Hello hello hellooo:D

Well here you have it, my first…upload. Itsh a poem!

Ahhh the angst was killing meh, I don't like making things so…depressing.

But anyway, here it goes. Hope yeah like it! XO

All my life I've had one goal,

To beat you.

Why you ask?

Because it's always you they praise,

You're the one they're proud of.

I'm just the weak shadow;

A shadow raging with vengeance,

But drowning in loneliness.

I hate you.

You took them away;


You had no right;

No reason.

Just because you could,

Because you felt like it.

But that's not why I hate you so much.

It's not that you took them away,

Or that you get all the attention.

No it's none of them.

I hate you for leaving;

You left me behind, left me here alone.

Of course I missed everyone,

But I wanted you to stay.

So I could beat you

Finally show you I was worthy.

My goal to avenge my clan,

It never was my true intention.

I realized this after seeing you again.

It was a lie, a cover up.

What I really wanted was to just see you again,

Be in your presence again.

Because as much as I may hate you

I wanted you to take me with you

Because I love you

I love you Aniki.