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We ran out the door of the club, laughing and not daring to look back. The image of Emmett was burned into my memory and just made me laugh. He really gave it his all when Rosalie laid out the challenge to him and I have to say from what I saw, he definitely out danced the pirate from earlier tonight.

Standing in front of the club, a huge gust of wind hit me and I realized I was standing there in Edward's shirt and a tiny sailor suit underneath. I jumped behind Edward for cover. He looked over at me laughing "Now you're suddenly modest? You didn't seem to care when snaps were flying open a few minutes ago." I smacked his shoulder.

"That was for you, not the rest of the greater Las Vegas area!" Then I realized we had no car, we both took the limo and there were no taxi's to be seen at the moment. "How are we getting out of here? I am not going back in there. God only knows what state Emmett is in now!" I shuddered at the thought.

"Patience Bella. Alice, of course, took care of everything." As he bent to kiss me, I heard a car pull up next to us.

"Good evening Miss Bella." Rocco said with a bow. "Was your evening a success?" He gave me a wink.

"Of course Rocco. These guys didn't stand a chance!" I laughed and jumped in the car. Sitting on the seat was a box and a note.


You can't go anywhere looking and smelling like a stripper. Slip this dress over your 'outfit' and head to the Luxor. The room key is in the box. Go shower that horrible perfume off of you. Edward can only hold his breath for so long! There is an overnight bag in the room with PJ's and clothes for tomorrow. We'll see you at breakfast.

Operation Ball Crusher – complete! Well done.

Alice and Rosalie

I tucked the note safely down my shirt. "Sorry Edward, not for you, it's between me and my sisters. Stay there. I need a human moment please." I slammed the door shut, but I could still see him, through the tinted window, laughing. As I unbuttoned the shirt of his I was wearing, I noticed for the first time that he was standing there in nothing but jeans and a black tank top. He was gorgeous, drop dead gorgeous. I took a minute to admire his amazing body and then threw the dress over my head, straightened up my hair, and opened the door. "I am presentable now, you may come on in."

He was in the car in an instant and had me on his lap. I handed him the key from the box. "I thought you looked really sexy before, to tell you the truth." Again, my cheeks blushed and he smiled as he ran his fingers over my cheek.

Changing the subject completely before I died of embarrassment "Alice took care of everything. She even sent us the the opposite end of the strip as Rosalie and Emmett, for your mental health I'm sure!" I teased him with a smirk.

He grinned and then looked over my shoulder and spoke to Rocco "You know where you're going I assume Rocco?" He already knew the answer. "Of course. Enjoy the ride." And with that, he raised the privacy divider in the limo and Edward leaned over and kissed me, making my heart race. It felt so good to be in his arms, I never wanted to leave them again.

It felt like the trip took about thirty seconds and it was over much too soon. Again, I straightened up my hair as we got out of the car. For some reason, Edward started laughing.

"What's so funny? You can't see the sailor outfit under this dress can you?" I became paranoid and spun around trying to check and make sure I was covered.

"No love, your clothes are well hidden, it's just that, well, you do still smell like a stripper! You may turn a few heads once we get inside. What did Alice apply that perfume with anyway, a paintbrush?"

I rolled my eyes at him and stomped into Luxor. He kissed my hand as he led me to the elevators. I couldn't stay mad at him, I has teased him so much this evening it was his turn. He pushed the button for the top floor. That Alice...

Our was a beautiful suite, decorated like something out of ancient Egypt. I threw open the curtains to take in the view from the top of the hotel. Edward just watched me, laughing every time I said "OOHH Edward look at this..." . I would never get used to traveling with the Cullens, they did nothing half way.

I found the overnight bag on the bed. A shower would feel so amazing right now, I could wash away the remnants of my stripping career and turn back into just plain Bella. Having checked out the bathroom on my self led tour of the room, I also knew the shower was AWESOME. Jets spraying in every direction and delicious smelling shampoo. Ready to jump in, I grabbed the bag and headed for the bathroom door.

I felt to cold hands grab me around the waist. "Where do you think you are going"" He whispered in my ear.

"I'm going to clean up. I smell like a skunk. Just let me retire my slutty little sailor outfit and call it a day... Eddie." He spun me around to face him and started kissing my shoulder.

"What do you plan on doing with your souvenir from the strip club?" he asked in his most innocent voice. My eyes narrowed as I looked at him, and then I smiled. "Save it for our honeymoon!"

I gave him a kiss on the cheek and headed for the showers. It had been a long day, and it was starting to catch up with me. I took a nice hot shower, and scrubbed every inch of my body with soap for a good 5 minutes trying to wash away the smell of smoke and perfume. Quickly, I lathered my hair and rinsed so I could get back to Edward.

The overnight bag was sitting on the counter when I got out of the shower and all of a sudden I realized I was Alice's mercy. Whatever she packed be it lacy, ruffled, transparent, or leather...whatever it was, I had to wear it. My only other choice was the stripper outfit and I couldn't imagine which would be worse. Slowly, I unzipped the bag and held my breath.

Inside was a simple white t shirt and a pair of comfy shorts, just what I would have chosen if I were in my room at home. I peeked at the clothes she packed for the morning and again, I was pleasantly surprised. With new enthusiasm, I got dressed in my PJ's, brushed my teeth and with my hair still wrapped in a towel, went out to see Edward. He was leaning back on the bed waiting for me to emerge from the bathroom.

"Clean as a whistle!" I jumped onto the bed and crawled over to him. "Smell me..." and I leaned my neck right in front of his face. I heard him take a deep breath in and then felt his cold breath exhale onto my skin. It was the greatest feeling.

"MMMM almost good enough to eat." He answered playfully. The towel fell off my head and sent my hair cascading across his shoulder. Gently, he started kissing my neck.

"Watch it vampire boy. Keep your teeth to yourself. We have a deal and you're not backing out remember? I was able to cross stripper off my list of 'human experiences' I still had left to complete, but there are a few more really BIG ones I'm looking forward to..." Less than two weeks until the wedding, our honeymoon and until I was changed and became his forever. My heart fluttered with anticipation.

He heard it and started smiling "I can't hardly wait to make you my wife and love you forever." His hand was on the back of my neck and in one fluid motion, he flipped me, gently laying me down and placing my head on the pillow. I curled up to his chest where he cradled me the rest of the night.

Exhausted as I was, I refused to sleep, I didn't want this night to end. From our bed, we watched the sun slowly come up over the mountains showering us with beautiful shades of yellow and orange. A new day, one day closer to forever with Edward.

I rolled over to face him. His eyes were brilliant in the morning sun that shone through the window. I gave him one last kiss and then sat up. "Come on Eddie, we have to go find everyone so we can head home. If I'm late, Charlie will kill me!" As I tried to stand up, he grabbed my hand and pulled me back down onto the bed. His beautiful, smiling face was an inch away from mine when he whispered "You know I really hate it when you call me Eddie." The twinkle in his eyes was dazzling me.

I refused to break his gaze or blink. My eyes bore back into his and I whispered back in a breathless voice "No you don't." I gave his nose a kiss, jumped off the bed and skipped to change my clothes. I could hear his low chuckle as I walked away.

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