Title: Sakura Kisses

Summary: Cheesy little one shot, drabbely thing... Sasuke hates apples.

A/N: I just got bored in the middle of Interior design...

He pressed her back hard against the wall, the whole world around them seeming to blur into one giant piece of scenery. He had never quite felt like this before. He could see her and her alone, standing infront of him, giving into a deep temptation that had buried it's self deeply in her soul. He could taste it, everything she wanted from this day on, everything she had dreamt of over the years. He wanted to give her everything. He pressed her deeper into the wall, he would feel her knees weakening against his touch. Every part of her screamed to be touched by him. He was willing to do anything to make her feel this way everyday. But something was wrong.

He pulled back and took a deep breath from her lips. "Your lips taste like apples."

She nodded heatedly. "Thanks."

She puled him back in, the kiss she gave almost made him want to stay like that forever.

He pulled back again, getting moan to erupt from her mouth, a moan of discontent.

"I hate apples-" He stated before being cut off by her tempting lips again.

This time she pulled back.

"then why do you continue kissing me?" She asked, slightly amused.

He smiled and pulled her into him. "You didn't let me finish. I hate apples, but I love cherries."