulders of their three children. The youngest, a little girl in pigtails is at the center with a wand and a school uniform.

"Hello Ariana." Albus whispered as Ariana hugged the younger Albus and showed him basic spells such as Wingardium Leviosa. Aberforth moved closer to Ariana and beamed at the older Albus, waving at him.

Albus managed a tear that slid of his right eye and closed his eyes once more, savoring every moment with the memory of his loved ones. Gelert Grindelwald was a mistake I made and can never reverse. Albus thought, as he opened his eyes, seeing himself old, weak and dying. He turned his back at the mirror and started finishing his affairs.

On the moment of his return to the tower, at the mercy of Snape's wand, he begged for his life, to make it seem real for Severus' sake and the lives that would be at stake. As the killing curse hit Dumbledore, he saw a white light with a girl holding his hand and leading him into the said light. "Hello Albus. I've been waiting a long time for you, same as Mom and Dad." the girl said, smiling at Albus, showing him her wand. "Hello Ariana... Nice to see you again." Albus replied, as he walked into the light, with his family and greatest desire (minus Aberforth) once more.