Yeah, a new story, I uhhh…misplaced my papers that I had written for The Boy Next Door…so deal with this for a few, please and thank you!

"Hey Jessi!" I yelled walking up the steps to school.

"Cassy, what's up?"

"Wishing I was still sleeping instead of here at hell."

She laughed, "Agreeable. What'd you do the last two weeks? Sorry we couldn't hang out."

"It's cool, I went up to Cape Cod in Massachusetts. Met these two awesome guys."

"Were they hot?"

"Oh yeah." I smiled.

She sat down on a stair. "Tell me all about it."

"Ok, I was sitting on the beach, writing as I always do…."

"Watch out!" Someone shouted.

I looked up and a football whizzed passed my face. I grabbed it and stood up. Two people ran over.

"Sorry about that."

"It's cool." I said tossing him the football.

"My names Randy and that's my brother John."

"Nice to meet ya, my names Cassandra, but everyone calls me Cassy."

"You new here?" John asked.

"I'm visiting family for two weeks."

"Cool, where you're from?" Randy asked taking a seat on my huge towel I had laid out.

"Boring ol' Kansas.'

"Really?" John asked surprised.

I nodded, "Why?"

"My dad got a new job, so we're moving either to Missouri, Kansas or Texas."

"Dude that sucks, don't come to Kansas unless you have too, it's hella boring."

"We ended up hanging out for the rest of my stay. I really got to know them and started to like Randy."

"Did you two ever do anything?" She asked, being nosy.

"Nothing big, we kissed and made out a couple times."

"Lucky you! I was stuck babysitting my cousins!"

"That blows, I wish you could've come with me you would've loved John."

"Well, I'm not that lucky." She pouted.

I pushed her playfully. "Come on, lets get today over with."