Chapter 1: Tricked

Disclaimer: Don't tell anyone but I have kidnapped Chad Michael Murray and he is in my basement, a girl can wish right? Ok so I don't own Gilmore Girls or any of the actors and actresses. But I think it would be nice.

This is Rory's 2nd year of Yale. This is a Troy fic. Rory lives in apartment her Grandparents (Emily and Richard) bought it for her. Her other grandparents made her the heir of the Hayden's (they felt bad because they got to know her and find out what amazing girl she is). And after Emily and Richard found out about this they made Rory the heir of the Gilmore's. Logan and Rory NEVER dated. They did meet the same way on the show. Rory is very good friends with them all; Logan had to move to London and now lives there and works for his dad. Colin's dad died and he had to take over the law firm in New Jersey. Steph moved there to be with him they got married a 7 months later. Finn still goes to Yale; he lives in the same apartment building as Rory and always bugs her .Her mom lives in Stars Hollow. She is with Luke, that whole kid thing NEVER happened. Chris is around he works in Boston and sees Rory every other weekend and he is paying for Yale. Tristan left the same way on the show but he DID kiss her good bye. Dean saw the kiss and got really pissed and broke up with Rory after the play and moved FAR FAR FAR away. Rory tried to get in touch with Tristan but never heard back from him.

It was Thursday afternoon; Rory was on her way home. She'd had a really busy day at school and Paris was pissed about Doyle and his relationship problems. Rory was so happy she had 3 weeks off form school and Paris. As she made her way to her bedroom her cell rang. "Hello?" "Fruit of my loins!" Rory rolled her eyes at the name her mom called her. "Hey mom, what's up?" "Why would you think something is up can't a loving mother call her daughter and just talk?" Lor asked "Yes a mother can call but you, mother, always want something when you call and seeing as it Thursday and not Saturday when was always call each other you must want something." Rory said to her mom. "Fine, if you must know why I am calling and not think that is just a caring call for a mother I will tell you why I called you." "Ok what do u want" " I just wanted to tell you that Luke and I are going away this weekend and that I can't call you on Saturday as planned." "Oh ok, I really thought that you wanted something." "Well…" "I knew it!" Rory yelled "I sooo knew you wanted something." "Well its not really for me its more for Paul Anka." Oh no the last time that dog was over here he ate 3 of my books and I don't think Finn has recovered from what Paul Anka did to him" "Hey its not his fault that Finn was wearing an orange shirt, you both know that Paul Anka is afraid of orange, he cant help it." "Fine ok then he can't help it, but he still not coming in my house I am still mad about the books." " Ok, ok fine then, well how about you come down here and watch him, that way you can see Lane and you books wont get ruined?" "Well I guess I could come down there." "Really? Oh hun that's great!" "When are you and Luke leaving?" "threehoursago" Lor said fast "What was that, you said that too fast."

"I said 3 hours ago." "WHAT!?" Rory yelled, "Don't be mad I just knew you could not say no to me and I know you really love Paul Anka." Lor said, "That was mean, what would have done if I said no?" "Begged some more and then told you I was already 3 hours away from the house and that you just had to come and watch him." "Fine I will do it but if he ruins any of books you have to buy them." "Ok will do hun, I have to go now we just got here and I think I should go and help Luke with the bags, there is a list by the coffee maker of what to do and what not to do around Paul Anka see you in a week" and with that Lor hung up. Rory could not believe what just happened. She had been tricked and her mom did it so well.